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on: June 29, 2019, 01:07:07 PM

I'm a normal woman. Without being a beauty I am not bad at all in spite of my too white skin and my short stature. I have a generous butt that lifts more than one look and a falsely innocent face adorned with big eyes and fleshy lips. My name is Marcela.

Now I am trying to judge myself because even though I never thought of being unfaithful to my husband there was a time when circumstances led me to commit some delicious little sins which I sometimes regret but sometimes I remember with true delight... that I can say one thing I take to another because after I was unfaithful with the first man and for a specific reason and something blurred at this time, with the others it was easier to say it in some way. On another occasion I will tell how those "First chunks" were because this story is about another slip that I had outside the city where I live.

It happened on one of my business trips since due to my profession I have to travel constantly. Just when I thought it would be a trip like any other, I met a friend of my husband's who, without my knowing it, at that moment would become my best "friend" yet. I was very pleased to meet him and even more so knowing that he worked in that city which I had to visit many times during the following months, at least I would have someone to spend my leisure time with.

The first visits were normal, we met for lunch or a drink and little by little we realized that there was a great chemistry between us. I told him about my relationship with my husband and that he wasn't at his best. Due to my travels I did not have much time to be with my husband and when I was at home I only longed for rest and tranquility. However, when I met my friend we went out to have a lot of fun and we started going dancing and drinking liquor.

On one of those occasions I went with a friend to that city because I had two days of complete relaxation and I thought it would be a good idea to invite my friend to swim for a while and tan in such a warm and cozy city. I didn't see my friend all day and I don't know why at night I put on my best dress (very low-cut and short by the way) and I decided to go looking for that man in the company of my friend to see if we would go out with some of his friends.

We decided to go on a tour of several discotheques. He kept telling me how beautiful I was that night and I felt he was looking at me for the first time. When I turned around I felt his eyes running all over my body inventing those parts covered by the tiny dress. We decided to leave the bar where we were and go to a more intimate one, darker, with softer music. When I tried to stop I felt dizzy from all the rum we'd had. He took me by the arm gently and I felt a run that ran down my back, I looked him in the eyes and I felt that the same thing had happened to him. We get to the other bar and keep drinking.

In one of the songs I started dancing in a sensual and provocative way, maybe because of the drinks or because I unconsciously wanted to provoke it, I don't know. He whispered in my ear that it looked like a volcano about to erupt. We started to dance very close together, each time we got closer, I could feel his breath on my neck, which he began to kiss softly and slowly as he groped the ground; slowly approached my ear and began to pass his tongue around its contour looking for my approval, without stopping dancing that slow melody I began to correspond his kisses without remembering who I was and who I was with, inhale its masculine aroma, I narrowed it even more against me and look for his lips with eagerness as if I was in it life, looking for that passion that I thought lost.

In the meantime my friend was having a hard time, with a guy who turned out to be a bit bold and drunk as a vat. I felt a little sorry for her because apparently my night was going to end a little better than hers and so it was... We sat down and began to caress each other no matter what they were looking at us despite the darkness that was our accomplice as our tongues coiled like snakes, searched for each other, desired each other and our hands ran through those parts of our bodies they could make in a public place.

With only our glances we agreed to leave that place and go to his house. We almost didn't wait to close the door and his hands landed all over my body attracting me to him and tearing off my clothes. Mine did the right thing and crawled along his back enjoying every inch of his skin, drinking his sweat and nectar of that passion that had unknowingly fed on our glances and our frictions during those weeks of mutual company.

Without stopping kissing, we sat naked in a rocking chair in front of him. We stopped for a moment to contemplate ourselves, incredulous about what was happening. We began to kiss more slowly this time, without worries, with sweetness and my fingers were softly resting on his face, his shoulders, his chest, he was playing with his body hair.

He passed his hands through my ass, my back; I took his penis and put it inside me and we began to swing in the chair, gently at first and then more intensely. He began to masturbate me making very gentle circles on my clitoris, then kissed my breasts whose nipples had begun to erect for the pleasure I was feeling at that moment, I felt physical pain from the desire I was feeling for that man, we had an orgasm almost at the same time, the first and I a little later thanks to the wonderful manipulations of his hands.

When we finished, I was eager to leave because I had left my poor friend behind and I worried about her. Although he asked me to stay I dressed quickly, I gave him a long kiss on the mouth and I left. I arrived at the hotel because fortunately my friend managed to get rid of that guy and was already quiet in her bed. I lay in the other bed because we shared a room.

I did not manage to fall asleep easily because I still felt in my lips and in my body the warmth of his kisses and embraces. The next day we woke up early with my friend to leave the city but with a tremendous hangover from the baby the day before. I felt a little nervous to meet him again and to look him in the face after what had happened, fortunately I would have several days before seeing him again to think about what I would do and tell him. And what we did not do in my future visits...



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