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A woman in bed (1)


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:03:25 PM
Julia wore clothes that were a bit bulky, wide skirts that covered her knees, since she was cleaning her house, and at first sight or impression she wouldn't provoke any man, but when she got ready she would bring out everything she kept hidden.

One day that I went to look for Daniel at his house in the afternoon, it was already about six o'clock in the afternoon and something else, after going to his living room, his mother at that time was taking a shower and had finished cleaning the whole house, Daniel told me to wait for a moment because he had not finished doing a job and I waited for him and I asked him something to drink and he said to go to the kitchen, and take what I can find, when I went into the kitchen, I could see that the bathroom door was not closed and was a bit open and there was Julia was completely naked and was at that time running soap through her breasts which made my pee get erect.

I watched for a moment without him realizing what I was doing because maybe if I discovered what I was doing that could bring me problems with Daniel, in the few minutes I could contemplate, my desire to make her mine became strong, but I did not know how to do it, after that time I went more often to look for Daniel, but his mother was always resting in his room.

It was then a day that I went to look for Daniel on a Saturday morning, to go play a football game with other friends from the university, when I rang the doorbell at his house his mother went out and made me pass, she told me that she was not in that moment that she had gone out to buy some spare parts that her father had ordered yesterday, and that it wouldn't take long to arrive that it was a matter of half an hour or at most an hour, but apparently had left a little before I arrived, after this I decided to wait for him and wait for him in the living room (sitting in one of the armchairs), his mother was arranging his room, after a few minutes she said:

-So that you don't say that you're alone, I'm going to keep you company while I clean the room.

At that moment she began to tidy up and clean with a cloth the little tables she had in her living room, at that moment she got down on her knees and began to clean from one side to the other, in that very moment I saw how she began to wiggle and I said inside of me that it was worth waiting for Daniel, she was wearing a skirt that at the moment of kneeling let you see her white thighs which made my dick get into an attack position.

As we began to talk, she said something that left me without reaction, the other time I bathed I saw how you looked at me, my mind passed that maybe in those moments she would get angry with me and would end up throwing me out of his house in those moments and then I feared the worst Don Daniel, but he told me not to worry that he had not told anyone, after that I felt more relieved, she continued with his continued moving in a somewhat more sensual and in those moments my dick became even harder and stopped, and I don't know how but she slipped one of the decorations underneath the sofa and while I went down to pick it up, her skirt lifted even more and I could see that she didn't have any panties on, which made her see her huge crack that she had, she stayed for a few moments after a moment she got up, then said she was going to the kitchen to drink a glass of water because she was very hot.

While she was going to the kitchen, I had an idea inside me, if she told me that she had seen her naked the day she took a shower, and now she starts to clean the room without any panties, maybe she also wanted it as much as I did, since I found myself with shorts and mija the tapeworm covered with the small briefcase she had so that it would be noticeable that she was within range, when she returned she continued in her own thing, but this time I did it close to me, when I turned around I put aside my briefcase and started to lower my short slowly and free my cock which was well standing, I approached her and from a moment to another, I lifted her skirt and put my cock in the mouth of her ass and without more nor more I began to penetrate her like a sexual madman, while she moaned like crazy.

While penetrating her she withdrew my dick, her ass and began to suck him like a madwoman, she was all an expert swallowed all my dick and began to caress my eggs with her hands while I handled her nipples which were well standing and hard, after sucking my dick, she said now it's your turn and lay on the sofa and opened her legs and I could see that hairy and red crack which screamed to be sucked by me, i began to kiss her thigh, until i got to her crack and i began to play with her clitoris my tongue began to enter and exit she began to scream for pleasure and had her second orgasm which was somewhat elongated, then i began to suck her tits which had stopped before so much excitement of her and while panting for pleasure she said :

Let's PENETRAME that you wait Give it to me, I want it inside again,

and left a moment to suck her tits and I began again to suck her clitoris to be able to put him a little warmer, then this was pushed with a single blow until he felt an unstoppable pleasure which made him only to groan even more loudly and move more quickly, I could not believe I was throwing her in the middle of the living room and on his sofa, then she said she wanted to change position and asked me to sit on the couch, she mounted on me and began to move like a blender, while my eyes saw how her breasts went up and down before so much movement, but in those moments we felt that the fence of her house was opening she dismounted from me and saw that it was Daniel.

She climbed her skirt and dressed up while she sent me to her room to hide me since I was naked, since she was a bit sweaty before so much culeo that we had had, I began to listen behind the door apparently she told him that she had come to look for him to go to play football, where we always went, and soon felt as they climbed the stairs and after that they came down in a hurry apparently Daniel was going to go to play, and just listen that he told him and I'm going to Mom.

After that I left the door of her room a little open and she went in completely naked and closed the door of her room, but I had lost the heat for what happened, but she began to suck my dick and this one got up again and became harder than it was before, In those moments she said, where we stayed, and placed herself in the same position we had in her living room, began to move was more quickly, in those moments I played with her breasts, and a hand of mine began to run through her anus, began to put a finger then two were and she breathed, only said:


then she dismounted from me and it was my turn I put her in four (as dogs do), and I told her now I'm going to break you like a dog and you'll feel my eggs, and a single flight I put her to the bottom, while she moved and continued panting harder and harder, after a few minutes I began to run I emptied myself on her anus, which would be the next to be broken while she was recovering from so much pain that we had had, and given that her anus was about, take my cock in the mouth of her anus and penetrate violently to the point that she gave a shrieking scream that filled the room, while we were still getting the best after a few minutes I felt that I came and ended up inside her after this ended tired.

After that we went to bathe together, and while we did it we felt like our mouths were lost in a long kiss and our tongues began to play inside. I don't know how but after a few minutes we found each other again coleando, now it was in the shower was something incredible and as the water fell into our bodies she began to suck my cock this began to become hard and widen, she was a perfect mamadora knew how to make a penis take quickly erection, after this she crawled against the wall and again showed me her crack which was ready to be broken again, I just try to get in and out again and again and again.


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