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The Goalkeeper's Woman (09)


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on: June 29, 2019, 01:48:13 PM

I arrived at my office before 1:00 p.m. there was my driver, waiting and since he is an employee of my complete confidence and who knows me for more than 30 years, I instructed him in case my wife asked for me to tell him that he had left me at the airport with a gringo who was traveling to Talara. Jaime, who is so called, my chauffeur gave me an accomplice smile and assured me that there would be no problem.

When I walked into the office, the staff was headed to the dining room floor for refreshments. Silvia as always was in her place and followed me to my private with a group of envelopes and documents to sign. Installed in my office, Silvia gave me a rich kiss as a greeting and gave me a brief summary of what happened in the morning. Actually, everything was routine and there was nothing urgent.

"My love," I said, "will you join me at the Depa for a light meal while we talk? I want to talk to you and comment something, I know that now you're bad enough to make love, but I just kiss, caress and apapacharte rich. Accept?

"Thank you my love for being so considerate... you know that when I'm on those days I love that I'm swollen.

"Another little thing my love, as you know Alexander the doorman has gone on a trip with his children and niece to Iquitos, so Virginia will be alone. She's going to spend these two nights with me... I suggested that I ask your permission to miss this afternoon, so I'm sure that in a little while she will. Please give him permission and give him this envelope, so he can go shopping."

"Ah little stinging, that's what we have, isn't it?" he said gracefully. - And what did you say at home?

"Well, that a gringo has come and that I have traveled to Talara with him. You know the usual. The pitiful thing is that these little trips can't do it with you. But I think you should already think of something to spend a few days together, just like a couple of months ago we went to that supposed congress in Argentina and we enjoyed delicious memories?

"How can I forget it. Those days in Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata were wonderful. By the way, within three months there is a convention of Financial Entities Secretaries in Cancun, how about I make arrangements to go and you give me the reach and we spend a few days alone regios the two?

"Great. Make all the arrangements and talk at home so your hubby can give you permission. Just thinking about those days makes my mouth water. I said kissing her again.

Suddenly, the webcam of my lap top, presented us with the image of Virginia entering Silvia's office. My secretary, she went with the envelope to meet him and attended Virginia. I saw the two young women on camera and each one of them was beautiful and I enjoyed both of them like crazy. After a while Silvia entered and informed me that she had complied with my orders.  So, we went to the depa, using as always the existing private exit in my office.

As soon as I entered, I hugged and kissed Silvia. This woman's kisses are delicious and she inspires love, desire, tenderness. Separating myself a little from her, I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out a white envelope containing US$ 1,000.00 in cash and gave it to my beloved secretary.

"I want you to buy nice things for you and the baby with this... - I said putting the envelope in his hands. -

"But my life is not are giving me money all the time and I don't want that... I love you and that's enough for me, I have a good job, you pay me well, you really don't need to give me more" - he said this with conviction.

"Look, honey, I'm giving this to you, because obviously I can't give you a jewelry or give you a credit card to charge to my account or something that could put your husband on alert. On the other hand, cash, you can use it to buy clothes, keep it, I don't know. I think it's better. Now, this is part of a stock market operation that has given me a utility I never imagined and it's only fair that I share it with you, that you're not just my girl, but my partner, my friend... well, you know everything you are to me."

For every answer, Silvia kissed me again sweetly and two tears of joy fell from her beautiful eyes.

You know," he said as we hugged each other in the kitchen, "every time you give me money, I use something, and I keep the rest in a fixed-term account in the bank. We've been together for almost ten years and in all that time I've raised more than $50,000 and that gives me interest that I capitalize annually, so I have a backing for myself and my son. The only one who knows about this is my mother, who knows about our relationship from the beginning. If anything ever happens to me, she'll manage that money for my son.  That's apart from the joint savings I have with my husband."

