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Erotic Fantasies / Sex in the office!
« on: October 20, 2019, 10:44:38 AM »
All this to the truth is part of my routine of work, I dedicate myself to organize the recreational activities and shows in the hotel where I really work almost every week when they enter and leave the groups of foreign tourists more than everything of Holland, To lemania, England, Denmark, France, Canada, United States in short of all the countries that choose our hotel as last tourist destination, Always there is some that another girl that when seeing me or seeing my companions of work that also they are made attractive they are given to the task of catching them!!!

The time that I always remember in my mind was the time that I did it with Carolinne a 16 year old Frenchwoman that day was on duty because the boss was free that day and it was when that morning and supervising the work in the pool I saw that spectacular girl who was wearing a black bathing suit type dental floss he was like brought from the exclusive sky and wore a white top and she wore spectacular breasts with nipples that by the humidity and wetness of the bathing suit were noticeable beautiful and rounded breasts, My surprise followed when realizing that I was looking at her with eyes illuminated with desire I could realize that her movements towards more provocative even as if wanting to insinuate, did not pass but two minutes when she approached me:

-Could you change the serviette for me?

Sure What's your name? (I asked)

Je? Yes you (I told him)

-My name is Carolinne and you?

You speak very good Spanish

-Thanks I learned it in Spain at school

You've been living there?

-If I lived 3 years

How well and how old are you?


16??? As a 16 year old girl has a body as spectacular as you? What a pity

Too bad why?

Because if you were more adult I think I would have tried to conquer you drive anyone crazy

Don't you just like me because of my age? I think I know a little more than you can teach me.

That you would have to show me (I told him trying to insist more directly)

My mother is waiting for me at the beach for lunch!

Yes, I do!

I'll wait for you there at 2:00 p.m. to see if it's true that I don't have anything to teach you?

I don't know!

I remind you that these holidays you don't have time to be thinking much about the things you say then yes or no?

I don't really know if we're just getting to know each other!  (He reiterated again)

Okay so it's a no?

I still haven't said that good ok at 2:00

When I said so I felt a little excitement inside of me not being able to believe that this girl who was too impressive and was dating to have sex with me and I had to have a wank before because it was already very hot and it was only 12 and 15 min.

This story will continue...

Hetero General / A perverse father
« on: May 29, 2019, 12:35:24 PM »
I am 37 years old, a beautiful wife and two charming children still small, I am a businessman and a few months ago I met some of my best friends, because when I started in business was with him with whom I associated.  Armando is his name, after a while we decided to separate, sell the businesses we had in society and start each one individually.

I can't complain because I'm doing great, I have three companies walking very well and I've even been hired by two large international companies as an advisor. After a short time I started to live in another country.

Armando started well but as the waste in insignificant things as luxurious cars, beach house and a luxurious house away from the capital where he lives with his family, they are not in agreement with the income of his Companies.

We were always communicating from time to time but we hardly saw each other, before we always frequented each other, he knew his whole family, he married a beautiful blonde woman, television model, with whom he had three beautiful children, Adriana, Vania and Armandito.

After a long time I had to be back in the country for business reasons and I would stay in an apartment for a few weeks.

After many years Armando invited me to his luxurious house, he knew that he was in serious problems, because he owed a lot of money to Banks and other Companies.

It was a Saturday when we agreed to visit him for lunch, so I did, when I arrived he was with his wife, we chatted in the living room and a few minutes went down Adriana and Armandito, Adriana was made all a lady, was 19 years old at the time, was very pretty, round face, white skin, light brown hair and green eyes like his mother's, was about 1.60 mts of stature and a little plump, Armandito was a boy of 15 quite developed and tall, the truth was that not long ago I saw them, I only needed to see Vania who was not at home.

After lunch, we all sat on the sofa, and what do you think of Adrianita, Armando asked me, "Well, she's a real lady, I told her But the truth was that I never noticed such young girls so I was not attracted to anything, I just saw her as a very pretty girl and nothing more.

After a while Armando and I were left alone in the living room, chatting about business, after a good while of talking, he tried to convince me to lend him a large amount of money, he was between a sword and a wall, the truth was that he wanted to help my friend but it was a rather delicate sum, I only told him that I would think about it.

