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Gays / Newlywed (1: The Wedding)
« on: October 23, 2019, 04:10:17 PM »
Part 1

Newlywed (The Wedding)

This is just a simple fantasy, none of what is written here is true, I hope you like it.

Prof. Montiel called me one day between classes for the project I was going to do to get my grade raised. We walked down the corridor on the second floor and then down the stairs to the school's audio-visuals. We entered the first audiovisual and he locked the door, he explained to me about some works of past years and how they could help me to do my work, and then without saying anything he threw me to the wall and gave me a very deep kiss, his language practically played with my language.

When his mouth finally came out of mine I could only say: "What is your wife going to say about this?", he smiled and took out of the bag of his shirt a ring exactly like the one on his finger and put it on me. Then I say softly, "I don't know, what do you say? He kissed me again and started undressing me while I was doing the same thing to him, finally we were both in boxers and nothing else, no shoes or socks.

He took me by the hand and took me to a desk that was in the audiovisual, put my hands there and put his mouth close to nibble a little my left ear before saying: "Bitch, I'm going to punish you for not doing your job well.

As the Bitch you are, you will accept your punishment without groaning."  Slowly she lowered my boxer and started spanking me as hard as she could. I didn't know what was going on, but I resisted without making a sound.

A few minutes, and a lot of spanking later, he took me by the hair, from behind and threw me to the floor, realizing what was happening I tried to run away, but Montiel threw himself on me and lowering his boxer put his erect penis in my mouth, I could not resist and I had no choice but to enjoy that piece of meat. Just imagine that scene, me lying naked, recently married to a male teacher and rapist who is riding me while I suck his dick. Before he could run in my mouth, he forcibly turned me over and with his penis lubricated with my saliva pushed him through my virgin ass and after a couple of powerful metisacas he ran into my ass.

Then he forcibly lifted me up and asked me if all this had excited me, I nodded and Montiel told me to masturbate.  I started to do it and he took me by the hair and brought my head closer to his delicious and marked sweaty chest, I started to lick until Montiel bent down and put my penis in his mouth and took all my milk, then he put his mouth closer to mine and in the middle of a passionate kiss he gave me all the milk he had just swallowed. When the kiss ended he slapped me and told me that husbands should not swallow milk, it is the bitches who should do it.

For a few more moments I could contemplate the body of my new owner. Muscular, brushy, definite torso, his padlock beard starting to grow, his freshly shaved head, that face that seems so calm but hides an aggressive and possessive male.

I approached him to hug him, but he threw me to the floor and I kissed his feet, I completed the rite by which I was dominated and I became his slave or put on his terms, his wife, his dog. We got dressed and returned to the room without anyone suspecting anything, although I could not explain where I got the ring.

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