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The order


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on: June 29, 2019, 02:39:56 PM


That morning I decided to get up late. My husband had left home around eight o'clock to go to work, as usual.  At 8:15 I got up to pee, lowered the shutter to the bottom, got back into bed and, a few minutes later, I fell deeply asleep, which is not surprising considering that the night before I had been watching a movie until very late.

Suddenly something really startled me. I woke up all of a sudden and sat on the bed but I didn't know what the reason for my reaction was. A few seconds later I understood perfectly the cause of my violent awakening. That's when the doorbell rang insistently. At that very moment I remembered that the previous evening I had placed an order in the shop below, agreeing that they would take it home first thing the next day.

I got out of bed, put on a robe over my naked body, as I usually sleep as God brought me into the world, and after combing my hair as well as I could, I went to the door and proceeded to open. At the threshold was a young teenager with a bad-faced face and five or six boxes around him containing my order. I passed by and told him where the kitchen was so that he could deposit the boxes there.

While the boy was working I could see how he focused his eyes insistently towards my nipples, which were nailed with force under the light cloth of the robe, on which was drawn the contour of my abundant breasts that, in spite of my forty-two years of age, I still keep hard and quite erect. I must admit that the lascivious look of such a young boy began to excite me greatly. After introducing all the boxes into the kitchen he began to open them and deposit the articles on the worktop. I closed the street door and went to the bathroom to wash my face a little, leaving the boy to work in the kitchen.

Suddenly the boy's face appeared on the threshold of the bathroom door. He came to tell me that he had finished his work, with the invoice paper in his hand. The boy was like petrified, without moving a single muscle of his body, and with the lost look, or so I thought at first, but little by little I realized that that look, far from being lost, was nailed to my torso. Then I realized that to wash myself I had lowered my robe down to my waist, so my tits floated in the air with nothing to cover them. That look caused an uncontrolled excitement in me again, so not only did I not do anything to cover my tits, but I took off my robe at all, remaining completely naked in front of the boy, who was already drooling.

Without saying a word, I knelt in front of him and began to unzip his pants. Then I released the belt and the fly button. I slipped one of my hands under her tight black slip and pulled it all out. She had semi-erect and her cocoon had begun to secrete pre-seminal liquid, which together with the accumulated sweat product of his hard work, caused his cock to give off a strong odor. Although I would have preferred that he wash it before doing anything, that situation made me so hot that without thinking twice I put it in my mouth and began to suck it with absolute fruition.


His cocoon was gradually swollen inside my mouth and his whole cock was enlarged and hardened for seconds, until it reached a considerable size. Then I began to lick the corner of his eggs while my hand gently masturbated him at the height of the frenulum. The boy's eyes were blank with pleasure, and his glans was throbbing loudly. Now she was sucking on it deeply by inserting the cocoon in my throat, getting it down my throat until her eggs hit my chin. The boy was looking hallucinated without understanding very well how it was possible for me to put all that piece of meat in my mouth. At the same time as his dick went in and out of my throat I stroked his eggs vigorously with both hands, which caused the boy to start snorting with pleasure.

When I noticed his cocoon about to burst, I pulled his cock out of my mouth, grabbed his eggs tightly with both hands, and started licking his cocoon in circles. The first stream of semen drew a straight line from my lips to my forehead. Then I opened my mouth wide and got into his cocoon while slowly masturbating him with my hands. The second stream of warm and thick milk, more abundant than the previous one, after violently hitting my tongue, was deposited in my throat. The third jet had the same luck as the previous one, increasing the dose of semen that was accumulating in my throat. The fourth and last spit of his cocoon was the one that, being the smallest in quantity, caused the muscle in my throat to activate, giving way to the viscous fluid towards my stomach. The boy pushed my head towards his body, holding it with both hands, without releasing it until he had made sure that his eggs were completely empty of sperm.

While looking into his eyes, I got up from the floor and stood in front of him, a few centimetres away. Then I collected the semen trail, which crossed my face, with one of my fingers, after which I took it to my mouth to taste its flavor. Then I took my improvised young stallion by the hand and took him to the bedroom, where I undressed him completely. Then I took off my robe to be in the same condition.