"I'm glad you're so forward-looking. But, now I want to tell you something and I need your opinion.. -

While we prepared a salad of fresh vegetables with slices of Serrano ham and put in the microwave a frozen meal I told him in detail what happened to Marian and Pedro, as well as my experience of the morning. Silvia listened attentively and told me to be careful and that since the matter was on its way, the best thing was to talk again with Marian and to be honest, to know if she really wanted to have an affair with Pedro. If it was affirmative it was better that I was in full knowledge of it and that I made Marian understand that this was only my liberality, a little adventure that we both allowed ourselves to vary and enrich our relationship.

After talking more about the subject, we left the department, not without first lavishing mutual caresses and shows of love between the two.

Time passed quickly and around 7 o'clock, when everyone had retired and while I was waiting for Virginia, I called my wife on the phone. I made the call from a cell phone I acquired in Talara, so to dial a number in Lima, I had to dial the code of the capital (01) and then the number of my home. This is so that the caller ID checks that the incoming call is a call from Talara. At the third ring Marian herself replied:

"Hello my love. - I said, "How are you?

"Hello my life, how are you, all right over there?

"All right, you know, meetings and a tight schedule because the gringo who has come intended to return tomorrow, but I think we will be until Friday when we will just return to Lima to take the plane to his country - I explained - "But tell me, how did it go with Pedro this morning, there were no problems?

"No, dear. Everything went well and the boy has signed everything and is super grateful to us, but especially to you. You've really done a wonderful job.

"And how did he behave." I asked captiously. - Did he eat you with his gaze?

Instead of feeling that Marian was annoyed at my comment like the last time, I felt her singing laughter at hearing my question:

"Hey... as you are eh. When you come back I'll tell you, but if you want the truth, I'll tell you that yes ... the little boy was not tired of looking at my legs, but he is very respectful and would never dare anything. The help you're giving him would lose it and logically lose my grace, don't you think?

"Of course....but tell me one thing. Did you like me looking at you, did you get wet like the other day... tell me my love, did you like it?

His laughter sounded again, but I noticed a nervous touch in it:

"Look, I can't tell you if I liked it... I'll put it another way... it didn't bother me... but well, that's not what's important right now. I am alone in our bed watching TV and I would like you to be here now, next to me... I would like you to be here with me and make love to me and enjoy together as only we know... when are you coming back? - when I said this last one I used a smug little girl tone.

"Look honey, I'm going to do the following because just talking about this subject with you has made me electric. I'm going to escape tomorrow at noon to Lima, I'm with you until 8 pm and return to Talara on a private flight, to be here first thing Friday morning (in Talara). Would you like that?

"Of course my love but won't it be too much hustle and bustle?

"Certainly not, since I have been unleashed the desire to be with you and that you tell me how your Pedrito looked at you. So tomorrow we'll spend the afternoon together and now I have to leave you.. I love you very much and take care of yourself.  Bye, bye, bye.

"Bye my life... I wait for you..." said Marian hanging up the phone.

Everything fit perfectly. I would spend the night with Virginia and be with her until mid-morning, then I would leave her at the office and at noon I would go home to spend it with my wife and again at 8 I would return with Virginia to spend the night with her and "return from Talara officially" on Friday at noon.

Shortly after 8:00 p.m., Virginia came into my office. I really saw stunning. Her stylized figure was further elongated by the long cherry dress, with a generous opening on both sides of her long legs above her mid-thigh. He was wearing fantasy high-heeled shoes of the same color. The dress was of the "straples" type, that is to say it modeled tightly the bust of the girl and left the chest and neck free, for the back the neckline reached up to the waist. Wearing a fancy ribbon the same color as the dress. The perfect makeup (obviously from a beauty salon), enhanced the angles of his cheekbones highlighting the brown eyes guarded by long and thick eyelashes. Carefully brushed hair deliciously framed Virginia's face and accentuated her exotic face. She was divine and for sure if she had come across her husband, he would not have recognized her immediately. It was what we Peruvians call A HEMBRON.

He approached me walking slowly and extending his arms he embraced me in a delightful embrace and offered me red lips. We kiss with sweetness, delighting ourselves with the caress. Her tongue searched for mine and her arms crossed in my neck, allowing her breasts to compress with my breast, Delicious Virginia...a discovery. I separated a little from her to admire again her wardrobe and taking one of her hands I made her give a funny turn. ..When walking the lateral openings of her regal dress showed some turned, long and exuberant legs, covered by panty socks of a very fine lycra.

