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The party continues in Brazil


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on: June 29, 2019, 03:02:44 PM


After saying goodbye to the group of friends, Otavio and I went to their house. At first I thought of taking him to my hotel, but it seemed better, for this first meeting, to use his house.

Already in his car, I put my head on his shoulder, not so much as to make me "in love" but, rather, to be able to caress his cock more comfortably; I did not want him to lose the excitement at any time.

From the moment we got into the elevator, Otavio hugged me and kissed me; he pressed me against the elevator wall (as if I wanted to escape!) to run through my body with his hands, he had become a kind of octopus, which left no part untouched, caressed, palpated or touched. I take off my bikini and, the foolish one, I throw it out the elevator door. I looked for my bikini later but I didn't find it, someone took it, who knows why!

Immediately I take myself to the bedroom, where a beautiful and big bed awaited us. Even dressed we let ourselves fall on her, embraced, caressed, kissed... with softness and passion Otavio filled me with kisses, each one of them were corresponded... if at any moment, during the trip, the excitement had fallen, both of us quickly got into tune.

Otavio undressed me, the little clothes I had left, without stopping kissing me, every movement to undress me was a sensual caress made with his soft hands and long, fine fingers. I undressed him, faster than he undressed me; his erect blood sausage struggled to escape from his underwear and he had it in front of my face: a beautiful black cock, with a thick vein at the top... with a pink head... When I discovered it, the skin was getting together looking even darker; the two eggs had a few curly, rough assholes. I put it in my mouth, just my head, to play with my tongue; he put it in my half with a movement of his hip... what a sensation! ... my mouth was opened to the maximum to receive it; Otavio pushed for me to swallow it all, but it was too big for me! ... and it gave me like arcades.

He lay me down on the already scrambled sheets; he placed himself between my legs and his mouth was attached to one of my nipples, he bit it without causing me pain, like a little boy who seeks his mother's milk, I caressed his head and played with his hair; I felt the tip of the black pudding touching my vaginal lips. He continued kissing my belly and navel... and the pubis... opened my vaginal lips and his tongue was submerged in my shell, very humid by then... waves of pleasure were born in my sex and expanded all over my body. Otavio lifted my legs and thus I felt as his tongue passed from my shell to my ass and returned to the shell; I had already given myself to his tongue that, like an indecisive snake, went from one hole to another.

I don't know if you understood what I said, but if you understood it; I pushed you to lay you on your back on the bed; I took a condom that I had left on the bedside table and put it on... that's something I like, to put a man the condom, I find it very erotic and exciting, to put the "hat" and slide the latex through the trunk of the cock I think it's nice for both of you.

I sat on his chest and went backward until I felt the cock in the door of my shell ... I continued until I entered the head ... I moved my hips from one side to another and then continued with the penetration, slowly, moving my hips, soon my vaginal lips kissed his eggs... I stopped to enjoy the sensation of being full, full of his flesh... now that I think about it, at that moment I was selfish, I had forgotten Otavio and his pleasure to concentrate only on my pleasure.

I moved to decrease the penetration... the intimate muscles accommodated that blood sausage that went in and out... they stretched and contracted like a heart of fire. The cock touched points that triggered electric discharges that would count my shell, squeezing it, so that it would never leave me... with my eyes closed, I had completely isolated myself and there was only me and that enormous black pudding that opened me intimately.

Otavio finished after a while, luckily he kept his erection because I hadn't finished yet. I let myself be carried away by my rhythmic and involuntary movements, until my orgasm reaches me in a total and absolute way.

I sat on Otavio, letting my pulsating vagina embrace his dick, which lost the erection at times, finally was nothing more than something that did not stretch my shell ... I leaned on Otavio's chest and his dick came out of me. I kissed him to thank him for borrowing his dick for my pleasure.

We fell asleep hugging, him behind me. Before I closed my eyes, I thought it was a shame I should use condoms, because I would have loved to have been filled with your milk.


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