Poco antes de  retirarme lleg Vania, en ese entonces tena 17 aos y era  una encantadora nia con cuerpo de mujer, mucho ms alta que su  hermana y que yo inclusive, delgada, y muy formada, era una rubia espectacular,  la verdad que con ella s que me qued con la boca abierta, llevaba  una ropa bastante provocativa, un pantaln de tela blanco bastante ajustado  y a la cadera, dejando apreciar su hermoso culo, parado y firme, unas impresionantes  piernas largas y muy torneadas, arriba llevaba un top corto que dejaba al descubierto  parte de su abdmen y su ombligo a la intemperie y un par de pechos pequeos  pero redonditos y bien formados, no pude evitar la ereccin al verla, como  me miraba sonriendo con sus impactantes ojos verdes, enormes y su rostro angelical  como el de una mueca, me salud con un beso en la mejilla y se  sent junto a nosotros, la verdad era que no poda sacar mi mirada  de ella, cosa que Armando seguramente se percataba- Y qu te  parece Vania?, me deca- Pues est muy bella, le dije con unas  palabras que me salieron del alma- Gracias, dijo Vania con una coqueta sonrisa

Luego  de dos das nuevamente Armando me telefoni, insistiendo en lo del  prstamo, le dije que lo haba pensado mucho pero la verdad era  que no me encontraba en condiciones de prestar tanto dinero, trat de explicrselo  pero antes de que acabe de hablarle me cort dicindome que al da  siguiente me visitara a mi Departamento para almorzar juntos. No me qued  otra cosa que aceptar.

Al da  siguiente entonces mand comprar comida para almorzar, en eso son  el telfono y era recepcin dicindome que Armando me esperaba  afuera, les dije que suba noms, al llegar abr la puerta y grandsima  fue mi sorpresa cuando vi a Armando acompaado de su hija Vania, que estaba  muy deliciosa, el corazn se me detuvo al verla y mi polla no dej  de reaccionar, santo cielo, qu mueca!. Por la forma como  vena vestida no pude contener la ereccin, con una minifalda celeste  cortsima y una blusa blanca de tela delgada dejndome apreciar  sus deliciosas piernas largas sin ningn vello y sus bien formados y sus  erectos pechos pues por lo fina que era la blusa poda percatarme que no  llevaba brasier y los pezones se le notaban claramente debajo de la tela.

Then the three of us sat down to chat, I couldn't stop looking at Vanya for a second, I kept looking at her beautiful legs and her sweet breasts, my head was spinning and I was hallucinating a million things. After a few minutes we sat at the table for lunch and drank wine. After lunch we went back to the living room to continue chatting. We talked about Vanya and other things, Armando didn't touch the loan at all, the talk turned into Vanya, in his studies and stuff. After a moment Armando's cell phone rang, I didn't pay attention to what he was saying, I was still admiring the beauty of his daughter, suddenly he told me that he had received an urgent call from a partner and that he had to leave, he didn't even let me answer and left me alone with his delicious daughter. I didn't even know what to say, Vania only smiled at me, well I was alone with that doll that was what I was longing for and now I didn't know what to do, we just kept talking about the same thing, so I brought the bottle of wine and poured her a glass. She told me that she was used to her father leaving them like that in any meeting they went to, she always received that kind of urgent calls, after a while we started smiling more often, I was going crazy, I wanted to fuck her right now but I did not know how to take the first step. Then we started to talk about her boyfriend, she had been with him for thirteen months.

