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Too shy to oppose me (8)


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:36:52 PM
Too shy to oppose me (8)

This morning I arrived very early at the beach, with all the decision to make the most of my vacation. As always, my husband Armando had anticipated me. As soon as he saw me, he invited me to go into the water with him. But I reminded him that I wasn't going to take a step out of the tent without my sunscreen.

Armando doesn't understand the hints, so I insisted that he put it on me, but there was no case, he never wants to put the cream on my body. "Let the one in the tent next to you put it on," he told me, going to the sea. The one in the tent next door, Carlos, is a very kind man who had already lent himself to smearing my body, not only on the outside but also inside my vagina, for which he was forced to use his enormous cock, so that the cream would reach me well inside. I remember that for a moment the idea crossed my mind that I was getting fucked! And with my husband in the tent next door! Carlos was a gentleman who was doing what he had asked of him, and he was doing it conscientiously. But while he insisted on his task by rubbing inside me with his big poronga, I allowed myself the innocent fantasy that he was really fucking me! I didn't confess it to him so as not to disturb him and so that he wouldn't think ill of me as a married woman, but I enjoyed my little fantasy of infidelity and I ran a lot of times with my nose smelling his chest while his hard stalk kept on hitting him.

Finally I downloaded a lot of jets of milk, well in the background, because the man no matter how serious it was in the work I was doing, is not made of wood and with so much friction succumbed to the pleasure of meat, poor man. I was quite flattered by his loss of control, but I said nothing, so as not to give him false illusions.

So this morning, always on top of my stiletto heels that makes all my gifts wobble, I jumped to his tent.

Carlos greeted me with a big smile "ready for another session, Julia?" "More than ready, Carlitos! But today I want to ask you to massage me as well as pass the cream, because the other day I realized that you must be a great masseur!

He made me go to the back of his tent, separated from the rest by a tarpaulin, but before making me lie on the mat he asked me to remove both garments from my bikini. I obeyed him gladly, because this man had gained my trust. Surely with the intention of not putting me in a disadvantageous situation, Carlos also stripped himself of his bath trousers, confirming my impression of his chivalry. And before my eyes he exposed his enormous poronga in a state of maximum erection, which did not cease to surprise me a little, but I didn't say anything because these things provoke a little shyness in me. Carlos had smeared the limb with protective cream and also the whole body, abundantly. "Now that we have a little more confidence we are going to try the system of body to body smearing," he told me. "As you wish, Carlitos"

The body to body smearing consisted of hugging me and beginning to rub his body against mine, turnip included. And so as not to leave anything out of contact, as our faces were close by, he began to eat my mouth with a hot tongue kiss. His tongue stirred mine and our saliva mixed. I didn't understand very well how that could facilitate the cremation of my body, but it was quite pleasant, as well as innocent and well-intentioned. What made me a little nervous was his hard turnip rubbing against my pubis, in the vicinity of my intimacy. So to vent my nervousness I started moaning and panting.

Carlos, always focused on his task, grabbed my tetones with his hands smeared with cream and handled them until they were filled with blood flow, increasing their volume. As a side effect, my vagina began to secrete juices, because my vagina interpreted this situation as a preliminary coitus, and I cannot blame her, because vaginas interpret things without much subtlety. Anyway I can not deny that the situation was pleasant, very pleasant. And when one of Carlos's hands took over one of my buttocks, I felt it would be better to be on the mat. Obviously he did too, as our bodies leaned together, his always up. And by opening my thighs well, I allowed his smeared and hot poronga to sink into my intimacy. There began a serruchada that an uninformed observer would have confused with a tremendous catch. Yes, to anyone who was not aware of the situation, it would have seemed that this man was giving me one of those catches to have and keep. But I knew that this was a job for him, a helpful gesture and I was not worried, more having my husband about a hundred meters away, in the water.