"These precious my love... what a joy that you have dressed like this for me, for our night... our first night together." - I said emotionally. -

"Do you really like it? ..... the dress is nice, isn't it?" she asked anxiously.

"Not my love.... it's not the dress, it's you that enhances and makes the dress look good.... if you took off that dress and left it on a chair, the dress would be one more piece of clothing, but your naked or just in your underwear you would still be the precious thing..." - I answered gallantly, at the same time that I was attracting it back to me to kiss it again and to walk with my hands that monumental body.

Poor Alexander definitely didn't know what he had at home. This female was pure nerve and pure sex. Of course, what the beautiful Virginia wore (clothes, makeup, hairstyles and perfume) that helped beautify her cost a few good dollars... but well invested to show off a woman like that.

"Well... I told him... to have fun....I'm going to take you to a very nice and elegant place where you will surely be the most beautiful and the envy of other girls..." - I said euphorically.

"Right?... where are you going to take me?..." asked a curious...

"First we're going to have a very light dinner at the Marriot Hotel restaurant in Miaraflores, facing the sea and where I've made a reservation and then at the discotheque in the Larcomar shopping center in front of the hotel: "Teatriz"...there you'll also break hearts and be the envy of women and then spend the night in a Marriot suite... not necessarily to sleep... We can get up at the time you want because I have arranged for you to return to the office at noon and at night ... we'll go to a hotel outside Lima called El Pueblo that looks like a small town in the Peruvian highlands... you'll see that you'll like it..."

"How cute... you know... For a long time I dreamed of being like this in elegant places... dressing myself like this in fine clothes... I thought that dream could never come true, when you appear like a magician and suddenly my dream comes true... I love you... I love you very much..." - I said it sincerely and my voice trembled...

"Good. Well.... I don't want you to get sentimental... we're going to make your dream come true" and taking it by the waist, we go down the private staircase to the first floor and we go to board my dark glass car heading for fun. The building and the street itself at that time of night looked deserted, with no one in sight.

We took the express route of the Paseo de la República heading south and in less than 15 minutes we were entering the garage of the luxurious Marriot Hotel. The lights and spectacular view of the place dazzled Virginia.  Obviously in another circumstance he would only have known the façade of the exclusive hotel, but now, making his dream come true was in the very bowels of the premises. I had chosen that hotel in the first place to impress the girl and in the second place because at that hour and day (Wednesday), only the guests of the same one are usually in the great dining room, foreigners who did not know me and the danger of finding me with some acquaintance was minimal unless they were in the same plan that I (with a affectionate friend) that assured me that he would not comment some eventual encounter. In the same way, because it was Wednesday, the discotheque chosen would be semi-empty, since the majority of the public crowded that fashionable place between Thursdays and Saturdays and in any case, it was attended mainly by groups of young people who gave more importance to their dances and drinks, in addition, for the summer season almost one hundred percent of attendees who could know me, because they were children of my friends, Mariana or my children, they were on the southern beaches that are really crowded places by those during the summer. In good conscience everything was under control.

From the basement we took the elevator to the fifth floor where the dining room is and for my happiness only two tables of the elegant enclosure were occupied by apparently European tourists. Our table was towards a corner with an excellent panoramic view of the Larcomar Shopping Center, guessing beyond the cliff, the waters of the Pacific Ocean from which, due to the darkness, we could only see the white foam that bathed the Miraflores beaches.

The Maitre of the Hotel approached solicitously, dressed of rigorous etiquette and greeted us he gave to each one the elegant letter or menu contained in a cover of fine leather primorosamente embossed to hand. Virginia was dazzled and lacked eyes to observe all the details that a hotel of this category dispenses to its visitors. Discreetly and to avoid discomfort I asked the Maitre directly for the appetizers a Whisky (Shivas Regal of course for me) only with ice and a Piña Colada for Virginia.