After a while I stopped to play some music, Vanya also stood up and looked at some ornaments that were around the room, she lay down on the table behind me with her glass of wine in her hand, good heavens she was beautiful, He asked me, "No, about three weeks ago, I said, "How do you satisfy yourself sexually," he said and surprised me. I had been trying to get into this subject a while ago and I didn't have how and this 17-year-old did it without any fear and with a lot of freshness. I didn't know what to say right away, after being quiet for a few seconds I said to her again, "Well, this one.... - Once you cheated on your wife, she told me by cutting me off... This one.... no, of course not, I said, "I don't believe you, all men do it... Well, yes, but I haven't had the chance... And if you had it, would you do it? He said to me, "If it was with a pretty girl like you, of course I would, I said brazenly, to which he replied very normally, "Would you like to have sex with me? She said, "Sure, I like you very much Vanya, I would love to make love to you, I said, I was getting super hot with that conversation that she had started, Well the way you talked to me was going to be difficult to convince me, she said, "Well now you've already started talking about these things, I said, do you like me a lot?  Then she unbuttoned the first buttons of her blouse, until she left the birth of her breasts in my sight without discovering her nipples and with another sip of wine she dropped a squirt on them, I didn't think of anything but that delicious adolescent body and I rushed towards it and with all the desire of the world I hit it, I squeezed it from its waist, pressing it towards my body and I began to wildly lick those delicious breasts with pink, pointed and quite hard nipples, Vanya dropped the whole glass of wine in them and then I began to lick more and more wildly while she caressed my hair with her grown nails, she was with her dick at the top at that moment, then I took her from her little waist, I lifted her up leaning her on the table, she opened her legs, she shook them dropping her shoes, then I lifted the little celestial skirt she was wearing, until I exposed her little white Brazilian tanguita, wow!, I placed his legs on my shoulders and began to savor them from the tip of my feet, passing through his delicious calves, his beautiful thighs, until I reached his delicious crotch, which was already wet, I lowered the small thong, I was going crazy and in the same position, with Vanya leaning against the table, sitting on it with her legs open, her blouse unbuttoned and her skirt lifted up to her navel, I bent down, put my face between her legs and first delighted myself with her delicious scent of humid woman and began to savour it with my tongue, with the tip I began to shake the clitoris that began to swell, at that moment Vania began to groan, while I continued with that delicious flavor in the mouth, then with two fingers I began making space between her vaginal lips, in that began to wet more and more, it was incredible that moment, I did not believe to be in that form, with the beautiful daughter of my friend, with her legs in my shoulders, and licking the pussy, taking out all the juice, after having tasted that delicious pussy for several minutes, I undressed my trousers and took off my tie, I caressed her breasts and again I licked and bit them as I wanted, those pink and erect nipples were delicious, I got rid of the blouse completely and with the skirt still on, I released my huge cock, I placed it at the entrance of the vagina of Vanya and began with a delicate moan of pacer, I caressed her pussy with the tip of my glans and began to excite more, I couldn't take another second and I started to push my cock against her pussy with all my desire, until I felt it totally inside, as it was already quite wet, it felt quite soft and went in and out very comfortably, I was dying of pleasure, we both began to moan desperately, I was eating a pretty blonde, I was fucking her as I wanted, my penis went in and out faster and faster we both moved at the same pace, that's when I came inside her, she didn't put any resistance so I continued and finished emptying completely. Wow, it was amazing!

We lay on the table completely agitated, then Vania asked me to go to bed, so we did, we both undressed completely and lay down on the bed, we rested and after a while we were fucking again, Vania was riding me like a good whore, my penis was again a thousand, this blonde if she fucked very well, again I was having an incredible moment of pleasure with this teenager on top of me, I looked at her blond pussy with scarce hair splitting in two at the entrance allowing my cock to enter comfortably, so it was for several minutes jumping over me, she came like three times and once again together with me, it was a spectacular orgasm.

At the end I was very exhausted, I lay on my bed face up, when I realize that again my cock regains its maximum expression, it was Vanya who put a thousand thanks to her lips and her wild tongue, what a blowjob! nobody had ever given me a better one, he swallowed it as if it were his sweet pacifier, he tasted it and put it down his throat, he licked my eggs and started with a mete and an impressive saca in his mouth, he felt that it came to me and I began to moan with excitement, when he began to drip my semen he took it out of his mouth but leaving it at the height of his mouth, he opened it by dropping all my thick milt inside it, what a blonde for a mamona! Then he continued sucking it until he left it quite clean.

Then he came back to my side and we kissed passionately for a long time, we smiled, he told me that since he saw me last week he was dying to fuck me, then he put himself on four legs, on my body, leaving his anus on my face, staying at 69, he sucked my dick again and I was delighted with that little agugerito that he left to my exposure, so we stayed a long time, until I left her little hole quite salivated, then I took off the position and leaving her in four, I stood behind and my cock that again reached its maximum size began to make room in the delicious hole, Vania shouted a lot at the beginning "it hurts me a lot!"She said to me in tears, "you want me to stop," I said, "No, please, I did it before, just go on!I said to myself, "I did it until I felt how rich they pressed their buttocks against my cock, in that I already had it totally inside, it began to hurt also but it was rich to have this little blonde who days before impressed me very much in four and with my cock inside her ass, Vania started to move and we started with a rather accelerated sacking, her ass was splitting, when I came and I left her ass draining in my sperm, wow I had no words to thank her for such an afternoon of pleasure.

Gays / It all started with a dream
« on: May 25, 2019, 11:08:34 AM »
I remember the dream very well, I was sitting on a bench in a park never seen before and suddenly a guy came to sit next to me, I remember that so incoherent, as all dreams are usually, I lunged and we began to kiss passionately, playing with our tongues and touching our chest and especially our ass, I remember that I felt its full dimension when I slowly lowered my mouth to its cock and began to suck it and especially when it domineered me and nailed me that material was great when I felt it inside, it was incredible, it drove me crazy and at any time I thought it would explode with pleasure.

Well, I was very calm in those days, like anyone else, I had erotic dreams, I got excited for a while etc.. But until recently I had a gay erotic dream, which I have told without many details, I remember waking up sweating, stained and agitated as never before and with a feeling of living it again. I had never thought about being gay and having relationships like that, I never really disliked them, or anything like that, I just lived my life and period, to be honest I never had a serious enough relationship with a girl, so I was like a whole week thinking about that dream, that I felt and began to look at men, I always had many friends but I never looked at them as something other than confidants and partners.

