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The Goalkeeper's Woman (08)


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on: June 29, 2019, 12:55:48 PM

Very carefully I followed her and from a strategic place I saw that she stopped at the top of the stairs. I immediately realized that I was observing that one of the maids was passing through Pedro's entrance. Just as he entered, he fixed his gaze on the monument of the woman who was beginning to descend the stairs, and as the maid moved away to the kitchen, my wife was slowly descending, wagging flirtitiously, down the carpeted stairs. Before reaching the last steps, he paused briefly and reached out his hand to Peter and greeted him:

"Good morning Pedro, how are you?. Good thing you're punctual, it's one of the best qualities in a man. I love punctuality, because I don't like to wait or make wait."

"Mrs. Mariana, good morning. Let me tell you and please don't be offended, that you are very beautiful..."

"Why should Peter bother me, I thank you for the compliment," my little wife replied flirtatiously.

"How's the doctor?" Pedro asked.

"Well, Peter, unfortunately my husband has a very important appointment and he asked me to take care of your business. Probably have to make a short trip to Talara, so he had to leave early."

While Marian was saying this, she finished going down the stairs and immediately, in a gesture that surprised me, she hung on Pedro's arm and went with him to the dining room for breakfast. The boy was seen in the clouds, having a woman like mine, hanging on his arm and going to have breakfast alone with her.

Seeing that they were starting to eat breakfast, I snuck down and hid in a small room next to the dining room, where we usually store side tables, crockery and various items that we use when we have parties and meetings at home. From my hiding place I could perfectly observe my wife at the head of the table and Peter on her left side. That's when I realized that the boy's eyes were going to my wife's breasts.  She had left the buttons of her dress conveniently open so that the soft, delicate onset of her white breasts could be appreciated. Peter looked at her with eyes raptly alternating the graceful face of my wife and her turgid breasts.

Marian, with her delicate and subjugating gestures, offered and served him coffee and even spread butter and marmalade on some toasts that she put at Pedro's disposal in a earthenware saucer. I couldn't clearly hear what they were talking about, but some phrases like "how gallant you are" or "you really believe that an old woman like me can interest a young man" came to me clearly enough. Apparently Peter never tired of praising her beauty and telling her things that from what he heard my wife tasted like glory. Apparently the conversation began to revolve around the boy's plans and my wife paid special attention to him. This, the boy must have been enthusiastic because when my wife listens or talks to an interlocutor, not only does she pay attention, but her gestures and expressions become encouraging, interesting and sexy, as if inviting something else and in fact Peter was having a wonderful time.

I was surprised that in a moment and almost at the end of breakfast, my wife would allow herself to take the boy's chin and tell him "how tender you are" because of something he had said...which almost caused his guest to faint.  Then, very lady, she had told him to please wait for her a moment before leaving, that she was going to get ready a little bit... saying that she went out in the direction of the bathroom on the first floor, near the living room. From my hiding place, I could see that Marian, walking gracefully, entered the bathroom, soon after went out and went to the living room, where he began to admire his figure in one of the large mirrors there. She really looked cute, youthful and desirable. From there he called Peter who hastened to meet the lady. Marian was still admiring the mirror as it entered the room and stared at her gawking:


"Do you really think this dress looks good on me or does it look very aunt?

"Mrs. Marian, you look very youthful and beautiful, if I may say so." said the young man a little bewildered. -


" Yeah? You think? my wife cross-examined.


"Lady, the dress really suits you, but I think anything would look good on you because it's beautiful. - The boy almost drooled when he said that.

I don't know," my wife continued, "it seems to me that it is a little high and it makes me uncomfortable that when I sit down I get up a lot, in short an old woman like me can't go showing her ugly legs around there.

"No lady, you look beautiful and I think the height is good and on the other hand you are no old and your legs are not ugly, they are pretty..... Very beautiful, I say," defended the young man with conviction.


" Pedrito. - Again the diminutive. - Don't be a liar.....    Well, I'm going to rehearse sitting down, to see if this dress doesn't climb too much, because I don't want to show myself inconveniently over there" - Marian was very thrown and the young man was about to suffer a heart attack.


Marian sat in front of the mirror and gathered her knees together and effectively the dress ran to the middle of her leg, exposing her beautiful white thighs. Then, in a natural gesture, he opened his legs slightly and Peter exorbitantly looked out of his eyes. Marian followed with a very tempting cross-legged and then stood up and gave a funny turn asked:

" Pedrito, do I really look good? " - asked coquette


"Lady, you look divine, beautiful, precious. You are the most beautiful woman I know" - the poor boy was falling apart in compliments.