"Thanks for asking for me, I wouldn't know what to ask for in such a luxurious place." he told me almost secretly and with eyes of real appreciation. -

"Don't worry... you'll see that the cocktail I've asked you for doesn't lose it's sweet, pleasant... You just have to take it a few by using the sorbet... nothing more. - I warned him -

But now if the hard part comes," she said in alarm, "what do I order for food? most of the items on this menu are in another language and I have no idea what to ask for... please help me..." she said in alarm, as she watched as a waiter elegantly dressed in cocktails approached.

"Calm down, I ask you something simple and I ask you and you just say the word "wonderful dear", okay?

The waiter approached and ceremoniously placed the appetizers in front of us, after which he said the usual word of the waiters:

"What will the lords serve themselves?

Virginia was apparently quietly going through the list of dishes, I was doing the same thing and I threw myself saying:

"Well, the lady and I would like to try a Hot Round of Seafood and then.... I went to frightened Virginia and said:

"I recommend the veal, here they prepare it which is a delight... - and looking at the waiter. - Right?

"Oh, yes sir, the Rossini beef escalopes with sage aroma is one of our specialties, comes with a garnish of capers in black butter and Marriot-style legumes - the waiter proudly explained.

Virginia looking at me just said:

"I think it's great dear... I'll ask for that..."

"Excellent choice, miss," said the servant, "then turning to me: and the gentleman who will be served?

Reviewing the list, I was finally encouraged by the grilled fish medallion in mushroom sauce with a garnish of glazed fruits.

I then ordered a bottle of "Tacama Cosecha 1975 Blanc d' Blancs" (white wine) ice cream for the starter and a bottle of Tacama Rosé lightly ice cream that combined with the meats on the main course.

Virginia, rigid in her chair looked at me nervously and alluding to the amount of cutlery and glasses placed in front of us... she asked me, trembling:

"And now that I'm doing so much. How do I use all this?

Calming her I took one of her hands and taking her to my lips I kissed her and explained, feeling a new Pigmaleon (a character from Greek mythology who made a beautiful statue of a woman, then gave her life and she was so beautiful that she fell in love with her creation and began to teach her everything):

"Look, honey, it's very simple. The cutlery is used from the outside to the inside, that is when you bring the appetizer which is a dish that we will share and that behind its difficult name is only a kind of piquéo prepared with shrimp tails, fan shells, octopus with an olive sauce and small pieces of fried fish with some sauce to combine, we will use first cutlery on each side, which are close to our hands and which are smaller. With the base plate, we will use the cutlery that is closer to the plate and that is bigger. In the same way, in front of us there are three cups for each one. The one on the right and bigger is for water, the one in the centre for the wine of the main course, in this case the Rosé wine and the first one on the left for the white wine that we will take with the entry. The small plate that you have on your left with a small knife is for some rolls that will bring us and the knife is to spread the butter. Then the napkin that you see errolled and held by a metal ring is to put it in the faults, on your dress and every time you take a bite of food, you take the napkin to your mouth and gently cleanse any remaining food that may remain on your lips. As you can see it's simple, but if you have any doubts, you look at me and repeat what I do... okay? And now relax and let's enjoy our cocktails.

We clinked our glasses lightly and toasted to ourselves, to our night. The liquor made the girl relax and take the ritual of the dinner with calm and fun... nervous at first, but with the relaxation of the drink, she looked safer. Virginia learned quickly and her performance at the table, to be a first time with so much ceremony and utensils was marvelous. When I doubted, I observed myself and repeated my movements, but with a grace and gentleness that I myself did not recognize. He loved it when I told him things about my travels, about the exotic and beautiful places I knew and asked questions, laughed discreetly and from time to time I gave him soft kisses on the hand.... She was in the clouds and she was happy.

