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All for the work contract


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:00:28 PM

I am a woman of 43 years rather thin, small breasts and for my taste a little culona, although I say the opposite. I've been divorced for 4 years and my sex life has been reduced since then to two times, one of which, the first, I'll tell you later. For me, the best afternoon of sex I've ever had.

It all started on a cold, rainy morning at work. I work in a small textile factory and that day we were planning to celebrate the anniversary of its opening. For that appointment I went to work with my best wardrobe, a slightly tight black trousers and a white shirt, over my inseparable undershirt. During the morning the factory staff was asked, there are only 10 of us including the boss, who was going to be able to attend the celebration. I signed up for the first one since I had already assumed it, besides, it was very good for me because since my separation I hardly went out. Finally, only 3 of us signed up, Natalia, my boss Luis and myself. At first I was very sorry that we could only attend 3 people but later I realized that not.

I am going to describe to you my two companions of celebration.  Natalia, a 36 year old girl with a 4 year old daughter and very nice. She has been in the factory for 6 months and is waiting for an indefinite contract.  She's 1,65, thin, about 90 cm tall, normal but saggy ass. Luis, my boss, 33 years old, athletic, jovial and always in a very good mood, for us girls a bonbon.

The food was in a luxurious restaurant in the city taking advantage of the fact that the expenses were paid by the company. We ate seafood and more seafood and after coffee we decided to go somewhere for a drink. When we left the restaurant, we saw that the weather was not good and we were about to separate until Luis came up with a brilliant idea. He suggested we go to a mall to buy some bottles of Whiskye and some soft drinks and go to the factory since it was empty and we wouldn't get cold.

When we got there, we went up to Luis' office and put on some music. We were drinking and dancing until I noticed that Luis was grabbing Natalia too much by dancing so I decided to leave them alone. When I told them I was leaving, Luis asked me not to and I listened to him.

I kept noticing how Luis' hands were going with Natalia and how he was moving them away until Luis told him in a soft tone:

-Natalia, I have your contract on the table.....I was thinking about signing'll have to clear the doubt I have, won't you?

Luis, please, I'm happily married, I have a 4-year-old daughter, don't do this to me.

I witnessed her conversation in silence with a desire to die, since I don't know what I could do in that situation until my boss got me out of doubt:

Natalia, I want to have an afternoon of sex with you and Susana, with the two together, I like you very much and Susana I see that in recent years needs someone to raise her self-esteem.

-No Luis, for my daughter's sake, let me go.

-I'm sorry, either this or I'll fire you.

-All right, but don't let him leave this office.

-That's done, but I want you to do whatever I ask of you.

-If Natalia wants, I agree, but I'm in a lot of trouble.

-All right

Luis started kissing Natalia and at the same time touching her ass while little by little he was dropping his tongue down his neck. With total calm he unbuttoned his blouse and let see his blue bra that he also had left. I was noticing that I was getting wet little by little and decided to approach them, I could not miss this opportunity to be fucked by a guy as athletic as my boss. Luis smiled at me and started kissing me by putting all his tongue in my mouth which shook me and ended up wetting me completely. We continued to undress Natalia who although I do not like women, I must admit that she had very good eyesight. Round breasts with small but hard nipples and a hairy pussy but with big vaginal lips. You could see that she was a very hairy girl, she had a lot of hair on her arms and her pussy and her anus were very populated.

I started licking her nipples while my boss bent down to lick her crack. She, for the first time in all afternoon, released a shriek of pleasure with which my boss threw a light smile. We sat her open legs on my boss's table and between the two of us ate her pussy, already full of vaginal juices noticing in each leguetazo, the rubbing of my boss's tongue. I wanted them to do that with me, but I didn't dare ask for it.  My boss stepped aside and stood behind me. I was standing but leaning forward licking the fruit of my partner when I noticed my boss's hard cock on my ass, through my pants. It was already exploding. I noticed how my boss was rubbing my breasts through my shirt and as I abruptly take it off, he took off my undershirt and started pinching my hard black nipples.

-Susan, I've always wanted to do this, you don't have to have any complex, you're here to eat. Now I want you to keep sucking Natalia's pussy and open your legs when I pull down your pants and panties, okay?