My wife boldly approached the boy and with a graceful pout took with the tip of her right index finger the young man's chin and approaching dangerously said:

"Little liar... flatterer..." - which almost provokes a soponcio in the young man.


"But, let's not waste any more time, let's go since we have a long trip to La Molina. Tell me, Pedrito, do you know how to drive?


"Yes, ma'am... I've even been a taxi driver," he said with some pride.


"Perfect." Marian was glad. "Then you'll drive, because my husband took the big car and the driver. The truth is that I'm tired of driving... can you? she asked innocently.


"Of course, ma'am, whatever you say.... How do you do?

Saying they went to the street door. I took the opportunity to slide to the bottom of the garden and win the false door through which I had entered. I ran to where the Toyota was parked and got behind the wheel, heading home. The vision of my wife's open flirtation with Peter had given me a terrible morbidity and my sex was erect and almost dripping. I didn't really imagine my saintly little woman flirting with a 20 year old boy, but I was happy... well for her, because if everything went well, she could take a seminal youth bath. I was just begging him to control it, not to lose his head.

I arrived at the block of my house, at the moment when my wife's car driven by Pedro was slowly leaving and winning the street. I put myself at a safe distance and turned on the speaker to listen to the conversation. At the time I just picked up the soft snore of my wife's Mercedes Benz. She was sitting in the copilot's seat and just a few blocks ahead, I noticed her body tilting toward the pilot. I imagined the spectacle he was giving Pedro. Sitting this way the dress would have run to half thigh and already would be in sight the tiny underwear of my beloved little woman. Peter had both hands firmly at the helm of the luxurious car.

"Mrs. Marian, how soft is the car... it's the first time I've driven such a fine and elegant car... it looks like silk..." The boy admired that apparently he had not noticed the exhibition that my wife was giving him.

"Look Pedrito, from this moment on, when we are alone, I don't want you to call me Lady or Lady Marian, just tell me Marian, are we? - asked my little woman seductively.

"Ma'am... thank you... I don't know if I should... it's going to cost me... I respect you and the doctor very much..." said the boy in awe. - without stopping looking at the street and being very careful when driving.

"Look, Pedrito, we're first and foremost friends, aren't we? And friends are on a first-name basis, so that when we are alone as we are now, I want you to call me on a first-name basis and tell me Marian, so I'll feel less old... later on, you can do it in front of everybody. - Since the Toyota, I didn't lose my sentence and as I was almost behind them, I could see that by saying this Marian stretched out her left hand and patted the young man's right arm.

When I felt that warm contact, Pedro turned to my wife and there I could observe her confusion when I saw my wife's legs and surely her panties in all their splendor. While Marian, absent-mindedly crowded better in the seat and threw back her pretty head. Pedro tried to stay calm and so they entered Javier Prado Avenue, which they would travel until the end (almost 50 blocks) to reach the district of La Molina. They were on the center lane and the conversation began to slide down trivialities. He told her about his life and the jobs he had done before entering the pediatric hospital. However, at any time he would take the opportunity to look at my wife's legs, who apparently did not notice her exhibition and continued to talk very naturally.

Suddenly, a public service vehicle unexpectedly crossed Marian and Pedro's car (and also me, coming behind them), had to make a turn to avoid crashing and stopping unexpectedly.  Thanks to the fact that they were both wearing their seat belts, it didn't get any bigger, but Marian's cry for the violent maneuver was stentorian:

"Pedrito... watch out! - I heard her say and almost without thinking she approached him and grabbed his right arm... what a brute that minibuser, almost shocked us...

Peter continued to drive, but my wife was still holding on to his arm.

"Are you all right, ma'am?" asked the boy frightened.

"Yes, yes... don't worry... and you haven't hit yourself?" said Marian.

"No ma'am... don't worry... I'm fine"

"What a scare... well, thank goodness you had good reflexes...

I imagined my wife, with her little dress at the middle of her thigh, caught by the boy, until I was surprised when she said a little compassionate...

"Oh... with braking I hit my knee... but I think it's nothing..."

"Sure madam... sure... where did it go? asked alarmed the boy and surely in his despair he began to rub one of my wife's knees... that she threw her head back enjoying the caress....

"So Pedrito... sóbame there and also the other... your hands of nurse, know how to massage.....- the voice of snatch betrayed Marian....

Pedro drove the car to a side berm and parked to attend to the lady...