At the end of dinner we continued talking and she began to talk more about her, the desires she had to raise her family, especially her young children... She told me that Alejandro hardly touched her and now that he had started to work in my office, he was jealous of her, because it bothered him that he had to serve coffee and soft drinks to so many men, who surely ate it with their eyes and surely told her things. She has been calming these complaints and has explained that Silvia has spoken with the employees and after that, everyone respects her and that if they look at her nobody can do anything about it. He seems to have calmed down, especially when he has seen that she earns more than he does, just for being presentable and serving coffee and soft drinks.

I reassured her and told her that I will do everything in my power so that she and her family can be comfortable and without so much financial pressure.

Then we went to the disco TEATRIZ, it was almost 11 pm. Because it was Wednesday as I had planned, there were few couples.  Once again the dazzling Virginia with the sound, decoration and details of the local. We settled down at a table away from the few groups there were and when a slow and romantic rhythm began to sound, I took her out to dance. On the dance floor, she let herself be carried away gently. I made her place both arms linking my neck and I hugged her and walked with my hands her soft naked back. The fabric of the dress adhered to its curves and several of the men around us practically devoured this rich woman with their eyes. Shortly after I felt his body so attached to mine, his prominent Mount of Venus was touching my sex that immediately woke up. My lips kissed softly on the delicate neck and I inhaled the subjugating perfume that the owner of the boutique had recommended. My lips turned to the beautiful face looking for the fleshy and appetizing lips of the female. We followed the slow rhythm of the song, while we gave ourselves with heart and soul to that kiss, long, sweet, tender. I felt that through the fabric of the party dress the breasts of the woman hardened and the nipples stood up challenging, as if wanting to break the fabric and incrust in my chest.

Sheltered in the gloom, my hands went down to her round and appetizing buttocks that I caressed, squeezed and attracted more towards me, so that I felt in all its extension the hardness of my tool, desperate to get out.  I put my hands up and my eyes tried to look at her in spite of the faint gloom.  Virginia had a big smile and kept her eyes closed... she enjoyed the friction of our bodies. We kissed again with more passion, just when the music stopped. Almost without interruption, the speakers let you hear a tasty fashionable merengue. I began to move to the rhythm and she did the same, but at that moment seemed transformed, her body began to undulate to the rhythms of the contagious music, carrying the rhythm with a cadence that emanated sex and passion. I was pleasantly surprised by this woman every time. He danced the merengue marvelously, his rhythmic wiggle focused on a smooth and constant waist movement that seemed to cry out to be touched by the sensuality of its effects. I took advantage to make several turns and in each one I took advantage to rub and compress his tail in my sex that was already about to burst the pants.

I observed the men looking at Virginia and they were looks of desire and desire to enjoy this real female in that same place. The women did not stop looking enviously at that perfect body that responded with so much elasticity and rhythm to the song that came out from the speakers of the place. At a moment when I made her spin, Virginia fell into my arms and a passionate kiss coincided with the end of the song. We went back to our table and toasted again. Since we were in a secluded place and in a semi-darkness, we took the opportunity to give each other a rich and passionate kiss in which our tongues exchanged saliva and struggled to defeat each other. My hands caressed her tits on the fabric of the dress, then one of my hands moved quickly to the crotch of the beautiful one, place that I found pleasantly humid and when perceiving the contact it adjusted its superb extremities to feel with more force the caress. Virginia's hand moved toward my penis and stroked it over my pants, pressing and rubbing desperately. We looked at each other and that was enough to decide: we would immediately return to the hotel. Our site was not there at the time, our site was the big suite bed I had taken to spend our night.

We went out and shortly afterwards, we continued kissing and caressing each other in the elevator of the Marriot Hotel. Finally we arrived at the room and when closing the door we advanced until the wide bed. The light from the lamps on the sides of the bed was on and I could clearly see Virginia's beautiful face. Slowly I began to undress her, slowly lowering the zipper that began at the waist and extended to the end of her rounded buttocks, unstuck the cups of the female's breasts and the dress slipped to the floor caressing as the girl's hips and legs fell. The beautiful tits were left in the air and were quickly caught by my mouth that alternated in sucking them and finish hardening the nipples that rose defiantly looking at the ceiling. I sat on the bed and slowly and softly, while still feasting on her tits, I began to lower the fine panty hose that adhered to her beautiful legs. At the end of that task, Virginia was left with only a small underwear cherry lace, which instantly flew through the air .  She fell on me and started undressing me, I helped her and instantly she was totally naked rolling with my lover, kissing and caressing us.

