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Too shy to oppose me (7)


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:08:17 PM
Too shy to oppose me (7)

At midnight I had to go to the bathroom, and to my surprise there was Fanny, my husband's sister, Armando, peeing naked. I was naked too, so I found no cause for discomfort in seeing her like this. Not that she saw me, although the way she did it while I was peeing, seemed a little intense to me.

As the squirt of my discharge was heard, her eyes moved from my boobs to my vagina, watching the pee come out. I wondered if this would not be the right time to raise my doubts about José, her boyfriend, telling him about the failed attempts to propose to me, which were not successful just because I am a faithful wife. And I was about to when she, sticking her hand under my shell, said to me, "Would you let me feel your pee?" The question loosened up, since I was actually doing it. Of course, to do so, she had to bend down until our faces almost joined together, and so, with her hand under the jet of my pee, and her eyes very close to mine, she gave me a wide smile, letting me see her tongue. "I hope you don't mind..." he said, bringing his mouth a little closer to mine.

I could feel his warm, wet breath, which I didn't dislike, but the situation was so unusual that I didn't know what to do. Then she narrowed the distance between our mouths and began to give me a tongue kiss as good as I had never expected from my husband's sister.  While her wet hand in my pee took care of my vagina. The surprise was so much that I let myself be done. I felt her fingers sinking into my shell, as her thumb gently rubbed my clitoris. And the kiss continued, taking my breath away for the sensual. His other hand seized my left nipple, squeezing it delightfully. You can see that Fanny knew such things, for her low hand moved so much in my shell that she soon had me ending up on her fingers. She looked at me with a wry smile. "I've long wanted to eat those big tits and that beautiful ass...!" she said as her only comment, as she continued to play with my pussy.

And she returned to the kiss, I always sitting on the toilet, quite stunned by her mastery of the situation. She felt her tongue warm inside my mouth, moving as if she was holding it, and her hand delightfully torturing my nipple. So skillful were the kisses and caresses, especially those of her lower hand, that she soon had me running again. "I knew you were fragile to the toquetones," she said as she continued to kiss me passionately and wisely.  "Now turn around, I want to eat your ass!" And he turned me over leaving me kneeling on the toilet seat, my ass indecently exposed in pomp in all its roundness. She plunged her nose between my buttocks and, separating them, skillfully reached my little hole and began to give it a quick lick that put me at a hundred. With both hands she held all the roundness of my ass, and soon her mouth filled her with kisses and lamidas, and then she returned to my little object and began to catch it with her tongue. I would never have imagined that a tongue could reach so deep into an ass!

And she would go in and take it out and it felt pretty thick.  So I soon had an uninterrupted moan. But you can see that she wanted to delay a new orgasm of mine, so she pulled out my tongue and started nibbling me all over the surface of my ass, putting me at a thousand. And my groan continued agonizingly. Then she swapped her tongue for one of her long fingers and stood me up with one leg up so she could continue to grab my ass with her finger, and her mouth caught my tits, biting and licking my nipples with gluttony. There my head fell back and I ran uncontrollably, held by it.

Then she sat me on the toilet board and with each of her long legs on either side of it, she put her shell in my mouth.  "Now it's my turn, baby," and she began to rub the clitoris against my mouth.  She said, "Lick me, bitch!" in a rude voice, so I stuck out my tongue and liked it, while also sucking it between my lips. I must have done very well, for soon, clutching my head by the nape of my neck, he squeezed my mouth with his shell and I could feel his finished pulsation by pulsation, trembling by trembling. Which left me very hot, but not finished.

"I knew you were going to be easy for me when I grabbed you," he said, taking his shell out of my face and looking down at me with a superior smile.

And after giving me one more conchazo on the face he went to his room, leaving me stunned. And quite hot, I must admit.

I walked as far as I could to the bedroom and there was Armando, face up, naked. I couldn't miss the occasion, and riding him in sixty-nine, I sucked his dick and rubbed my shell in his face until I came. When the milk came out, I swallowed it all. And when I disassembled it, he had woken up completely, with a face that didn't quite understand what had happened. "Until tomorrow, my love," I said to him and I lay next to him, falling completely asleep immediately.

When I woke up, Armando continued lying on his belly, so I began to play with his turnip, while he reflected on what had happened to his sister the night before. Obviously Fanny was bisexual and I don't think she would be too shocked if I told her boyfriend's attempts to abuse me. In the meantime my husband's turnip had completely stopped, so as I continued to reflect, my hand was jerking him off, chop chop, up and down.

On the other hand it was clear that what happened between Fanny and me, could not be considered an infidelity on my part, since: a) I had been taken by surprise, b) Fanny was a woman and one cannot be unfaithful with another woman, but only very fraternal and c) Fanny was almost a false sister, so we can speak of filial affection, but never of infidelity. Chop chop chop chop. So I could stay calm, my fidelity was safe. Chop chop chop chop chop chop, and I must have insisted a lot with the movements of straw to the turnip of my beloved Armando, because unexpectedly began to jump the jets of his glans swollen and discovered.

That inspired me a great feeling of tenderness and love, to feel how my husband responded to my touchings still asleep. And so much tenderness I felt that I began to kiss him and suck his dick until I stopped it again. And then I started again gently with the chop chop.

This would have been a simple and romantic marital scene if I hadn't noticed that José was watching us from the door, massaging his enormous cock, totally upright, with his right hand. I was fascinated, seeing how he was approaching. I had understood that my husband was in the seventh dream, while I was taking advantage of him making chop chop, and I approached without fear of waking him. Without saying a word he pompously put my ass, pointing to the outside of the bed, and began to brush me with his big poronga, as if to sensitize him And I was giving him results! But the only thing I could do was to continue with the chop chop to my husband, because if he made a scandal Armando would wake up and the scandal would be worse!  Chop chop chop...

And I felt José's big head probing the door of my eyelet. Chop chop chop chop... And taking a little lubrication from the juices of my conch he returned to my eyelet and buried me almost the whole head and from there began a soft mete and saca that was opening my ortho with the inexorability of what I had that would be.

Chop chop chop chop chop... And soon I had it completely buried and its ups and downs were wider and deeper. I began to groan and pant because of the shame the situation caused me, and I squeezed my husband's penis with anguish, chop chop chop chop chop chop.... and the poronga to Jose with a spontaneous answer of my ortho before its visitor. With his hands clutching my hips Jose handled the movements of my ass to his whim. And I went crazy and each chop chop my hands squeezed my husband's turnip as if they were milking it. Chop chop chop chop chop chop chop chop chop... And José's onslaughts reached their maximum, with his turnip going in and out completely in each one, until I felt him burying in depth and beginning to press milk jets in my most forbidden intimacy. And there I grabbed Armando's turnip with such intensity that the squirts of milk jumped through the air again. That's when I came irremissibly, with the big whammy in my ass and the little whammy in my hand.

Without taking it out yet, José spoke to my ear: "Rest assured that all the time you've been faithful to your husband. Weren't you jerking him off? And could you have done anything other than let yourself be fucked by me?...". And only then did he take it from me, leaving a great emptiness within me. But she was right! I was not to blame for what happened, nor did I want to provoke it! And all my love and fidelity had been for my husband, whose vanquished nabite lay between my hands!

And I curled up beside him thinking that curious ways a virtuous woman honors fidelity to her beloved man.

That day we all continued sleeping until after noon, and we did not go to the beach. Pena, because a massage with the neighbor of the tent next door while I put on the protective cream, would have been very good.


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