"'s okay...and very professionally, he started massaging my wife's beautiful knees with both hands... "Well it seems like it was just a blow...I wish that part wouldn't turn purple...if I had some medicated cream or some ice it would be ideal.- said the boy sanely...


Marian, with her piercing voice, which surely seemed painful to the boy, said to him:


"Pedrito, open the trunk and there is an emergency kit, I have a tube of Hirudoid cream that is to avoid the bruises that produce the blows, please take it out and apply me a little - apparently Marian began to walk it big with her Romeo.


Pedro opened the trunk and took out the medicine that Marian was asking for, getting back in the car.


Here you are, Madam... allow me to apply a little, but if the pain is intense, it would be better to go to a clinic... near here is the San Pedro Clinic... there they could take care of you and perhaps take an X-ray to rule out any problem..." he said worried.-

"No Pedrito... it's nothing serious, just apply me a little on both knees and ready... don't worry... I know my wife and that voice that Peter heard was not of pain, but of arrechura....


I had also parked in the side berm about two meters from my wife's car and watched as she threw back her head enjoying the young man's therapeutic massage....


"Well... I think that's enough... how do you feel ma'am? asked the boy worried...

"Pedrito... how many times I have to tell you not to call me madam... just tell me Marian and protect me... you see, we are alone" - my wife attacked.


"Well... well... how do you feel Ma...Ma..Marian". - the poor man stuttered.

"After your massage... very well Pedrito." said jubilantly.

And suddenly the boy was caught and he gave him a sonorous kiss on the cheek:


"You're wonderful... you care so much about me... but don't worry... I'm fine now, so we can go on...


The young man, bewildered and nervous by my wife's demonstration... turned on the vehicle and resumed his march. At her side Marian... settled back in her place and tilted the body, again dispensing to the boy the regal spectacle of his glorious legs and his delicate underwear that for sure, knowing my wife as I know her, was wet after the therapeutic caresses of Peter.

At the end of Javier Prado Avenue we turned right and arrived at the 6-storey building where the Foundation's offices are located in the last floor. The modern premises had a beautiful panoramic elevator on the outside covered in water green glass, which with the rays of the summer sun allowed the occupants to be seen from the outside. I wouldn't miss that because I had powerful binoculars. However, I couldn't hear their conversations after they got out of the car. This alerted me that next time I should hide the microphone in my wife's wallet.

Peter parked the car and said to my wife:

"Madam...sorry Ma...Marian... allow me to open the door for you."


"Uy what a gallant Pedrito...... -My wife answered and waited for the boy to turn around to open his door.


Pedro opened the door and again Marían with the dress almost rolled up, showed him his legs and his black underwear and the very ladino, took a while to get off, pretexting the supposed pain to the knee. The poor boy was sweating and only managed to extend his hand so that Marian could lean on it as she went down. Already standing next to the car Marian discreetly arranged the fine dress and together they headed for the elevator.

Apparently the elevator was only for about five people and there were two older people waiting. Everyone entered the cubicle and those who were waiting apparently were not going to the Foundation so they stayed near the door and Pedro and Marian were located at the back, almost glued to the glass. I put on my binoculars and indeed there was my little holy woman, in front of Peter. But something happened that she had to back off a bit and her back (and of course her rich little tail) was pressed against Peter's body. The average boy who was surprised to feel that monument of a woman touching his body and especially his sex, which almost as a reflection, raised his hand up to Marian's waist and seemed to me to attract her even more to him. My little woman didn't even flinch and remained impassive until the elevator stopped on the third floor, where the people who went with them came out. Then the vehicle continued to the 6th floor, but neither Marian nor Pedro, although there was room, separated from the position they had adopted. Arrived at the floor of the Foundation, the elevator opened and they left... I had nothing left but to wait for them to finish their meeting.

Almost an hour later, I watched as Marian and Pedro left the offices of the Foundation and called the elevator to get to the first floor.  I put on my binoculars and saw how both apparently very happy entered the cubicle, Miran went ahead and looked at the panorama and something must have caught his attention that pointing to the horizon, said something to Pedro. He approached and looked in that direction, but in doing so, he reached out to my wife or she backed away to feel the boy that with the pretext of observing both remained united and as before the hand of Peter imprisoning the brief waist of my wife. So they arrived at the first floor and went happily talking to the car.

Pedro passed through the entrance to the vehicle to my wife, who again allowed the vision of his legs to the boy as he settled into the copilot's seat. Then Peter stood at the helm and they departed. The microphone was on and I heard my wife say:


"You see Pedrito, how easy it's all been. You already have the integral scholarship and the security that soon you will begin your classes and in less than what a rooster crows, you will be a great doctor" - my wife euphorically expressed.