At that time there was a friend that I really noticed, especially because of his likeness to the Adonis of a man who caught me in my dream. I couldn't get him out of my head, it was horrible to think about talking to him and tell him that I was afraid to be in love with him. Yes, I was in love and I was going crazy, I didn't know what to do, I didn't know what to say, I could see my security and sympathy on the outside but I didn't know that on the inside I was torn when I couldn't kiss him!

Alfredo had very dark hair, he looked as if his hair was totally black, his eyes were beautiful blue, he had a very nice ice axe that suited him well, his body was heavier than mine but never with muscular exaggerations, he was about 5 cm taller than me and he is one of the most cheerful and pleasant things in the world. His dick that I saw several times in the dressing room was a little smaller than mine just like my testicles, he had a beautiful cocoon and many times I felt like rubbing against my body that limb.

It was not until after a month of crazy despair that I decided to tell him, so I invited him to my house to eat. We ate well, as all some friends we went up to talk and to make an endless number of idlenesses, until I armed myself with balls and I said something like that :

-Hey Alfredo, I need to confess something to you. -Va, what? -Well, I don't know how you take it, I... -I have to tell you, I'm gay, I've confirmed it, with you. Alfredo I like you, I like you very much, I'm in love with you. -I don't know what to do, a man had never told me that, I mean, you just grabbed me by surprise, I don't know-- I understand.... -No, I mean I'd have to think about what to do about it, I can't leave you like that, I'm not homophobic or anything like that, only that such a statement has to be serious, doesn't it? -Of course. Hey, can I-I kiss you, maybe so you know what to do. -Well, well, all right, it's just a kiss. -Yeah.

He hesitated a lot, he was really confused, I could see it in his expression as he approached my face. There was no one in the house and my sister had gone out with her friends.

He kissed me so softly that I felt that I could finish in any second, I was most happy, since he reacted in a way that I did not expect. It separated without taking off much the face and after a while, to think about it I suppose I, kissed me again but more firmly, I felt, after a few seconds of being merged into a tender kiss, confidence, so I took it from the waist and began to give me a more elaborate kiss, we spent a while like this, kissing each other's neck, touching each other a little, that day there was a stupendous faje which ended when my sister knocked on the door.

About 3 days passed and Alfredo and I had not had another opportunity to be satiated, they were days of dialogue, in which we talked about our relationship and so on. I really loved being like this but I also wanted to have something more "intimate".

He told me more intimate things about himself and something of a couple, they were days in which the tender surrounded us. And of course the moment came when he talked about sex, he confessed to me that he had already had a blowjob with his cousin a long time ago and nothing else, so taking it very normal we decided to fuck, first the problem was the place and then solving all this we saw a strategic day at his house, where his parents were going for a week, his brother was almost no longer at home and his sister was very picadsima with her new boyfriend and did not stop going out, so we went to his house.

We with a little experience in sex began as always, with caresses, and kisses until I took the first step to put my hand to the pants, so he immediately responded by taking off my clothes, we were naked and I began to sobs, and see how it was erect, he did not stop moaning and kissing my neck, until I put it in my mouth, remembering my dream, I was in ecstasy, I was blowing him until he wanted something from me and we were in a very rich 69, I could not stop playing with his ass, his eggs, his big cock from which emanated a liquid that I loved, he went more up my ass and began to try to stick my tongue desperately.

After an orgasm that didn't seem to disappear we separated between gasps and he offered me his ass, wiggling it and seeing me totally excited, blinked more slowly and that drove me crazy, that face is so beautiful. Seeing us in the face, I put on a condom and started putting it in. At first he made a sign of pain, I was not an expert and for him was the deflation of his ass, so I was slow, as much as I could, and after a while we moved to no more power, he gasped "More, more, so, oh, I love you so much. While I masturbated him doing his head backwards for pleasure, the spectacle was incredible, "Alfredo" drooled a little and saw how he constantly touched his belly and curved his back asking for more, the orgasm invaded us the sound of the eggs hitting his ass was delicious to be accompanied by moans and breaths broken, it was too much that we could not contain ourselves "I run", he moaned and when seeing the discharge I ran anyway.

I sucked the semen that was left on his chest and we kissed for no less than 15 minutes, it was beautiful, since then we have a relationship that I really like, I discovered that I never really liked the girls and that I was in the clouds with my "Alfredo", who was very happy about this, until then we have done everything, I think seriously I'm very much in love.

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