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The Goalkeeper's Woman (07)


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on: June 29, 2019, 12:39:51 PM

At 2 p.m. I arrived at the office. Alejandro the goalkeeper passed me by and, as always, he waited for me with the elevator door open.  After greeting me, he said he wanted to ask me for a special favor. I had to regularize some documents and I wanted to make a short trip to the city of Iquitos in the Peruvian jungle, would travel the next Wednesday and would return on Friday at noon. I immediately thought of Virginia and asked her if she was traveling, too. Alejandro told me no, because she had to do her job in my office, but rather she would take her two children so that their relatives would know them, she would also take her niece to help him with the children. I agreed and obeying an impulse I gave him US$ 100.00 for his expenses, a gesture that Alejandro thanked me infinitely.

I was really happy because I would have Virginia, the rich wife of the doorman alone for me for two days and nights and would fulfill something we both wanted in passing: to spend the night together. Alejandro really put it on a platter without realizing it, and he thanked me.

At mid-afternoon Silvia entered, who informed me of some routine matters and we began to set the agenda for the next day. She was as always very pretty, dressed in a mini blue skirt to match with a blouse that spectacularly encircled her bust and flat belly, with predominantly blue drawings on a beige background, with Hindu collar to cover part of the beautiful neck and buttoned by a row of tiny buttons lined in the same fabric With the chestnut brushed hair conscientiously and the pretty face discreetly made up highlighting the big brown eyes and lips gently touched by a light red lipstick. Silvia was standing next to me and, as always, she supported her left buttock and sat half on my desk, leaving her left leg suspended making her mini go up to almost the groin, leaving her white lace underwear in my sight.

I slid my hands through my secretary's soft legs until I reached her crotch, which when I felt my contact began to warm up and get wet. Silvia rested her arms on my shoulders and leaning her face reached my lips and we began a sweet and tender kiss. Her tongue joined mine and we exchanged fluids, while my right hand, leaving the territory of Silvia's crotch to the sole domain of my left hand, gently caressed the breasts of my adorable secretary. Then I stood up and Silvia sat more comfortably at the desk and as I did so I raised her mini up to the waist. We continued kissing and I narrowed it sweetly, while my tool dilated in all its extension contained by the fabric of the trousers, rubbed against the vulva of Silvia, protected only by the delicate fabric of the tiny underwear.


"How rich it is to be like this with you, my love" - I said to him I remain in his ear, without ceasing to cross with my hands his beautiful body arriving, to the silky legs that my lover crossed behind mine.

"Oh, yes, my life... very rich. I want you to make love to me now. I just feel that I have little time because my husband will come to pick me up in an hour....please give me a little before I go..." - he said it in an imploring tone.

"If my love...let's go to the depa...I want to have you calatita only for me, even if it's for an hour...come on. - I answered anxiously...

" the depa, no, because I'm going to like being with you in bed, that I'm not going to want to go and I'm going to have problems with my husband....I want us to do it here...imagining that this is the first time that you seduce me, feeling that at any moment the telephone will interrupt us...that I can take the calls while you have me penetrated...give me pleasure..yes?


I definitely couldn't refuse this request from my dear secretary. Like every time, I activated the electrical device that locks my office door, activating the camera that allows me to see the people who enter Silvia's office or my waiting room. We continue to kiss passionately and slowly begin to undress each other. I stripped Silvia of her little white lace underwear and while I sat in my armchair to immerse myself in the exploration of her vagina and search for her clitoris, Silvia skillfully began to unbutton the small and abundant buttons of her original blouse, while she placed her beautiful legs on my shoulders.