"And all thanks to you Marian and the doctor, I'll never know how to thank you for doing me this immense favor.....

"Now I have to talk to my husband, to see how we can do something to make up for your work and so that you can devote as much as possible to your studies. Remember that you must maintain a monthly average of 14 in all courses to keep the scholarship, especially in the first two years and from the third year no less than 16. So you will have to work hard.

"If Marian, I know and you'll see that I can..... They only gave me permission until 11 o'clock and I think I'll get there with the right ones...I'll leave you at home and then I'll take the bus to go to work".

"The fact that I don't like driving very much doesn't mean I can't do it Pedrito. I'll take you and leave you at your job. Just one thing. It will be better that before entering again to Javier Prado Avenue, I drive... You know... at the hospital they know me, they know you and they won't think of anything else, okay? "

"All right, Marian, but I don't understand what you might think, everyone knows that you and the doctor are helping me with the scholarship and....

"Ay Pedrito," my wife interrupted. "I know what I'm saying, it's better that way, there are always malicious people who are better off being safe than sorry."


As they spoke, they came near the avenue and Peter parked to one side. The street looked deserted and the young man took off his seat belt and before going down he looked at Marian and said:

"Really Marian, I am very grateful to you and your husband, they are very good and I promise you that I will not disappoint them. "

"Oh Pedrito, you have nothing to thank me for, we do it with pleasure because you are a boy who wants to improve himself and it is not fair that I feel your so intelligent lack of means trunque a future that can be brilliant....  really all the credit is yours and if anyone is to be congratulated, it's you. Congratulations, Pedrito. "

In saying this Marian approached the boy, hugged him and crossed her graceful arms around the young man's neck and put her face next to his. The embrace was narrow and surprised the boy who had no choice but to link the beautiful body of my wife, body that nailed her turgid breasts to the chest of his young companion. They remained there for a moment and before separating Marían kissed the boy's cheek, leaving him with the mark of the lipstick. Pedro, a little troubled, got out of the car and opened Marian's door so that she could get out and again my wife exhibited Pedro's legs and underwear without any modesty. They started to roll the car and because of the constant looks that Pedro gave to Marian, I imagined that my wife's dress was rolled up to more than half a thigh, with the pretext of activating the changes and using the pedals. The two men's conversation led to trivialities again and within a few minutes they arrived at the Pediatric Hospital. There, Peter went down and already on the sidewalk he only made a gesture of farewell to my wife, who hurried home.

I decided to follow her and she did indeed head to our house in San Isidro. My morbidity didn't last any longer, but I wanted to see what my wife was doing after the intense flirtation with her protégé. As before I left the Toyota in the street and using the door of the garden I introduced myself in the house and with discretion I came to hide again in my closset. I'd spy on my wife from there.  She was in the bathroom at the time, listening clearly to her urine falling into the toilet bowl. After a while he went out and in front of the mirror he stood looking at his image and putting his hands at his waist he said defiantly to his reflection:

"Marian, you're a horny whore... you've shown yourself to a 20-year-old boy and you haven't just shown him your legs... also your underwear and you've even rubbed your body to feel his penis in your ass... you're a rat Marian," said this and smiled. "But how rich it is to feel that a young man looks at you like Pedrito does, I touch your legs like he did, believing he gave me first aid or feel his hand in my waist, while I approached his dick.... It's really morbid, but I liked it. Marian took off her dress, remaining in bra and underwear, threw off her shoes and lay down on our wide bed. Her hands ran through her beautiful body, one of them began to massage the erect and desirable tits and the other introduced it to her anxious vagina. Marian began to moan and twist in her bed, and while she was jerking off consciously, she alternately pronounced my name and that of Pedrito. A few seconds later she reached the climax, Mariana's body calmed down little by little until she fell into a deep sleep.

I took advantage of my little wife's rest and sneaked out of my hiding place, left her house and boarded the Toyota. To see in that transe my adorable little woman, I had put myself and my penis, again dripping seminal juices, wished the quick relief that a female like Silvia or Virginia know how to give. But at the same time I was thinking about my wife's need. She definitely wanted to be caught by Peter, but apparently she was reluctant to throw herself more directly with the boy. I would take care when I simulated my return to Lima, to give him the push that was missing ... at the same time, I wished I could see the time when Pedro fucked my wife, I would definitely love.



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