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Hetero Infidelity / My first slip
« on: October 23, 2019, 04:01:27 PM »

YOLY - Nº. 2 - DECEMBER 2003



It was Friday, December 17, 1999. At that time I was 32 years old. On that day we celebrated Christmas dinner with the companions of my company. The previous year our husbands and wives had attended the dinner, but it was very expensive for the company and it was decided that this year we would be the only employees without partners.

The bosses took us to a central Madrid barbecue, after which we went for a few drinks to a fashionable discotheque near the restaurant. It would be five o'clock in the morning when we decided to go home and finish the evening.

My husband had advised me, wisely, not to use the car that night, since we were supposed to end up all quite loaded with alcohol, so to go to the restaurant I had taken a taxi.  After all our colleagues had said goodbye, the company's financial director kindly offered to take me home, which I gladly accepted, as it was very cold and there were no taxis in the area.

Jesus, who is so called the financial director, had his brand-new Audi parked in a nearby car park, so we walked together to the pedestrian access of the car park in question. Jesus paid for the stay at an ATM and showed me the way to the square where the vehicle was parked. Now the car park looked almost deserted, but he told me that at the time he arrived he had trouble finding a hole on the top floor. We went down the stairs to the fourth basement. He was opening the way for me quickly, but I couldn't go down the steps very fast, due to the high and thin heels of my shoes.

Of course I had dressed in my best clothes for the occasion, as my husband and I don't usually go out much at night. A black "tulle" dress with a very generous neckline and a side opening, by which my legs were shown up to half a thigh when I walked, sheathed in black socks and finished off with black stiletto heels, which gave them a very sexy look.

Upon reaching the fourth basement, Jesus led me through the half-empty floor to his car. He chivalrously opened the companion's door for him to take a seat, after which he gently closed it and drove in front of the car to occupy the driver's seat. Once the two of us were seated in the Audi, he pressed the button to lock the doors, since it was a few untimely hours and it was to avoid scares, as he justified himself.

Then he put the key in the ignition and turned it, when the powerful engine of the vehicle began to purr. I was quite dizzy from the cups and my head lay on the seat.  Then Jesus turned in his seat and brought his face to my ear in a gesture of saying something to me, but what he really did was kiss me gently on my lips. Then, after finding that I had not resisted the kiss at all, he kissed me again, although this time he half-opened his mouth a little, shyly taking out the tip of his tongue. Perhaps because of the effect of the glasses, or because I had never been with a man other than my husband, the truth is that it gave me a tremendous morbidity and I responded to his kiss by opening my mouth and sticking out my tongue.

The fact is that a few seconds later we found ourselves lustfully biting like two teenagers in heat. Jesus, overcoming his shyness, slid one of his hands down my neckline and, putting away a little the bra, began to caress my nipples, quickly getting hard as stones. Then, without stopping kissing me on the mouth, his other hand made its way through the opening of the dress caressing my thighs with such softness that a marvelous tickle crossed my spine. Little by little her hand was gaining ground to my thighs until reaching the English.

Suddenly Jesus stopped kissing me, took his right hand out of my neckline and helping his left hand lowered my panties up to my ankles, then remove them completely. Then he put one of his hands back into my neckline and, surrounding my back, he skillfully unbuttoned my bra and took it off as well. Of course, both garments were easily removed thanks to my invaluable collaboration. Without haste but without pause, Jesus took both of my tits out of my neckline and began to suck my nipples. At the same time one of her hands was introduced again through the opening of the dress and made its way between my legs until it reached my naked and already wet sex. After caressing my vaginal lips and the clitoris, he plunged his index finger into my crack until he penetrated it. Then she began to put her finger in and out with quick circular movements, while our tongues intertwined and exchanged abundant saliva.

A few minutes later I had a tremendous and very intense orgasm that made me weep with pleasure. When the orgasm diminished in intensity, I gently pushed Jesus away. Then I directed my hands to his bulging fly. I unzipped him, pulled his slip under his testicles and pulled his cock out. It was huge and as hard as cement. Without further ado I lay down on his pubis and began to masturbate him with one hand, while with the other I massaged his eggs.

