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Aeon Flux (1: He is everything to me)


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:11:17 PM
AEON FLUX IT IS EVERYTHING FOR ME I encouraged myself to relate one of my horny experiences.

I will start by telling you that I am one of the be llezas that describe in most of the stories, sometimes even consider that many are a product of the imagination of my mo author, but in short ... everyone. I am tall of height, of exuberant complexion, black hair, blue eyes, big and fleshy mouth, white skin. My attractive visua-les? A pair of large breasts with their custom au-reola and nipples that stand like small mountains when I'm-excited, an ass that is an envy, very firm and with a hole that squeezes in the presence of some invader and invites to be used, a pair of solid legs and well contoured and small but soft hands that were made to touch ..... and to finish, my mouth, fleshy, wet and eager to suck ..... My name is Aeon that reads Ion and I'm the lover of a man whose name is Trevor Good child and who is the president of this country. We both live in a dangerous city. He is everything to me and much more.  From the beginning of the week I felt Tre-vor very horny, his furtive glances told me so, his quiet, paused voice bristling my skin as I listened to it, everything made me think it was-was preparing "al-go" for both of them, and all my doubts cleared up at the end of the week, when we had a "work for a tre gua" meeting, and he sent me an email giving me instructions to take off my panties for the meeting and to think in the course of the meeting that I didn't bring them and that after the meeting I was going to buy a very sexy outfit, in a boutique that he sings to because they sell clothes and shoes for the girls he works with in the table-dance of Monica, my hometown, to ask the owner of the boutique to take pictures of me with a digital camera and then send them to him by mail. Of course, just reading her mail had me more than wet and excited. I did everything he asked me to do, not without first masturbating in the bathroom while we were-we were at the work meeting which I let him know in another co-rreo.  Once I got to the boutique I talked to the owner and asked her to please take pictures of me with the clothes I was mi-diendo so that they would be seen by my Trevor. It was quite a hallucination, the sexy clothes on my body, the hands of the lady touching the clothes and my completely naked body, the camera, the poses. I was there when another client arrived and I had to suspend my photographic session while Lety was taking care of her. The new client was luxurious, an enviable body, blonde with long hair and big brown eyes. I came out of the ves-tidor while the blonde was measuring her clothes and I was walking around the place looking for new pren das.

I want to tell you that the dressing room does not have a door and it is only a blue curtain that covers it; however, it was so dark, since the neon lights give little light, that the curtain had to be crossed so that light could enter and be seen well in the mirror. Out of the corner of my eye I saw how the blonde changed her clothes and more horny I became, I saw her naked body, small but firm breasts, a whimsical waist, a very clean and shaved pussy and a well stopped ass. While she was changing and Lety was going out to another lo-cal for more clothes for the blonde, I began to talk with her. That's how I found out that she worked in a tabledance and that the clothes she bought were for the "dances" she did to the clients. So excited was she with her talk that I asked for her phone number to get in touch with her and give a "surprise" to my Tre-vor. Finally the blonde left and I continued with my photo session....  More alert-ta...... and with the talk with Lety I was about to fuck her and suck her pussy, cla-ro that I felt that Lety had no objection according to what she told me about her not seeing and that sometimes she got tired of so much cock and that it was good a pussy...... which gave me ideas in my head that I hope to make them to the brief-dad!!!!.......

The wardrobe I chose umm a lesser tail mesh with a short top and long buccaneer boots all in black, which I will always wear. Hahaha.


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