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Comets (cont.)


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:31:58 PM
You're so naive at that age, aren't you?

Silvia was less interested in those stories about Halley's comet, what she liked the most was to see you coming out of school, waiting for her like two lapdogs following her from one side to the other.

I only did it to try to make a child two years older than her, a repeater, who always sat behind her in class and who drank the winds.

Even at her young age, she already stood out as a good little skunk. Her ways in class with that boy already betrayed her. When she arrived at the academy, she locked herself in the bathroom, rolled up her skirt at the waist so that it was a little more than half a thigh above her knees and when she sat down, her legs were in the air like those of a vulgar buscona asking for war. He liked to see her like that and treated her like his little whore, touching her at recess, touching her almost virgin teenage teats and her panties that immediately got wet while he caressed her, sometimes even getting to put his hands into them and some fingers with the intention of distorting her. On more than one occasion I caught them in the assembly hall, hidden and leaning.

How different from Silvia who walked with you, who seemed so modest, so sweet and angelic.

Do you remember how many times you asked her to go out to the park on Friday afternoons and she always said she had to study? It wasn't true. We went together to meet the gang of the little boy who, outside the school, ignored her and treated her like a bitch, humiliating her in front of his friends. To get rid of her displeasure, we then went to a discotheque where, because of our appearance, they didn't even ask us for a card to enter.

We stayed at another companion's house, where we arrived dressed like two angels and there, the transformation arose. Silvia put on makeup like an older girl and came to look eighteen years old. She stuffed herself in the bra, put on some socks and was able to walk without losing her balance in high heels that she secretly stole from her mother in the closet.

When we arrived at the disco he completely uninhibited himself.  It was as if the humiliation she had suffered minutes before from the pimp, who warmed her up like a bitch. She entered as if dislocated, arrows attentive to the gaze of any man who wanted to invite her for a drink. Sometimes she drank until she almost lost control of herself and acted on the dance floor like an authentic whore, moving obscenely, attracting the attention of all the desperate little males in that joint and that the only kisses and touches they could afford were those of Silvia in a state of absolute drunkenness.

She lost her virginity one of those crazy nights when her condition was so lamentable that she didn't even realize that two guys were locking her in the bathroom and making out with her, half raping her. She told me that she only remembered feeling her mouth full of a good cock that ended up spilling on her face and feeling a tremendous pain in her ass. She knew that she had been deflowered the next day, when she woke up to see her panties stained and found her thighs full of cardinals without even having the ability to find an explanation for it.

At the age of eighteen he left home. Her father's drunkard beat her up one day when he found her on the street dressed like a whore and decided she couldn't take another. She called me from the station with the ticket in hand, I almost didn't have time to arrive to say goodbye to her. We cried like two silly women hugging on the platform of the station, promising to write to each other so as not to lose contact.

She was carrying a small suitcase with her clothes and the few belongings she had, including that photo of you that you gave her for her birthday, framed by yourselves with so much care. Deep down, I loved you and I loved you very much, only I was nurtured by that scoundrel who used it as he wanted.

She wrote to me a few days after arriving in Madrid, she had found a job as a secretary in a modest office, but the salary was insufficient to survive. Her first years there were very hard, she came to work as a prostitute in a nightclub where she started serving drinks, but soon realized that selling her beautiful body was more profitable than being behind a bar putting gisquis to the truck drivers.

One day she discovered that she was pregnant, not even knowing who could be the father of that child. Her father passed away but even so, she was not able to return to the neighborhood with her mother and son, you know how proud she was.

For more than two years she remained in that road club and one night, destiny made a man arrive there, a Frenchman who took hold of her and brought her out of the world of misery in which she lived. He married her, gave her son her last names and made her the father of two other creatures. This Christmas I have received a congratulation from her. Now she is happy and all a lady.

I haven't seen Paco for many years.


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