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The brightness of the H swords


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:12:15 PM
THE BRIGHTNESS OF THE H SWORDS (Magical Hentai Warriors).


Lucile, Anais and Marina, were looking for Clef, because they needed their swords to be recharged with energy, since in the last battle, they had been completely discharged.

Lucy, what can we do, if the swords don't have energy, we won't be able to continue with our fight to save Zefiro. asked Anais.

We only have one resource left, girls... I explain Lucy donate part of our eternal energy so that we have something to defend ourselves with...

As we will ask Marina

Clef explained to me how to do it, I did it step by step, but it is something that will leave us very exhausted for a few minutes, also, if we do not do it as it should, we could suffer a hemorrhage.

You frighten me Lucy! I exclaim Marina then what the hell are you going to do to us?

Undress..." said Lucy, beginning to undress her first.

Are you crazy???? I'm not going to undress here in the middle of nowhere where I claim Marina what if someone comes and sees me?

Do whatever you want, Marina answered Lucy without paying attention to her and seeing that Anais was already undressing, just like her. She had a bit of fear, but she also trusted her friend and knew she wouldn't have referred to Clef if it wasn't true.

Marina, seeing her friends naked, felt like the ugly duckling, so she began to undress.

Do I have to take all my clothes off, Lucy?

Lucile did not answer and went to Anais

I want you to watch carefully what I'm going to do, so the next time you do it without risks, okay?

This well answer Anais

Lucile took off her panties and bra and began to caress her friend's breasts and legs. Anais felt that she had to let herself go and in a moment she got excited, when she felt her friend's hands going through her body from top to bottom.

Lucy looked between Anais' legs, as if looking for something, to know which was the precise moment. Marina only grumbled attentively at what was happening.

That's lesbianism, Lucile!

Lucile and Anais tried not to listen to her, concentrating on the sensations, even if it was very technical, Lucy was enjoying petting her friend and Anais remained with her eyes closed giving slight groans, which indicated to Lucy that she was doing well.

But Anais' limit was discovered when Lucy let her hand slide down her friend's thighs and caressed her more deeply, first touching the hairs lightly and then letting a finger slide through the entrance of her friend's vagina. OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!

It's time!

She prepared Lucy and took Anais' sword and then approached her to that humid entrance Lucy NO! screamed Marina, trying to prevent Anais from being penetrated by the sword, but Lucy got rid of it with a key, throwing it through the air and leaving her badly hurt.

Then, she took the sword and began to lick the handle without stopping putting the ma no in Anais's vagina, until she felt that it was already very wet and her moans were stronger.

She put the handle of the sword near the entrance of Anais' vagina and began to push gently, while rubbing the clitoris with her finger and caressing her breasts. 2 or 3 times he had to take it out to re-lubricate it with his saliva, testing at the same time the flavor of the feminine liquid that emanated from Anais.

Marina looked at everything very surprised, so hard that Anais was enjoying what Lucile was doing to her, and it was only the truth, because Anais began to move her hips, as if trying to make the penetration deeper.


Then Lucy tio me all the handle of the sword until I almost touch the bottom of the sweet and humid cave of her friend.

Anais gimio of pleasure and squeeze the legs, while she began to move the hips rhythmically and with her ma we caressed the breasts, Lucy moved the sword in and out, increasing the speed and intensity of the movements as I saw the response of Anais that in these moments screamed exaggeratedly More Lucy ... Ohhh more... please... give it all to me... I WANT TO HAVE IT ALL INSIDE!.....

Lucy tried to put as much as she could in her sword, until she felt that she hit something inside Anais' body, then an extraordinary glow flooded the entrance of Anais' vagina.


Lucy! Let her go, she's hurting her!! screaming Marina

Not yet!

Lucy put her sword into Anais' vagina cutting the hymen and then a full glow into the body of the girl screaming and screaming of pure pleasure, rolling on the floor touching her breasts, buttocks and whatever else was possible.

A burst came and the sword was totally absorbed by Anais' vagina.

Marina looked at everything in surprise.

Lucy approached her friend and put her hand into her vagina, which was now a real abyss and pulled out Anais' sword completely covered with a whitish liquid that Lucile cleaned with her len gua, when she finished licking the sword, Anais was still in consciousness lying on the floor breathing agitatingly.

Lucy lifted the space that now shone in an incredible way and showed it to Marina.

All right, the glow of the sword was recovered, but at what price? Marina got angry, as she looked at her friend lying unconscious, panting and full of sweat.

A tear slipped down Anais' cheek and then opened her eyes, Marina approached to console her friend.

Does it hurt a lot? Anais replied weakly

But your stupid Lu cy...! Marina was going to continue when Anais took her by the arms and imprisoned her with her legs.

What are you doing Anais? asked Marina very surprised.

Now Lucy, do it now, you won't be able to have her for a long time.

This must be a joke! said Marina rubbing with Anais let me Anais!

It's your turn Marina threatened Lucy and started walking to her.



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