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on: October 23, 2019, 03:58:27 PM
One morning I was lying down at the girls' house, I was exhausted we had spent a night full of lust, kisses, orgasms, caresses, suddenly I hear that someone enters the room but even so I fall asleep, I felt how they uncovered my feet and entered under the savannah kissing me and caressing my whole body, I shuddered all over, I reached my neck, and said to me

CH: wake up the sky

CA: ummm, I don't want to, leave me another little while (it was my dear chanys)

AM: vamos amor despierta, (I didn't realize that amanda was by my side)

CA: Nooooooo, I don't want to (they wouldn't stop kissing me and tickling me), leave me alone, I want to sleep, please.

CH: you don't like our kisses, caresses, you don't love me anymore?

CA: don't say that my life, you know I love you

AM: and you love me?

CA: I love you too sky

JE: and you love me?

CA: ati también te quie..., wait a moment, ati I don't know you, who are you?

CH: it's because of her that I wanted to wake you, she's my sister jenifer

JE: hello dormilona

CA: hi, my name is carolina

JE: yes, my little sister has already told me a lot about you, but she hadn't told me that you were so pretty+.

CH: truth that if, and what is the reason that you come to visit me?

JE: I can't visit my cute and dear little sister

CH: yes of course, I know you very well jenifer, you will not bring something between hands

JE: Of course not, we'd better have breakfast.

Jenifer is 19 years old is very pretty as well as chanys, has brown hair, long and curly, is thin, has perfect tits and a sensational ass, this great my sister-in-law but I prefer girls, she walked with her boyfriend is called carlos, we had breakfast together, we invited us to a party that would have at the university where jenifer studies, when we finished breakfast, I went to wash the dishes and jenifer offered to help me.

CA: Do you and Carlos live together?

JE: no, I live with a college roommate is also my partner

CA: I don't understand

JE: I'm bisexual, I love to suck a cock, but I also love to suck some erect nipples and suck shells (this conversation was getting a little horny) do you three live together?

CA: no, I live next door to my mom.

JE: so she knows she's a lesbian.

CA: no, and she doesn't even know it, she thinks we're good friends and all that.

In one of those she crossed me from behind and I grab the bubbles, I made myself the one that I didn't feel anything, but I did feel and a lot, I squeeze them, she looked at me with desire, but I turned a blind eye.

CA: How about we go with the others to the living room, (amanda called me and took me to the room and left chanys to his sister and carlos in the room)

AM: I have to tell you something, when jenifer arrived at the house I was bathing and she entered the bathroom and saw me naked, but instead of apologizing and leaving, she closed the door and tried to kiss me.

CA: a few minutes ago, she grabbed my pompis but I thought it was a joke and I let it go.

AM: that will be brought between hands

CA: I don't know, we tell chanys?

AM:no, let's wait and see what he wants.

At night we went to the party, we all wore jeans, we looked like a band, well adjusted, I must say that jenifer was very nice and hot, when we were in the car, jenifer remembered I had left a card or not know that, and asked me to accompany her, when we were on the road, I grab my buttocks again

CA: what are you doing?

JE: I grab your ass

CA: please don't do it again, this is very uncomfortable, I don't want any problems with the girls.

JE: if they don't know there won't be any problems (he approached me and was going to kiss me)

CA: now let's go if,(I went out very quickly, something hot because in relation if I get to warm up a little)

When we got to the party everything was going very well, laughs, dancing, drinks, everything was great,

CA: I'll be right back, I'm going to the bathroom

I had not realized that Jenifer was behind me, since I entered the bathroom I felt her hands on my waist and the door closing, pushed me against the wall and began to kiss and touch my ass, I think she was drunk, I resisted but then I let me carry and kissed the sky, her hands touched my tits, my ass, my conch, I was about to redeem myself before her, but I do not know where I got forces and push

CA: What the hell do you think you're doing?

JE: I know you want me to make you mine, don't make yourself strong, come here (I'm grabbing by the waist)

CA: let me

JE: you don't want to ignore me, you don't want your mom to find out about you with amanda and chanys truth, if you will be mine or I will have to tell everything to your mommy

Suddenly I enter amanda

AM: What's going on here?

JE: I also want you to have, so think about it, and do not say anything to chanys or you'll see what I'm capable (this girl is the pure demon)

AM: I don't understand anything

I explained everything to amanda.

AM: did he tell you he'd tell your mom everything?

CA: yes, what will we do, she also wants you to sleep with her, only this happens to me.