I didn't bother to tell him anything about my being a faithful wife, because I knew he was a very respectful man.  And if he had me strung like a butterfly making me feel the tenacious power of his virility, it was not because of disrespect, or humiliation, far from it, but because of the deference and courtesy of a good tent neighbor, willing to do a service to his neighbor.

Carlos is a man of great endurance, as befits a physical state like his. So he was giving me "the fuck" for about forty minutes, along which, when his limb felt like a snake sinking sinuously in my intimate areas, or when I felt it like the hard bar of flesh that shook my entrails, it gave me a certain erotic sensation somewhat disturbing, from which I defended myself by elevating the eyes of the soul to heaven and thinking of my husband who trusts me so much. And so, in that state of spiritual elevation and feeling the jolts that this enormous lock was giving me, I began to have orgasm after orgasm, while her mouth continued with her enthusiastic tongue-kiss. For a moment I allowed myself the fantasy that the neighbor of the next tent was giving me a tremendous catch just meters away from where my husband was. And that must have contributed a little to giving me so many orgasms, but I think it was more the bodily sensations. Anyway one is not responsible if you cross some fantasies, and having fantasies is not unfaithful.

Well, it shook me like I was a blender. And when he finally separated, my body was completely smeared from the front, from the rubbing of his body, and from the back, from the way his hands had run down my back and buttocks. It took me a long time to recover, but in the end I made an effort and got up, since Armando must have come back from the sea and could be alarmed not to see me and think that something bad could have happened to me. Next time I'm going to take care of smearing his back hole too," said Carlos delicately, deliberately avoiding the word "ojete," which I thanked him for.

Before separating us, and as an affectionate farewell, and already with my stiletto heels and my bikini on, Carlos embraced me giving me a very affectionate tongue kiss for several minutes, which I accepted by crossing my arms over his neck, and caressing his hair. Until, moved by his effusivity, I came in his arms. It is remarkable how almost unknown two can access the fields of mutual affection when there is goodwill and a vocation to service.  "Thank you, Carlos," I said, looking him in the eye. "Whenever you want, Julia" always so chivalrous.

As I supposed, when I returned to our tent, I found my husband sleeping. "I see that our neighbor has smeared you well... "A gentleman, my love, a gentleman." "And I fell asleep instantly, tired, possibly because I got up so early.

At noon, after lunch at the beach, I decided that I had had enough beach for that day. And saying goodbye to Armando, José and Fanny, I went home. Since it was only a few blocks and I had the floss tanguita, it didn't seem necessary to put on my skirt. So I only wore my short t-shirt (but without the bra, because I like my nipples to breathe) and my stiletto heels, of course. Armando, with his beach hat covering his face, slept. But his sister Fanny followed me with her eyes and a big smile. And her boyfriend allowed himself the joke of whistling behind my back.

The way back was, as usual, strewn with street accidents, all in my path. The man who took a column in front of me, the cyclist who fell from his bicycle, a car that hit the one in front of me... all for looking at me. Which I thought was fun, although it was no longer a novelty. So I continued my pace, letting my graces wobble freely.

What I didn't expect was to feel a cold, wet thing and some snorts on the bottom of my ass. With a shudder I jumped, turning around to see what that had been. And I calmed down: it was Don Braulio's great dogo, who was now sniffing at the front of my crotch. Come here, Mujik! Don Braulio's order was heard. "Excuse me, miss, but this dog doesn't know how to behave with a lady" "Lady, don Braulio. Don't you remember me? Yesterday I was in your shop to buy cold cuts." "Oh, yes, now I recognize you, I didn't have time to see your face," said the man with a little mischief. I laughed, and the young dogo must have interpreted this as permission to resume the sniffing of my intimacy. "Out, Mujik!" his owner challenged him. "Don't be so severe on the little animal! He just wants to be friendly," and I caressed the dog's huge head, letting him sniff at ease. The animal, full of sympathy for me, gave me an affectionate lick in the area of his interest. Don Braulio was confused for a moment, but then he seemed to have found the right attitude.  "Would you like to come and have a cup of tea at my house, to excuse my clumsiness in not recognizing her, and the boldness of my dog?" At last a moment of healthy distraction and friendship with that sweet old man and his charming little dog...! "Oh, you don't have to apologize for anything, Don Braulio, but I'll gladly accept your invitation! But for a little while, just, eh!" And we went for a walk towards your house, with the nice dog jumping around me and giving me some or other tongue, which made me burst out laughing. Don Braulio's grocery store is next to his chalet, one block from my house, in that wonderful area of low houses and lots of green. I really enjoyed the ride, and the pleasant company.