I guided him to lie on his bed, face up. Then I straddled her chest, and placed her two hands on my generous tits for her to magreara with pleasure. The guy started squeezing them gently and firmly at the same time, which turned me on a lot more than I was already, causing my pussy to start getting wet. Then I crawled across his chest until I placed my pussy on his face. The boy, who knew well what it was like to be with a mature woman, judging by her abilities, opened my pussy with his hands and began to walk inside me with his tongue. From time to time, the tip of her tongue would lick my clitoris at a devilish speed, and then go back through my wet crack from top to bottom. On one of the many occasions when her tongue worked on my clitoris, she inserted her index finger into my vagina, after which she put it in and took it out at a good pace, causing me a tremendous and very long orgasm.

Without her tongue giving my clitoris a truce, she took my finger out of my pussy and put it over my asshole. Then he squeezed his finger very slowly, until he got it into my anus. When his finger was completely sunken he began to move it in circles, at the same time as his tongue was ravaging my clitoris. Despite his age, the bastard made me feel totally under control. Judging from the results so far, I had the impression that I was going to run alone whenever he wanted, and as many times as he wanted. I was totally drunk on sex.

When I finished my third orgasm the boy stopped his tongue and pulled his finger out of my ass. Then I took the opportunity to descend and kneel between his legs. I put her tail, which was already spliced again, between my tits and I started a Cuban stimulant, until I gave her the maximum erection. Then I advanced my body a little until I placed my pussy in the radius of action of his cock. I was hoping he'd fuck me.


My crack was so wet and open that the kid's cocoon snuck into it without either of us putting it in. Once his glans was introduced, saving the little resistance offered by my vagina, the boy, with a quick movement of hips nailed me to the eggs. Then he grabbed me by the shoulders forcing me to lie on him. Then we started kissing on the mouth frantically. Our tongues began to intertwine, exchanging abundant saliva. Without stopping kissing, the boy started fucking me very slowly.

Three or four minutes later it happened again. The boy had decided to give me a new orgasm. He passed his arms behind my back and placed each of his hands on one of my buttocks. In that position he opened my ass as much as he could and, without allowing me to move an inch, he started fucking me at full speed. His cock pumped my pussy brutally, while his tongue filled my face with saliva. The orgasm was so brutal and persistent that I almost lost consciousness.

That boy started causing a drug-like effect on me. The more orgasms he gave me, the more I needed him to keep fucking me. He realized this feeling so he continued to give me a dick very slowly to avoid running and hold as much as possible. Our bodies were soaked in sweat and the atmosphere was loaded with a strong smell, coming from our ardent sexes. It smelled like male and female in heat at the same time, and that stench made us even more horny, if possible.

After a good while fucking in that position we decided to change. The kid took the initiative and put me on all fours on the bed. Then she stood behind me and shoved it deep into my pussy.  She grabbed me by the tits and started fucking me very slowly but with very energetic movements. At each onslaught I could feel his tail piercing my insides beyond my navel. Then he said, "You're a very hot whore and I'm going to run into your pussy." Those words, far from bothering me, gave me an immediate orgasm. Despite almost doubling his age, that boy was getting me completely drunk on sex. I was definitely willing to go to anything with him, even to have him run into my pussy, even though he didn't wear a condom, as he had threatened me before.

And so he did. The kid started snorting and moaning with pleasure. I could feel her cocoon throbbing inside my vagina. Without any resistance, despite the risk of getting me pregnant, I begged him to throw it all in. Those words seemed to excite him even more, so he increased the pumping speed of his cock, and the force of his hands with which he squeezed my tits, using them as a support point for his ferocious movement. Suddenly I noticed an intense heat in my entrails, right at the very moment when I had my last orgasm. Their eggs were pitilessly emptied into my uterus, and we both twisted for pleasure enjoying our corresponding orgasms. Her ejaculation was so brutal and abundant that, as soon as she had taken it out of me, her dense milk began to overflow in my pussy, tracing two regueros that, after running through my thighs, ended up soaking the sheets. The boy turned me towards him and forced me to wipe the lefa remains of his cock with his tongue.

It was the second time I cheated on my husband, and every time I had a better time doing it.


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