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A written and oral lesson


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:26:07 PM
A written and oral lesson


Dear slave, you do not know but my cock is not operating, so it does not behead, this means that you will have to be careful when I suck it so you do not hurt me. When I order you to suck me first you must put me hard sucking slowly and gently on the sides of the penis (like tiny nibbles), you must pass your tongue through my penis, slowly go down to the testicles and pass your tongue through them.

When my cock is erect (or when I tell you to), you will put it in your mouth, as much as you can, do not suck hard but do not turn your mouth into a simple hole, slide your lips over the surface, from the tip to the very base (try, even if you do not fit all and give you arcades), do not look me in the eyes unless I tell you to, I will educate you little by little so that each time you do better. So that you may fulfill my desire.

Keep a compass, not too fast but don't constantly change rhythm either, with two fingers of one hand (index and thumb) make a kind of ring and chew me gently while you suck it, use a lot of saliva, spit on my cock if you want, with the other hand slowly caress my testicles. I like to have my cock eaten for a long time, even 30 or 45 minutes can pass until I run or decide to change practice.

Your fellatio must end up being perfect with the passage of time, if I decide to take your head and say not to move then remove your hands and just let me move me, then your mouth will become a hole more. But that is my decision. Not yours. Remember what each one's role is. When I go to run I will let you know, if I take my cock is that I'm going to run on your face or your lips, just close your eyes, open your mouth, stick out your tongue and prepare to receive my semen (your maximum gift), when you feel the milk on your face, your lips ... just think that you are receiving a gift. If semen falls into your mouth hold it there, taste it, but don't swallow it unless I tell you to. You can spit it in your hand, on a towel or go to the bathroom to spit it out. If I decide to run into your mouth continues to suck me very slowly while I come and do not stop until I warn you, the jets of milk will hit you in the palate and throat, perhaps that will produce gag, content. Receive my milk in your mouth but do not stop sucking very slowly while I cum, after my cum use your tongue to wipe the cock inside your mouth. Don't swallow it if I don't tell you to. Always remember: my semen is your gift.

When you're done you can spit it out on a towel or in the bathroom.  Continuously I force my slaves to make fellations, is a thing that I love, because theoretically you will not get the slightest sexual pleasure in it. I can order you to suck me off anywhere, a car, toilets, etc.. Always obey. However this will not happen until some time passes, during your education and in the first sessions only suck me in the intimacy. Remember always slave that you must suck as the most expert whore, as if you had sucked 1000 cocks ... my cock is my pleasure, my milk your reward. I want you to constantly strive to make me want your blowjobs. For giving me pleasure. Your goal should be that your blowjobs are so great that at all times want to put your cock in your mouth. And do it.

In our first session you will start sucking my cock only a short time after entering the room. Everything in this life has a reason. When I start a session I am full of sexual desire... if I come at the beginning then I can really start the session if so much hustle and bustle, more relaxed. Also because if you eat my cock that (believe it or not) will reassure you much more than if I start doing things that have never done to you.  That first blowjob will help us relax and free ourselves. To listen to our breaths, to look at ourselves, to get to know each other. This first blowjob you will make me completely dressed.

Shortly after entering the room where we are going to have the session I will tell you to kneel. You know that. Don't worry slave, don't be afraid or nervous. I'm not going to judge that first blowjob. It will only be for me to release my sexual tension. It shouldn't be the best blowjob in the world, just kneel, pull down my pants, work hard and make me run.  It's that simple. For now this is what I have planned to happen. Don't get overwhelmed by this first blowjob. It will happen and that's it. That's my wish. However, your subsequent blowjobs should get better and better to the point where it is no longer necessary for me to teach you how to eat it. That is my wish, that is your task.

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