Stripped of her blouse, my hands searched for Silvia's hard and erect teat, which I caressed after releasing them from the bra. My tongue had reached her inflamed clitoris, giving her soft bites alternated with strong sucks of that singular button, determining an immediate orgasm accompanied by groans and broken phrases of love that came from Silvia's flirtatious mouth.  How rich were the flows of my beautiful secretary, I loved to drink them, while I felt that she weaseled the body to the rhythm of her orgasm. When I felt her legs loosen their pressure on my neck, I stood up and freed myself from my pants and slip, my penis jumped defiantly in search of Silvia's wet crack and as I kissed her again, I penetrated her. She received me with pleasure, sitting as she was on my desk, her royal legs coiled to my body pushing my buttocks so that I penetrated her to the deepest parts of her being.

I stripped off my shirt to feel Silvia's tits crush into my body, feeling the hardness of her nipples incrusting violently into my body. Standing as I was, I felt the infinite pleasure of being inside Silvia and feeling how her vagina pressed my trunk, pretending to squeeze it to obtain hot and thick milk. I had to gather a great control over my emotions not to come as soon as my entire penis triumphantly entered the lubricated cave of pleasure of this wonderful and passionate woman and I did until I felt that she again began to groan and enjoy a new orgasm undulating and delicious. Silvia's flows ran through my legs and I couldn't take it anymore. I filled his intimate depths with torrents of hot milk...this joint explosion plucked expressions of love from both of them:


"I love you daddy... I love you..." .- was the phrase that came out of Silvia's throat, while she moved frantically against me...


"And I love you my life... I love you, I want you... you're mine... only mine."

"Yes, yes, only yours, my love... only yours..." - replied my young lover.

We hugged... until our passion subsided. We kissed again and Silvia stood up, carefully took off the miniskirt that had rolled up around her waist. She had Silvia completely naked, wearing only her high-heeled shoes that embellished her pretty legs even more. My penis began to erect again, when my young lover glued his glorious buttocks to my sex and began to rub them to him, so that hardened my tool, landed exactly on the division of my secretary's rump.  Meanwhile, Silvia leaned on the polarized glass in my window. It's totally shocking to see how people moved down the street, without noticing thanks to the polarized glass, that a few floors above a beautiful and spectacular woman, totally naked rubbed with her beautiful tail, the penis of an older man (me). We were in it when Silvia told me that her husband's car was parking in front of our building. Indeed, the car that I had given to my beautiful secretary some time before she got married.

The window through which we observed her husband is the so-called window wall, that is to say, it was a window from ceiling to floor and realizing it, my lover wanted to give me a sign of his devotion to me. She turned around and knelt in front of me and started giving me a spectacular blowjob like only she knows how to do. I looked where the husband was, just as he was getting out of the car and looking in the direction of my window, probably to warn the doorman on the phone to tell his wife that he had arrived. It was extremely remchante that this beautiful woman was giving me a blowjob of anthology next to the window, while the husband was on the first floor looking at the window where his adorable little woman was entertaining me the way she only knows how to do it.  Say thank you to the inventor of tinted glass. Silvia's mouth was moving at dizzying speed and a few moments later I flooded her pretty mouth with jets of hot milk that she swallowed with pleasure. Silvia took out all the milk I had left without losing a drop.

Then I helped her up and we hugged and kissed passionately. At that moment my secretary's cell phone rang and she rushed to respond:

Hello my love, how are you?" he replied with a caressing voice. At this moment I am finishing passing some urgent emails.    You wait for me for ten minutes?......- after listening to what the husband said, Silvia flirtatiously continued:, "If my love....I love you very much too."


As she spoke, I was holding on to her beautiful tits that I sucked and kneaded alternately. my hands ran all over the confines of my lover's body.

When she cut off the communication, she hugged me and holding me with both hands and head, I put a rich kiss with tongue on my lips:


"Sweetie, I'm going to use your private bathroom to wash and get ready, my hubby is waiting for me. I have to go my life..."


Saying this he picked up his clothes and went to my bathroom to wash and groom himself. Ten minutes later, with a quick kiss, she left my office to meet her husband. Silvia is great...that's why I love her!

I approached the window and soon after, I saw Silvia kiss the husband on the lips and he entered the car that left quickly.

