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Your uncle's visit


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:42:26 PM
I'm a married woman with big teats and my husband says it's very good.

My husband always liked to fantasize about the idea of seeing me fuck with another of course I did not accept it but it was so exictencia that I thought he would not get rid of the head until I get it in the background I was also nacia the curiosity but I thought who might be? there was no candidate nearby.

It turns out that my husband would have the visit of his uncles his uncle Juan and his aunt Lola but I didn't think it could be him.

The day came when they were going to arrive and go to receive them in the bus terminal I put on a dress olgado and a little low-cut, we went back home and his uncles and began to drink and listen to music i talked to the aunt and they talked but i felt that the uncle did not take my eyes off me i think my husband realized because he spoke to the kitchen to tell me to camciara clothes which i refused because it was early and his aunt was still there they kept drinking and it was like 1am when their aunt said she was going to sleep so I said the same thing to my husband and we went up his aunt and me each to his bedroom but after 1 hour he called me which I thought good you want your uncle to see me this well I only put on a robe that reaches me above the knees but very close.

When I went down I discovered that my husband is very but very taken his uncle when he saw me arrive he was mute my husband took me out to dance we took two or three steps but could not abruptly sit on the couch and began to sleep his uncle to see that he told me if I wanted to dance with which I accept we began to dance very sticky notice how his dick began to stand and felt like my pussy began to get wet told me to the ear this asshole my nephew has a very good wife.

I massaged my buttocks and I thought my husband wants to be cuckold because now is when I let go I kiss my mouth and take off my robe completely naked I turn around me rubbing his cock in my buttocks gave me my pussy played with my clitoris and my hair.

I took out his vergota I began to massage and wanted to put it there but I told him to help me to climb my husband we took him between the 2 one on each side and I well naked we went up the stairs and the uncle from time to time grabbed my buttocks, we reached the room we lay him down and there I knelt to suck his cock sucked his eggs his cock and he massaged my tits.

I lay down on the bed and began to lengueteme all chuapaba my hair, tits turned to bite my buttocks and put his tongue in my anus.

It mounted on me and I felt all that vergota inside me and my husband to a side of me without imagining that his fantasy was fulfilling to be strung by another and of which form the gentleman was giving me the fuck of my life, pumped me with a rich rhythm made me feel like 3 orgasms before he filled me my pussy with all his milk.


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