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Those eyes


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on: June 29, 2019, 01:03:36 PM
In the pool:

It was the first time I went to that pool. It was a beautiful winter swimming pool, with lots of light, large windows and a very pleasant atmosphere. Not too many bathers, at least in the hours and days I could go. It was definitely a nice place to go to relax and get some exercise.

The people were also very kind, the biggest part of the people were old, something that surprised me. When I signed up for the pool I thought I'd see good girls and bodies remove the hiccups, but from what I could see afterwards those bodies were all day crushing each other in the aerobics room, sweating and suffering to look pretty.

I wanted to go to the pool to swim and relax in the jacuzzi, so I didn't really care what kind of people there were.

The first day I went, I went into the bubble pool, with very hot water, with the intention of relaxing. Just that day I had received a very special email from a cyber friend in which she told me about a fantastic meeting in a pool of that kind, so once inside the jacuzzi I relaxed, closed my eyes and began to imagine that I was in that pool with my beautiful friend. I don't know how long I was like this, nor really how long it happened, but I do remember that at least in one moment I moaned in a more or less perceptible way. When I opened my eyes to land in reality, I found in the same pool an old lady in her fifties, who had evidently heard my groans, and who was looking at me, in a certain way, shamelessly.

At first I felt quite uncomfortable, because I didn't know for sure what I had said or done in that period of time, so I looked away from her. Besides, I couldn't leave, because with those tight swimsuits it became too obvious that I had been assailed by lewd thoughts, and that I had an important excitement. In addition, the good lady wore a bathing suit, which was white at the top, and when she got wet the generous breasts of the good lady were well uncovered, and above all a large pinkish and fleshy nipple that I could see every time I looked sideways to see if I had freed myself from the yoke of her gaze that at that moment weighed so heavily on me.

The vision of the nipple did not help mitigate the huge swelling that oppressed me, the lady did not lower her eyesight, so at a time when there were not many more bathers around I armed myself with courage and decided to take the bull by the horns, so in front of the woman I stood up, showing the tiny swimsuit totally tight in its front, and offering the good woman a view that evidenced what I had. I stretched my bathing suit a little bit carefully to make sure nothing came out and sat back in the jacuzzi. The woman's reaction was not what she expected, she looked away in a certain way in awe, she got up and gave me a fleeting glance as she walked away. When I saw her coming out I could see her body, not thin but not obese at all, with well marked curves, and a bumpy little butt. Their breasts were generous, and they appreciate defying gravity quite well yet. When I saw her in her entire body I appreciated myself younger, although in any case I had passed the age of 40 some time ago.

First I was invaded by a feeling of lost opportunity, thinking that I was too direct even without speaking a word, and then I was assaulted by a very strong feeling of guilt, because perhaps I had behaved very rudely. The fact is that he left and I continued doing some exercise, swimming in the Olympic pool, and relaxing in the sauna.

As I came out of the sauna to go shower, and pass in front of the girls' locker room, at a moment when the door was opened by someone who came in I saw her for a moment. I stood, with the step unfinished, trying to overcome the impulse that commanded me to half-open the door to see it again.  I was like this for a while, and since no one was passing through the corridor, I pushed the door lightly, until I saw it again. She was wrapped in a towel, and it looked like she'd just taken a shower.

He was with his back to me, and with the towel that covered his body he dried the imposing bush of hair that fell to him to bow his head. My situation was complicated, on the one hand I had to watch that no one showed up in the corridor, on the other hand that no one came out of the dressing room and caught me snooping, and on the other hand to do what caused me so much delight, to see that woman, wrapped in that cloth, drying her hair and body. I continued observing her for a while until the tension and the fear of being discovered forced me to leave the door that closed again... and it was something providential, because it just opened again and two ladies came out of the locker room with the appearance of being very cranky.

As soon as they disappeared down the corridor, I pushed the door slightly again. There he continued, with the towel on his waist, covering his legs and his beautiful ass. In the upper part he had already covered himself with a white bra, which contrasted with his slightly tanned skin. He was untangling his hair vigorously with a brush, lowering his head down, and dropping all of his hair. In one of those movements I seemed to feel his gaze, that his eyes were discovering me, and instinctively I released the door that remained moving with a slight sway, betraying even more my sin.  As quickly as I could I went to my dressing room to get into the shower, while I heard the girls' dressing room door open again.