It was 6:00 in the afternoon and I had some things left to dispatch. Totally relaxed, I gave myself to finish my work. Around 7:30 Virginia came in. For this, everyone in the office had already retired. I stood up and she literally threw herself into my arms. We kissed and savored her sweet, fresh lips as she caressed her beautiful body. She would adhere to me and we both enjoyed the caress as if it were our life.

Then, while hugging us, he said to me in a mischievous voice:

"Since tomorrow afternoon I'm single... what do you think?


"Well, I knew it. We'll have two nights to ourselves... I'd love to sleep with you... I mean sleep, but that's not exactly what we're gonna do, is it?


"Seriously, are you gonna spend those two nights with me?... swear it."


"Tomorrow after your husband leaves, I want you to go to a boutique whose name I'm going to give you, so that you can buy yourself some dresses, some underwear and some sleeping clothes, which of course I'll take out. Buy whatever you want and trust in the owner of that place, who will personally attend you and recommend you the best... These days will be like a honeymoon for us, what do you think?

You're a love, that's why I like you and I love you," answered mimosa, "but now I have to go, to accommodate and fix the things that Alexander and the children will bring. But I'll be looking forward to tomorrow."

"Look, honey, I want you to listen carefully. After Alejandro has left, I want you to come to my office and I will give you the address of the boutique and the person you will be dealing with who is the owner.    She's a person of my complete trust. His business is in El Polo Shopping Center. Now I'm not giving you anything so that you won't be exposed to whether by carelessness or overconfidence, your husband can see that address. Then you ask Silvia for permission to leave tomorrow at around 4:00 so that you have time to get ready. The lady at the store will give you a party dress, among other things, because I want to take you dancing to a discreet place.    I want us to meet here around 8 p.m., when everyone, even the cleaners, have retired. Don't forget to put in a bag the sleeping clothes that the lady of the tent will choose for you... we'll sleep in a hotel on the outskirts of Lima, which you'll love. What do you think?

"Wonderful, cute... I want to make you happy....


We kissed again and said goodbye with the promise of a night of love for the next day.

I left later on my way home. When I left, I said goodbye to Alejandro who was at the goal and I wished him a good trip. This one thanked me, without suspecting the banquet that in the following days and nights he would give me with his beautiful wife.

On the way home, I thought of my wife and that the next day she would visit the Foundation's premises alone with Pedro, where she had to sign and receive the details of the full scholarship I had obtained for her. I would tell her that I can't go with them and that I also needed the car with the driver, so that she would have to use her car to go with Pedro to the foundation. This local is in the district of La Molina, about 40 minutes from my house, which is in the old area of the District of San Isidro. I considered that at that time Peter could enjoy looking at my wife at his leisure. Definitely if she was driving, I expected her to wear a dress or a skirt so that this garment would climb up her thighs so that it would give a good panoramic view to the boy and at the same time (hopefully) my little woman would start to warm up and get wet as had happened in the morning.

With a few minutes to go before I got home, I decided that tomorrow after leaving early with my driver, I would let him stay in my office and I would take one of the company cars, return home and see what happened during breakfast with Pedro. Then, when they went out, I would follow them to see how they behaved....I was morbid and at the same time I wanted something to happen, to give the opportunity to my dear wife to have the opportunity to enjoy a young flesh like Pedro, just as I did with Silvia and Virginia.

I came home and there was my wife. Waiting for me for dinner, as always very neat and beautiful. During dinner I informed him that unfortunately a senior executive of an American company was arriving unexpectedly and I had to pick him up from the airport. Also that it was very probable that since this executive was going to be only a day and a half in Peru, we would have to travel together to the city of Talara for a meeting with PetroperĂș, because we were after an important contract for the integral repair of the Talara refinery. So it was most likely that in the mid-afternoon he would travel to Talara with the American, to return the next day also in the mid-afternoon.  The visitor would go out that very night to his country.