My tongue entered my lover's glorious and gentle cave, while her mouth, as if it were a giant vagina, engulfed my respectable instrument completely. She began to have the first symptoms of an orgasm when my lips gently sucked and nibbled on her clitoris.  The flows that began to flow out of her adorable, sweet, intoxicating vagina were totally drunk as if it were a vital nectar, the only source of energy for me. Virginia was trying hard to drink my milk but I didn't want to flood it with my sap yet. While I continued caressing with my hands the legs of this royal woman, my tongue followed methodical and constant with its work, feeling to the few moments a new orgasm of my pair, beginning she to desmadejarse in the great bed, but without stopping sucking me the pinga to conscience.

We took a break and our lips met again. My hands went through all the curves and planes of her beautiful body and at the same time I felt that her hands played with my hair and moved through my arms until they reached my swollen penis. We rolled anxiously for the bed and Virginia ascended to straddle on me, with her beautiful legs flexed to the sides of my body she fit on my penis and taking it she lined it up she pampers her vulva, rubbing the member against the walls of her vagina, then to let herself fall slowly. Her vaginal folds began to massage my trunk and little by little I totally delved into this portentous girl.  I felt that my penis was in the deepest part of my lover, when she began to rotate her hips, raising her cadence to an incredible speed at the same time that she let out screams and say words of love and urgent requests:

"Rich, rich, I love you... I love you... my man... give me more, more, maaaaaaasssssssssssss."

"If my love, take it, eat it all........ move like this my love. - repeated me. - I -

"Daddy, you kill me... how rich... I come, I give it,,, I want to feel you,, give me your milk flood me... Daddy ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Virginia was out of control and began to jump on my penis, which went out to the door of her cave and descended violently, entering again to the bottom... after doing this maneuver several times, she began to kiss me, sticking her tongue in me, biting my lips. I was totally crazy and this lack of control had an effect on me, that I began to push my penis, deepening in the deepest part of her vagina and both, at the same time, between screams and screams, we began to unpack rivers of milk and flow whose violence lasted for a time that neither she nor I could quantify.

The truth was that exhausted she remained on me and relaxed, without having to go anywhere we fell asleep. The clock was ticking at 1:00 in the morning.

Two hours went by and I felt Virginia rise slowly:

"You have left me dead... but how rich you have squeezed me.

"On the contrary heart, you are the one who has left me KO, but it has been rich, to have you so..., without worries, enjoying every moment...

"Daddy... I want to take a bath... don't you dare?

Without answering him, I got up and we went to the spacious and comfortable bathroom of this hotel. We got into the shower with the water at a warm temperature and under the shower, we started kissing and stroking slowly, slowly. Generous portions of bath gel contained in coquettish little bottles placed by the hotel, contributed to our hands slipping through our bodies, covering all our protuberances and depressions.  While she rubbed my penis softly and conscientiously, I sobbed her hard and round buttocks and took the opportunity to put one of my fingers in her tight little ass, pulling out a moan to my pretty couple. Then it was two fingers that began to gently enter and exit the posterior cave and Virginia raised her arms to imprison my neck and lavish me with a hungry and passionate kiss, opening all her sensual mouth and sticking her tongue down my throat.

My sex in ristre and ready for action penetrated again in her vagina and felt as she pressed and rubbed her inflamed clitoris rhythmically, while Virginia's kiss became more aggressive and sensual, her tits bounced on my chest and it was no longer possible to be more attached, more attached to each other. Virginia herself changed her position giving me her back and leaning on some supports placed in one of the walls of the shower, to facilitate the balance of the older guests, Virginia arched her body and offered me her round ass so that my battering ram entered triumphantly in her tight anus. Facilitated by the bath gel and the dilation obtained by my fingers, my penis penetrated the young and ardent flesh of Virginia until it was housed in its integrity in that portentous ass. We stood still and then in unison, we began to move, me trying to penetrate more and she circulating her ass and throwing it back. The sensations of that penetration have been engraved in me, as I had never experienced the sensation of suction that the rectum of Virginia was giving me. I was definitely a teacher to vacuum a member like mine in such a narrow cavity. The water kept falling on our bodies, while our movements became faster.