Then I opened my mouth and put his huge limb in it, to suck it with fruition. I could feel his swollen cocoon trying to get into my throat, while he was twisting to his liking in the seat. Five minutes later Jesus warned me of his imminent run by stretching out a tissue with his hand. I, ignoring his warning, began to masturbate him with my hand as fast as I could, leaving his cocoon inside my mouth. Seconds later, coinciding with a spasm of his body, his milk began to sprout from the cocoon towards my throat. It was running in my mouth. Far from producing some kind of disgust, I continued masturbating him with my lips until all the seminal content of his testicles ended up in my stomach. I swallowed every last drop of that warm, thick white elixir with delight.

What happened next, I reserve for the next story.


Hetero Infidelity / The die of rampage
« on: October 23, 2019, 02:31:05 PM »
THE DICE of unbridled braking

YOLY - Nº. 1 - DECEMBER 2003

My name is Yolanda, "Yoly" for my friends, I'm 36 years old, and I'm married. For those who want to get an idea of my physique, I will briefly describe myself: Light brown hair long and very curly; brown eyes; 165 cm. height; 58 kg. weight; 100 cm. chest; 65 cm. waist and 95 cm. hips.

When I was barely sixteen I met my current husband, whom I married after six years of courtship. With this I want to make it clear that, bearing in mind that I had always been faithful to him, I did not meet another man, sexually speaking, until last summer when I cheated on him for the first time. I would also like to point out that if it had not been for him himself, perhaps I would never have been unfaithful to him, as he was the only culprit and mastermind of his own horns.

Well, after thinking about it a lot I decided to share with all my readers the experience that triggered that situation, so without further delay I pass to tell you the facts in great detail.


It all started when my husband was infatuated with his best friend's wife. Every time we went out with them, I noticed that they were sexually attracted to each other, judging by their complicity looks and their continuous "foolishness".  So, in spite of her tremendous jealousy towards me, she managed to convince us all to carry out a couple exchange, and in that way appease the feeling of betrayal that the fact of sleeping with her behind my back would have meant to her.

Our friends are called Lola and Manolo. He is a childhood friend of Paul (my husband. Since we date we usually go out together, so we all get along very well. Lola is not that she is a flag woman, nor much more attractive than me, she even has a worse body than mine, but her vicious face has always had Pablo drooling. Manolo is much less attractive than my husband, but he has a better body. He attends the gym three times a week and runs five kilometres every morning very early. The four of us are of similar ages: Lola is 34 years old, Manolo 38, Pablo 40 and I, as you know, am 36 years old.

The appointment was projected for a Saturday afternoon at our house. The plans were devised the previous Thursday afternoon, in a cafeteria that we usually frequent quite often the four of us. It would consist of a cold dinner followed by a few drinks and a board game. For the game we would use a normal dice and some rules invented jointly by the four of us. Before starting the game, the four of us wrote down six sexual activities on a piece of paper, without anyone else knowing their content. Each one of us had to propose a sexual activity to be carried out, with the opposite sex component of the opposite couple. Each piece of paper was numbered from one to four, leaving two "free" dice numbers. Finally, it was proposed that all of us go to the appointment with the sexiest clothes we had.



The day of the appointment arrived and our friends came punctually. Lola put on a tiny black leather miniskirt, a very low-cut red blouse and some red sandals, to match the blouse, with a stiletto heel, which left her well-kept feet almost naked. Manolo wore very tight black leather trousers, marking "package", a white shirt with the four buttons unbuttoned, wearing part of his muscular and hairy torso, and black shoes, moccasin type. Pablo, my husband, opted for a wide navy blue polo shirt, which concealed his love handles, a beige jeans, cowboy type, and some brown leather shoes with laces. I wore a white blouse very tight and low-cut, without a bra, very tight traditional jeans, and white esparto espadrilles, which suggested so much to my husband.