Marian was sorry she didn't have me for the scholarship meeting, but I encouraged her that by going with him and making the arrangements, there wouldn't be any problem. My wife gladly accepted and after dinner we went to sleep. I was very tired after having been with Silvia, so very close to my little wife and while I caressed her beautiful breasts, we fell asleep.

The next day I woke up early and looked through my things in the garage for a remote-controlled listening device that I had purchased some time ago on one of my trips. This sophisticated equipment, consisted of a small microphone that placed with its own power source, would allow me to listen to the conversation of any person within a radius of 150 meters around.  Carefully, I hid the microphone in a strategic place in Marian's car and I was left with the speaker that I would keep in the car that I would drive to spy on my wife. I turned on the radio in my wife's car and drove almost 50 meters away. I turned on the loudspeaker and at that distance I was listening perfectly to the music coming out of the radio in Marian's car. I was satisfied with the test and returned to my room, bathed and dressed, ready to supposedly go to the airport.  My driver was ready at the door and I went downstairs for coffee in the kitchen. When I came back to the room to say goodbye to my wife, she was in the shower.  Above the bed was the dress she was going to wear that morning. It was navy blue silk with some prints. He remembered having seen her wear that garment and she had paint left, because it allowed her to wear her rounded knees and when she sat down she exhibited her exuberant thighs. Next to that garment was a combination of bra and a small truza of black lace. On the carpeted floor, high-heeled sandals of black patent leather surely embellished his superb legs. I think the thing worked.

I went into the bathroom and my little woman wrapped in a bathrobe and a towel like a turban applied moisturizing cream to her face. We kissed and since I was probably traveling until the next day, he recommended that I take care of myself and not delay, as I was going to be missed. He squeezed me and after a new kiss, we said goodbye, not before wishing him luck in the negotiations of the scholarship.

I went out and boarded the car and told the driver to go to the office. On the way I instructed the driver that he would stay until 1 p.m. waiting for me in the office until I returned. Then I took out a Toyota vehicle we used for emergencies and drove home. It was 8:00 a.m. and Peter would arrive around 8:30 a.m. I got home and parked the car a block from it. Discreetly, I entered through a false door that opens to the end of the garden, near the pool. From there I could see that the maids were in the kitchen having breakfast and as always, they would start cleaning after my wife had left. Silently, I went upstairs, through an area where the service rarely circulates. I took the stairs at the back and quickly arrived at the living room that I have dedicated to office at home. I walked in the door and quietly walked into my room. Marian continued in the bathroom and seemed happy as she sang a fashionable song. Taking advantage of it, I got to the closset that exclusively keeps my clothes and I set out to observe my wife.

After a while Marian came out of the bathroom, stripped off her robe and looked flirtatiously at herself in the mirror. It was appreciated and admired carefully and smiled in an enigmatic way at the mirror reflecting in all its splendor the beauty of my wife. Afterwards, she put on the little bikini panties and admired her profile and raised tail, then put on the bra, carefully accommodating her beautiful tits, Marian really was a beauty of paint. Dressed like this, only with underwear, she began to make up and comb her hair, with a lot of skill. She perfumed herself generously and then put on the dress. Again he walked and admired in the mirror. The dress was almost four fingers from her knee and fell down her well-delineated body in a gentle manner. It seemed that silk caressed his appetizing body. She put on the high heels and was once again amazed and pleased with the way she looked. Then he placed a chair in front of the mirror and sat down. The dress climbed up to the middle thigh. At first my legs were very close together, very lady. Then, pretending to be conversing with someone, he opened his legs slightly, then a little more, from my position I could see his tiny underwear. Then she crossed her legs and the dress went up as much, leaving her white and appetizing thighs visible. Suddenly he was startled to hear the street bell. Pedro had arrived. I noticed that my wife was getting a little nervous, she picked up her handbag and looked at the mirror, went to the door of the room, then took the stairs and descended to the first floor.




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