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My curiosity led me to pleasure


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:28:58 PM
Hello my name is Ainhoa, and after thinking about it a lot and many visits to your page I decided to tell you about my experience.

From the first time I found, in my brother's room, some porn magazines I liked very much to see the faces of these women, I also wanted to enjoy that way. So when I was alone or didn't go to school because I was sick, I always went to my brother's room and tried to do the same things as those women, but I could only do the postures, it hurt a lot when I tried to put something in my little thing.

One summer DAY my mother left me alone, and tired of not being able to put anything in, I took the magazine that was the strongest for me, and a thin marker and a fatter one and I locked myself in the sink.

I took everything off the clothes and I lay on the floor, with a mirror that I leaned on the wall, I opened my little thing and my that had no hole like the girls in the magazine, I had something that hung q had no q to be there, so I took the marker and put it right in the entrance and gradually I was squeezing (the truth is that hurt me, but I did not care to put it inside). In the end I decided not to look and squeeze until it came in whole and so did uuuufff hurt me a little but it was only a short time after step. When I looked again "there was the hole so I could put everything I wanted", then I introduced the other fatter marker and also entered super well.

The truth is that my intention was to put everything I could, and I put the faces alone even without feeling anything.

Until one day with a spoon while I had it inside I began to rub my little thing and there I felt a sensation that flooded my whole body and made me tremble from top to bottom. I got my first orgasm. It was amazing, I still remember lying on my brother's bed, covered up to my head and almost unable to breathe.

Since then I've gone in, cucumbers, pears, peppers, toothbrush, bottles of beer (but full of water), combs handles and even combs, candles ... even once I tried to do it with my pet but is a dog and did not want not to give me a blowjob.

At work, now that I'm bigger, I've also masturbated and that of locking myself in the sink to put a cable until there is only a dot outside, and rub with a pen and when I'm pulling the cable out is the best thing I've ever done in my life.

I love to masturbate but that if always getting into strange things, that excites me like crazy, and seeing pictures of those also excites me a lot.


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