I got into the shower, I hit the cold water and there I stayed long enough for my whole body to have the same temperature, and to be as low as possible. When I started shivering from the cold, I turned off the water jet and sat on the dressing room benches. It was quite late, and there were very few swimmers left in the pool, so I got dressed before the doors closed. At that moment I heard the door of my locker room, and a woman's voice sweetly saying "hello". I turned around and there she was, just as I had seen her in the locker room, with the towel on her waist and a beautiful lace bra covering her chest. I was petrified and not knowing what to say, naked as I was, I wasn't even assaulted by that stupid feeling of modesty, and I gawked at his body and his sweetness.

He approached me slowly, until he was half a metre away from me. I was still petrified, totally naked and frozen with cold looking him in the eye, not knowing what to say or what to do. At this distance you could see a beautiful woman, with tanned skin, clean and soft skin, and with a few slight wrinkles in some areas that made her face much more attractive and her body more desired. Although I was still petrified, some parts of my body noticed the feminine presence, and they got up to look.

She said nothing, lifted her hands over my chest, leaned back and bowed her head to rest on one shoulder. Then he brought his body closer to me until he hugged me warmly. I corresponded and wrapped her with my arms, still very timidly, still incredulous. We stayed like this for a while, as if dancing in front of each other, until she raised her head and kissed me very gently on the mouth, offering me the sweetest honey I had ever tasted in my life.

I never remember enjoying, and traveling as much as in that kiss, which transported me all over the world, immersed me in the water, and lifted me up in the air in an instant. While kissing me I tried to look at her eyes as if wanting to know why that woman was taking me to paradise, because she let me touch happiness. However, she had her eyes closed, and the only thing I could see was a tear that came out slowly, very slowly from between her united eyelids.

Shortly afterwards with a slight pressure on my chest I pushed back, until I stumbled upon the wooden bench in the locker room, and fell sitting down, as our lips disconnected and moved away. Then I sat down, and she stood in front of me with one of her hands at her waist, and with a slight movement she released the towel that was attached to her waist and dropped it. Although the vision of their abundantly populated sex was an important reclamation to my eyesight, I remained focused on looking at their eyes, now open, and finding out what they were saying. They were beautiful eyes, reflecting deep anguish and even despair.

Immediately he approached me again, and opening his legs he sat hanged on mine, while with his left hand he grabbed my penis and directed it towards the opening of his body, introducing it without any difficulty. I was still overwhelmed by everything that was happening to me, I still hadn't reacted, so she was the one moving, and I was looking for pleasure for both of us. And then there were his eyes. In his incessant movement, as he went up and down I looked for his eyes, which were sometimes open. But his moans, the warmth of his body, the pleasure that his sex gave me, ended up clouding my sight first, and gradually numbing all the other senses, until I was only able to perceive sensations through the skin.

I don't know how long we were like this, I just remember that when the orgasm invaded us, I felt it fall on me like someone who doesn't have strength, and can't stand up. It was like this for another good time, while my senses were slowly recovering. Then she kissed me again, passionately.  First a long kiss, and then a few shorter kisses, like the one that goes in a hurry and says goodbye, while getting up.

After a pause to catch my breath, and after finally reacting I got up as I was, totally naked and went out into the hall to talk to her, or at least know her name. But it wasn't there, it was as if the earth had swallowed it, I went through all the changing rooms, the showers, the saunas, and there was no one, I suppose by the time it was, and fortunately also, because I went into all the women's changing rooms, naked as I was going, thank goodness there was no one there. If I could find anyone, I'd probably have had a serious problem.

From that day on, I went to the swimming pool every afternoon, with the sole intention of seeing it again. But she never appeared, I did not see her again until that fateful day, a couple of weeks later, when it was news, unfortunate news, when her husband in an act of cowardice, arrogance and unreason, decided for both of them that this would be the last day on which both of them would see the sun.

He killed her. No reason, no reason, no sense. But he killed her, and since then I see her eyes running, crying, wanting to tell me something, and I don't know what.



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