So I did, the boss took off my pants, then my panties and I opened my legs leaning forward and sucking Natalia's crack. A few seconds later I noticed how her tongue ran all over my vagina, what a pleasure! I felt that I was going to explode, that I was doing it well. We were like this for a few more minutes and I couldn't do it anymore and I came in her mouth, unloading in her all my juices stored for 4 years. He with his saliva and my mixed juices was sliding his tongue up to my anus and introduced it in him and took it out until later he did the same with one finger and then with two. It was painful for me, I had never done that before, but I was afraid to complain.

After a while, I noticed how a thick lake sprouted from Natalia's pussy and entered my mouth. Natalia was running. She was screaming like a madwoman, well, I think like I had screamed before.

She got ready to get dressed when Luis said:

-You've had an orgasm each, you've got a few more, there's still the best.

He approached us and knelt before him and ordered us to suck his big cock. It was a normal size, about 17 or 18 centimeters, but I had never seen one so thick. I thought for a moment that it was impossible for that log to get inside me.

After a while sucking his cock, he lay down on the ground and told Natalia to sit on her dick and start riding.  She, as I supposed, had a hard time getting into that big cock, but she got it, and so she screamed, she enjoyed it. At the same time that Natalia was fucking my boss, he ordered me to sit on her face and in doing so I noticed again how her tongue moved through my pussy until I became again as crazy, I could no longer control, I moved my hip so that it brushed all my pussy with her face. At the same time, Natalia and I kissed, when we were short of breath, and we touched our breasts, until both of us ran again at the same time.

-That's Susana," said my boss. "I love that you pour into my mouth. Let's see, get up. Susana, lean over my table and put your tits on the table and leave your ass out in the open. Natalia, sit on Susana's back leaving your pussy in sight.

So we did and in a few seconds I noticed how that whole cocoon got stuck in my pussy. At first it hurt me, given the size and the time I had not done it but then I enjoyed as a girl with new shoes. At the same time I noticed that Natalia's breathing went up so I deduced that the same thing I had done with myself was doing with her. I noticed the noise my boss made with her tongue passing through Natalia's pussy and that made me more excited until we ran the two of us together again.

I couldn't take it anymore so I asked him that for today it was worth it but he said:

-I also want to run for what I want to follow. Susana, stay in the same position. Natalia, put yourself in the same position as her. I'm going to fuck your ass.

-Please," said Natalia, "I've never done it, be careful.

-Neither did I," replied Susan.

-Don't worry, I'll grease you with Vaseline to make it glide better.

That's what he did and he started with Natalia, first he sucked her hairy anus, pulling out some hairs with his teeth despite the pain moans of this one, then he lubricated her, he lubricated his fearsome cock and little by little he introduced this one in his anus. She screamed and screamed until her screams were exchanged for moans of pleasure until she ran. It was the time she shouted the most of all her bullfights.

Then it was my turn, the procedure was the same but without Vaseline.

-Natalia, tie the nanos to the table and hold her legs. While I'm fucking her ass, I want you to suck all her pussy. I need to fuck that wonderful ass without Vaseline, I want to feel with enter and as you open your ass for me.

-Please don't hurt me.

-Don't worry, it'll only hurt at first.

After these phrases and after Natalia had tied me up, I noticed how the tip of her pollon wanted to get into my ass to which my anus was resisting by closing instinctively but suddenly, gave a great onslaught and as if it were a stick entered whole inside him causing me a severe pain and very strong. I shouted and shouted and he hit me in my buttocks while I fucked.

-God what an ass, god what an ass, I'm going to run if I go on like this!

I noticed how little by little I was liking it until in the end I just wanted to get it deeper and deeper. Natalia licked my clitoris and I couldn't stand it anymore and I ran again. As soon as I did it, he moved away and grabbed my head and put his penis in my mouth until I noticed how he discharged all his semen into my throat, which began to overflow through my mouth and fall down my neck. Natalia, forced by Luis was collecting with her tongue all the semen that came out of my mouth.

After all this, we dressed and I met Luis for another day that I will tell you again.


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