AM: quiet my love, don't cry, we'll think of something, we won't say anything to chanys but we'll think of something to make jenifer leave us alone.

CA: if my parents find out, they'll separate us I assure you, you know my mom amanda, she is able to do that and more

We went to the table and we continued as if nothing had happened, we arrived at the house and Jenifer continued seeing us with a face of desire, we went to the room, chanys was a little overflowing and he threw himself at amanda.

CH: I love you a lot my life, and ati expensive I love you too, come here and hug me

We gave her more than a hug, we started to undress and kiss her to pass her hands all over her body, we sucked her tits, her ass, her feet, her whole body, she screamed and shouted, ummmmmmmm, siiiiiiiiiii, I gave her a deep kiss that almost cut off her breath, low amanda up to her pubis to excite her more, she just closed her eyes and I delighted to see her like that, uuummmmmmmmmmmmm, siiiiiiiiiiiii, then low amanda up to her shell and started alamer,lick, lick, ummmmm, that rich, introduced a couple of fingers, she just, screamed, ahhhhh, ssiiiiiiiiiii, go on, I sucked her tits, bite them, suck, squeeze, just as she likes, siiiii, follownn, siiiiiii, she ran in seconds, ummmmmm, siiiiiiiiiiiiii, stood still in the bed, ummm, siiiii then lunged at me over amanda, we remembered, we touched, we rolled in the bed until we settled in to make a rich 69, I love the taste of conch, we began to savor each other, I was upstairs and enjoy that beautiful view of the amanda conch, suddenly I felt a few hands on my ass, then a tongue, were the hands and tongue of chanys, better than the jenifer, I went crazy and started moaning, ummmmmmmmm, siiiiiii, I feel even hotter, I felt the tongue of chanys and the tongue of amanda inside me, ummmmmmmm, that ricoooooo, his hands massaged my ass was about to come to me, ummmmmm, siiiiiiiii, ahhhhhhhhh go on, go on, ahhhhhhhhhh, I ran, but amanda hadn't run yet so I pulled out strength and accelerated the pace, so that I felt the same thing that I was feeling, so, you like it that way, euem,ummmmmmmm, I put two fingers in her vagina, you like, uh, soii, she came almost immediately, she was horny, ummmmmmm, siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, ahhhhhh, amorrrrrr, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, we stayed in bed lying down and slept


About two hours later I got up to go to the abaño and heard some noises coming from the room of jenifer and carlo, I went to see what was happening when, I opened the door a little and saw carlos putting his cock to jenifer behind, she was red, only gemia, ummmmmmmm, siiiiiiiiiiiii, I saw his expression of excitement and I was just looking, they moved at great speed, she really enjoyed, then the change of position and she entered by s shell, ummmmm, siiiiiiiii, da, dale, looked like a drill so fast that they were going, she saw me and entered a finger in my mouth and signaled me to go, just imagine, I closed the door, I went running and I fell asleep.

In the early morning I felt someone on top of me, I was jenifer

CA: what are you doing, chanys can see us

JE: He left very early, so you tell me you already thought about it,

CA: I...(amanda was still asleep)

JE: what do you say to me,(he came close to kissing me, remember his face when carlos was lometia behind)

CA: I already decided what I'm going to do (I already had his lips on mine, when suddenly) amanda awake, amanda

AM. What's going on? What are you doing here?

JE: already expensive decided what to do,

CA: amanda this is going to be difficult but come with me to tell my mom everything

JE: what?

AM: what? Are you sure

CA: yeah, I'd rather tell mom everything than sleep with you jenifer, we're going to be friends (that was a hard decision, I was shaking with fear)

JE: Wait, don't do it.

CA and AM: what?

JE. Don't say anything to your mom, I just wanted to know if you two really wanted chanys that's all, and I see that yes

CA: Are you crazy or what?

It turns out that Jenifer was just playing with us, I wanted to know if we really want chanys or just a game, almost makes me fall into their game, amanda and I tell all chanys and all she did was laugh, you can believe it.

CH: I know my sister well and I know she was going to do something to them but I didn't know that

AM: and yet you didn't warn us eh, how bad you are

CH: expensive but you were really going to tell your mom everything?

CA: well yes, someday we will have to tell him everything

AM. But I don't know now and your chanys us suffering and your dead dee laughter eh

CA: yeah, come on, don't bother.

That's how we keep talking, talking about a lot of things I'll tell you later.

Merry Christmas and excuse me for taking so long to write.


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