Meanwhile, the fingers of my right hand had reached her vagina and caressed her clitoris which had risen more than when I penetrated her there and my left hand caressed her tatas, which swayed to the rhythm of the mete-saca we were making. We didn't take long to get here. I in the appetizing ass of Virginia, I think I sent milk to her stomach and she in my right hand releasing hot effluvium, which seemed to come out sparkling from its depths. Exhausted and with our legs trembling from the position and the energy released, at the risk of falling and hurting ourselves, we finish taking a shower and come out of the narrow shower space. I helped her put on her robe and like two drunks, wobbling we fell scorched on the bed. Tired, but happy. It really was an unforgettable night.

When we woke up it was almost 8 a.m., we were wrapped in white plush robes with the hotel logo, lying on the bed. We open our eyes almost in unison, we look at each other and in unison we also start to laugh, with a joyful, relaxed laugh and then we kiss each other saying good morning:

"Good morning, precious. Did you sleep well? I asked mellow.

"Good morning my love," he replied. "Sleep like sleeping, if I have. But I don't care because we've thrown away rich, just like I wanted to be with you. No scares, no worrying about the time, no thinking about anything. You've left me like a wipe.

" You also to have extracted all the milk and so that the doll stops it is going to need a crane...

We both laughed hard. But then a little mischievous asked me:

"You've been very rich and I'm really satisfied... I don't know how many times and I'm also dry... totally dry. But tell me, you are no longer a young boy, but you have the energy and vitality of a boy of 20. From where you get it, you take something, ... How do you do it?

"Well, you're observant and curious, too. Well, I'll tell you my secret. I have always led a healthy life, I don't smoke, I take in moderation, I make regularly a routine of exercises, I maintain an ideal weight for my age and height and above all, I consume some special medicines, properly regulated by a medical team that controls me periodically. Among the medications I consume, all of natural origin, is a hormone called growth hormone, which in appropriate doses and for sustained periods, determine that one has great vitality, can eliminate adipose tissue easily and although it does not stop natural aging, makes life more bearable and allows you to enjoy it even after sixty or more years. In Lima, there is a clinic called "Juvencia" that gives this treatment that although it is expensive, is worth living well - I explained with great patience.


No wonder... now I explain myself." she said thoughtfully. "No wonder you don't give me one dust, but up to three in one afternoon and to each one richer. When I had regular sex with my husband, he often ended up and I was left with the desire, climbing the walls and ended up giving me pleasure alone ... but it is not the same. But with you it's different.... You make me finish and when I go for my third bullfight you just give it and in abundance.... And you're still hard and give it to him..... You're tremendous. - I said so tickling myself. - You're cheating... but rich... rich... I love you. - And I plant myself a rich tongue kiss. -

"I love you, too, my life.... I want you and every day I like you more... - Every day you get prettier and more desirable.... Yummy.

She responded with a new kiss and a passionate hug.

"Do you know something?" he asked me..... I'm starving... I'm fiercely hungry.....

"After the energy wasted, it's logical that we're hungry. How about we get dressed and go to the hotel dining room to serve breakfast. At this time a large buffet is installed, that is, they place everything you could wish for breakfast on large tables: different types of salty and sweet breads, hams of all kinds, fresh cheeses, cream cheeses, eggs in all forms, sausages and all kinds of sausages. In addition milk, coffee, tea and all kinds of infusions, natural juices, etc., etc. ,

"With all you're saying... I'm already full." He joked. "But I'd like us to have breakfast here, in the privacy. Yes, I'd ask you to order a hearty breakfast that I'm already starving to death. That's right.... I'd like to try something I've only seen in movies or on TV, I want to try pancakes and some kind of rich biscuits... surprise me..."

