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My first time with Laura


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:43:23 PM
I met Laura about a year ago in my high school, she was 16 years old like me and from the first moment I saw her, I was in love with her, not being very daring, we were just friends during that long year, until that day ...

Laura is 1.60, has black hair like the night and very long, reaches up to her waist, has beautiful blue eyes and an angelic smile, and a very well-formed body and appetizing.

It was summer, that day, when I called her to go to the movies, we both went alone to see a scary movie, I already had abandoned the idea as impossible for her and me to go out as a couple, but in short, I liked her company tremendously, and I understood that my company was also welcome.

We entered and by my tardiness at the time of picking up the tickets we were at the end of all the seats, completely alone, great, I thought, but total, I was not going to dare anything so it did not matter.

Between comments and hugs on his part because of the fear that produced the film I was already reselling, with a bulky erection that camouflaged the best I could, until, approximately in the middle of the film, gave the wonderful coincidence that as we spoke in whispers bringing the mouth to the ear of the other not to disturb the others, we both went to tell us something at the same time, and our lips came together, we stayed a little more than a second so, until I reacted and I threw myself back.

-Sorry Laura, I just wanted to tell you one thing... I didn't expect you to...

My words came out clumsy and she calmed the situation by sketching that beautiful smile.

-Nothing silly happens, I was also going to tell you something in that moment jejejej.

After that situation, something violent, everything has to be said, we went to the exit of the cinema and zas! It began to rain, and there was still a long stretch to his house.

--Wow...and we haven't brought an umbrella, jejej.

--Nothing, I suppose we'll have to hurry... -I proposed.

Suddenly she approached me, surrounding me with her arms and I covered her with my jacket.

When I arrived at her house she invited me to go upstairs to dry myself a little, I was really soaked by the rain, because when I covered everything I could, I took the water for both of us.

As we climbed the elevator I knew beforehand that his parents were not there, they used to travel a lot on business, and as I was told I would be away for a week, that kept going through my head.

He opened the door and we sat down, it was still very early, it was only 5 o'clock in the afternoon, but he told me to stay until the rain passed and so I added, I accepted enchanted clear, he sat next to me, and told me to take off the shirt that I was going to put in the dryer, that made me frenetic, I took it off without standing up, I was trying to hide my erection and I gave it to him, the truth is that being without a shirt was an asset in my favor, due to my tremendous love for soccer and swimming had a physicist who loved all the girls, I stayed a few seconds only while theura returned to leave the shirt in the dryer, the oi arrive and suddenly put his warm hand on my neck near my neck.

--I didn't see this scar," she said as she stroked my neck.

--I made it about 2 months ago in a soccer game - I replied nervously.

She sat next to me, putting her hand on my knee and looked at me intensely with those devastating blue eyes, I couldn't anymore, I reclined and kissed her, she put her hand on my neck and sunk her tongue into my mouth, that was incredible, at home, alone on the sofa, and I without a shirt, not even in my dreams came out so well, letting me slide a hand under her shirt and grab one of her breasts, I noticed how she lowered her hand until I reached my member and began to touch over the pants, I burned in desire to make love with her, but preferred that she carry the singing voice, that she was the one who took the first step and so it was, detached from her shirt and pants and kedo in underwear, she sat astride me, while we didn't stop kissing each other, while she kissed me I took off her bra, leaving those wonderful breasts in the air, I go down by my knees until I sit on the floor and under my pants and my boxers leaving my limb in the air and grabbing it with her right hand I start a slow and masterful masturbation while she stared at me, I didn't give credit, I had to close my eyes from time to time to contain the inevitable produced by that terrible pleasure, I drop a thread of saliva to lubricate my penis even more, extending it with his hand, he looked at me once more and passed his tongue through his lips and slowly bowed his head and licked my glans, let a sigh escape, she picked up her hair on one side and lowered her head again and her mouth sank in my penis, God...that was unbelievable, even seemed like a dream to me, my penis went in and out of her mouth, from time to time she licked her entire surface with her tongue and looked at me with a sharp eye, until after 5 wonderful minutes, as I could let a whisper escape from my lips warning her that she could no longer, but she to my astonishment closed her mouth on my glans and wanked the trunk of my penis until she gave a shout of pleasure and I ran in her throat, she swallowed it all and just left a small spill of semen on one of her cheeks, that lit me up again, she spinning on her heels took a condom out of one of the pockets of her pants and put it on me, I hugged her kissing her and knocked her down and grabbing my penis I directed it towards her already lubricated sex for the excitement of the moment.

--Do it slowly, it's my first time," he said.

--Mine too, don't worry...

And so I did I introduced it slowly, very slowly, she sighed while nailing her nails to my back, and once completely inside I began to penetrate her in slow movements, she wailed again and again as she looked me in the eyes, we kissed a thousand times before she stopped my movements, and made me lie down and sat down slowly on my penis, her hair fell precious on her breasts, while these bounced because of the shaking, after a few minutes in this position she let out a scream and had an orgasm, I could feel all her fluids slipping on my legs, her breathing was shaken and with her head resting on mine, she still had pleasure, continue with the movements of intercourse, until she got up, took off the condom and gave me again that oral pleasure she had given me a few seconds ago, she did it quickly lubricating my penis very well, while I wailed she ascended the rhythm and I ran again on her throat in an orgasm even more incredible than the previous one, already tired and bathed in sweat she sat next to my kissing me, and I told the ear that she had been wishing for a year, and she told me that also, but that I thought she did not correspond.

That was my first time, with the girl I love and with whom I still share 4 years of courtship that I hope will last many more.


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