After dinner we prepared some well-loaded "cubatas" and sat around the living room table with our "secret" papers and the dice. A couple of ashtrays and our respective packets of blond tobacco completed the decoration. Lola, on the fly, implemented the complementary rules of the game: The player who started the game would be drawn by means of a previous roll of the dice, with the highest score. In the first phase of the game, the player who loses each hand should take off his clothes until he is left alone with his panties, in the case of women, or with his underwear in the case of men. When the four of us were left alone with the only garment mentioned, the second phase of the game would begin, that is, to put into practice the actions written "secretly" on the papers.

After the first six rounds, the four of us are left with only the underwear.

Lola had tits that she would never have imagined, as she didn't look like that when she was dressed. They were a rather large size, I calculated a size 90/95, with brown nipples of medium size, very hard and erect, and with an almost perfect shape. As expected by his slim figure his waist was small, with a smooth stomach, and his legs were nice but somewhat thin for my taste. She wore a tiny red thong that was quite sexy.

Manolo had a very hairy, but spectacular torso.  Stomach smooth and marking muscles. His legs were also very strong and pretty. He had chosen a very small black leather thong, which extolled a bulging genital "package".

My husband Pablo, has a beer belly and michelines, although his legs are strong and prettier than those of his friend. She wore a navy blue slip.

And I, Yoly, have bigger tits than my friend's (size 110), but somewhat less hard and somewhat saggy, with quite large brown nipples. I'm also narrow on the waist, although my stomach is less smooth than Lola's. To counteract this I have much prettier legs and a hard and upturned "culete". I decided on a leopard thong that gives my husband a heart condition.

The atmosphere became a bit tense when Manolo had to start the second phase of throwing the dice. The moment of truth had arrived. The die stopped showing the number five. Lola opened the paper marked with that number and read aloud: "Sixty-nine complete, swallowing semen. And, of course, Manolo had to practice this activity with me.



We both got up from the table and, after stripping ourselves of our lower underwear, we occupied the carpet. Manolo lay on his back, so I sat on him in an inverted position. Without further ado he opened my pussy with his fingers and began to lick me with supreme skill. I began to masturbate his penis until it became hard, after which I put it in my mouth and began to suck, at which time I could appreciate that his cock was much longer and fatter than Paul's, which gave me a great morbidity.

Meanwhile, Lola and my husband were front-row witnesses to that fully-fledged "sixty-nine.

After two or three minutes Manolo's tongue began to take effect and I had a tremendous orgasm that forced me to scream for pleasure. When the intensity of the orgasm diminished, my mouth sucked Manolo's swollen cocoon again. Five minutes later, my friend's glans began to spit semen down my throat. They were very copious and warm jets. At Manolo's third spasm I began to experience a second and brutal orgasm, provoked by his tongue licking my clitoris at full speed. The sperm was penetrating my throat and I swallowed it all at the same time that I was twisting with pleasure. Once the activity was over, we took a break.

Half an hour later we returned to our seats. It was Lola's turn. Three. Unfortunately for Paul and joy for me, it was one of the numbers that had been left free, so we ran the shift without more.  This time I rolled the dice. Number one. Again Lola proceeded to read the paper, this time marked with the number one: "Dust in doggy position".  (I must point out that Lola and I took the pill, so it was decided that in case of intercourse, would be carried out without a condom and with intra-uterine ejaculation).

Again Manolo and I had to enter the scene. We shed our only garment for the second time and went to the carpet.  Before taking the action, I had to masturbate a few minutes to my friend to get his cock ready. While I was doing it, Manolo grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me on the mouth. First superficially. Then he stuck his tongue into me and we smooched with a certain lust. When I wanted to realize Manolo's tail was as hard as cement. Then I stood on all fours. Manolo knelt behind me and penetrated me very easily. When I had it all inside, he grabbed me by the tits and started fucking me like crazy. Ten minutes later, coinciding with my third orgasm, Manolo ejaculated in my entrails sobbing with pleasure, while his hands seemed to want to tear off my tits, which gave me that last orgasm to last until Manolo injected every drop of his thick milk into my hot and soaked pussy. In spite of having come all the way, Manolo was still fucking me for two or three more minutes.

Then, by mutual agreement, we finished the game.


Believe me, I would never have cheated on my husband, but after that experience I would be willing to do it again.

A kiss to all my readers.


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