The man's chalet had a quite leafy back garden, with the view of the surrounding houses covered by trees, and there in that green intimacy, a small table and a couple of chairs. Don Braulio left me in that paradisiacal environment and went to prepare the promised tea. Big dogs can be cuddly dogs if you know how to treat them, and Mujik stayed by my side, letting me scratch his head and licking me in the face, or where they fell.

The tea passed pleasantly, accompanied by some cakes baked by Don Braulio himself. Mujik had gone under the table and had chosen to rest his head on my thighs, which I had to keep closed by force, but feeling his warm breath in you know where. Don Braulio, obviously aware of the situation, laughed a little more than the account of the occurrences that he himself had.

Then he brought some albums to show me his family photos. Some were very old, his parents, uncles and grandparents. And he insisted on explaining to me who each had been. Evidently I was too lonely and eager for communication. In another album there were more contemporary photos: his brothers, cousins, friends, former girlfriends and his three wives. All explained in great detail in each of the stories. In the meantime the dog was trying to force my thighs to allow him to reach my intimacy, or so it seemed to me. But I kept them tight and continued caressing their heads with affection. In one of the albums, when I opened it, lots of pictures of naked girls, all of them, jumped out at me. Some of them quite small.  I was surprised to see so many naked little creatures, some posing as if they were adult models, but I didn't have the chance to look at them in more detail, because don Braulio closed the album in a hurry and with a lot of nervousness. "They are little nieces" he told me. "So many?" "We are a very big family," he bluffed, turning red, as he went inside with all his albums.

When I got up to leave, Mujik took the opportunity to stand on his hind legs and lick my face. To my amazement I could see that a good part of his sex had come out of his leather case, exhibiting his red head in what was evidently a state of excitement. Don Braulio, who had returned from inside his house, spent a moment watching the scene, which lasted longer than I would have liked, with the animal fucking the air and giving me a cock or two in my belly. For some reason my pythons had hardened and were noticeable through the thin fabric of my T-shirt, which made me quite pregnant. Finally the master got the dog off me. "Look how he's been," he said, referring to the brute stranglehold on the animal in heat. "He likes you...!" he added with a mischievous look. And taking me by the waist, he led me to the front door. All the way Mujik besieged my ass with laps, without Don Braulio reproaching him. I pretended that I didn't care about the thing, but when I said goodbye to the man I couldn't help noticing the huge bulge that had grown in his pants. "It's been a pleasure, Don Braulio..." "Come back soon and you'll see the taste you're going to get," the old man told me, holding my hand a little. "M-very rich the tea and the masitas..." I thanked, and went in haste, with the images of the red cock of the dog, and the bultazo under don Braulio's trousers, dancing in my retinas.


Except for these minimal details, on the other hand perfectly understandable, the visit had been charming and deserved to be repeated.

It had started to cool down and the bare skin on my legs and buttocks was feeling it. Luckily I was home right away. And I got into my little bed, where I went over the events of that hectic day. Remembering the stupendous smearing of protective cream that the tent neighbor made me, the looks of Fanny and her boyfriend when I left, the incidents in the street, the lambetones to my lower parts of Mujik and the lock evidently erect under the pants of Don Braulio, I went falling asleep, although to achieve a greater relaxation I had to caress myself several times with my fingers. And there was also something vaguely disturbing about that pile of the old man's naked little nieces, but I was too tired to discern what. So gently stroking myself, I fell asleep.


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