I asked room service for a hearty breakfast, including pancakes with various types of honey and sweets. In the meantime, we lay in bed, not wanting to do anything. We settle down to watch TV, very close together. Virginia's body was glued to mine and we lavished tender and innocent kisses on each other. Suddenly the buttons knocked on the door with breakfast. Virginia went to the bathroom and I opened the door to the room. The employee entered with the cart with the order placed, plus another table with juices, yogurt, coffee and milk. When the buttons were removed, happy with the tip that I included in the voucher, I went out bathed and with the hair completely wet my companion. While she was drying her beautiful body and hair, using the powerful dryer in the room, I did the same, I took a quick shower and shortly after, both, located on the terrace of the suite that allowed us to see the calm ocean, we liteally began to devour the delicacies. Virginia tasted delicious pancakes for the first time and pecked at the variety of biscuits that had been brought to us. We really had a feast.

We were at the best of breakfast, splashing the stews with delicious kisses and cuddles, Virginia opened her eyes out of all proportion and uttered a scream:

"My love, and now that I'm getting ready to go out... I didn't bring clothes to change into. I only have yesterday's party dress... how am I going to go to the office dressed like that? - The alarmed young woman repaired...

I laughed amusingly at the situation and as I was doing so I imagined Virginia entering the office in a party suit at the office. What a scandal it would be.... and especially as soon as her husband was back she would find out... the mess that would be made.

Then I kept my composure and told Virginia not to worry, that everything was fine. I opened the closset in the room and took out a box that was adorned with a large ribbon and gave it to the young woman:

"Here's the solution to your problems my love... open the box and SURPRISE." I said smiling.

Virginia carefully opened the gift, released the ribbon, and removed the top lid from the box. There among the silk papers protecting the contents, she found a skirt, blouse and patent leather sandals, just as she wears in the office. She also wears white lace underwear, with a half cup bra and a small wallet with the indispensable makeup in the shades she wore. Virginia was astonished and could only laugh exclaiming:

"But how did you come up with this... Crazy... Delicious crazy... They won't even realize I haven't spent the night at home..."

"Not only that, my love. I have coordinated with Silvia so that she waits for you in her car a few blocks from the office, so that she picks you up and you arrive with her, so as not to arouse suspicion.... what do you think?"

"But what did you say to Silvia... she'll ask me and I'll answer her?

"Mira Silvia is a very loyal and discreet woman. I told her that I asked you for a favor and that you got it and that I need her to pick you up, because you have a package for me. The package will be nothing other than this same box where you will put your party dress, shoes, underwear, etc., which will remain in my office and at night we see what we do with it."

"Wow...everything coldly think of everything...I love're terrible.

We kissed affectionately and after finishing breakfast, he began to try on his clothes and marveled that it was his size. To take her out of her astonishment, explain:

"My friend from the boutique, prepared the box with what I asked and she sent it directly to the hotel and I instructed the managers to leave this box in the closset. Simple, isn't it?"

"My life... you are extraordinary, you think about everything... really just waiting for what our night would be, I forgot about the clothes... I just wanted to be with you and enjoy and I have really enjoyed... you have taken the juice... I'm just calming the burning of my chuchita and my ass,...  But by tonight again I will be ready to continue loving us." I said this with a particular low tone and approaching me like a kitten.

With the promises of a new night of passion... we leave the hotel. Virginia, perfectly dressed as when she is in the office, neatly made up and combed in a very formal way. Impeccable her. Beside her, the box containing her last night's hold, supposedly with the order for me. The place chosen for Silvia to pick it up was the well-known and exclusive San Antonio de San Isidro Pastry Shop. When I arrived, Silvia gave me a quick and low kiss to wait for my secretary. It was 12:00 a.m. I called Silvia on her cell phone and told her to stop by Virginia. My very efficient secretary was already on her way to the meeting place. In this respect, everything was under control.

Now, I had to go home and see what my wife would decide about her protégé.



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