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on: October 23, 2019, 04:07:21 PM
I AM...

A whore, a bitch... worse than that because whores get paid and bitches only get caught when they're in heat. But me, that I wallow with the men that are in front of me, no matter their appearance, their origin, only that they have a good cock and that they are willing to give me by the ass and the mouth when I demand them. However, the measures must be greater than the average; no child's toys. I only accept those that are more than 18 centimetres long. Yes, I know that they are scarce but I always find enough for my pleasure. Ah, another condition: endurance, endurance, capacity for at least three intercourse. Lots of semen, mecos, milk, sperm or whatever you want to call it.

There is nothing better for me than to receive abundant shocks in my mouth and ass. Let my intestines be full, let that nectar be draining between my thighs long after my or my lovers are gone.  May I keep the flavor of that fluid for hours. Mother, Mother! What a fucking son you gave birth to. What a bitch honors you every time I'm caught.

Because you have to know that I am like that because of my mother (I'm not saying that because of my mother). She led me to take the path of homosexuality and transvestism, which I really appreciate, because being as I am has given me many, perhaps too many, moments of pleasure, except the one I'm going to tell you, which after all, and seen from a distance, also gave me pleasure, another kind of pleasure. I will tell you:

Javier is one of my frequent lovers, he fulfills the requirements that I demand of my sexual partners and, in some aspects, he exceeds them. Tall, more than me, stocky without being obese, hairy and with a natural aroma that excites me (like green apples). And his member; ah, his member! That's what I ask for the most. Measure, believe it or not: twenty-five centimeters in an erection, seventeen centimeters in circumference! A real club, although it doesn't throw much milk, but it is compensated by the pleasure it gives me, because it lasts more than half an hour picking up before the first ejaculation. Sometimes I have bled from so much rubbing, but leaves me more than satisfied. But let's go to the story: it turns out that he called me on the phone to make an appointment and ask me if I could bring some friends, who were more or less of his physique and who wanted to meet me because I had told him about my masterly way of fornication. I immediately accepted and began to prepare myself for the visit. As I consider myself a good hostess, I prepared some sandwiches and some bottles of liquor and soft drinks to offer to my future victims.

They arrived in a few minutes and I invited them of what I had prepared. They were three boys besides Javier, and indeed, they all seemed to be cut with the same scissors: tall, strong, hairy. They were dressed in jeans and short-sleeved shirts, which allowed them to wear their hairy, muscular arms. And because of the type of pants, the "package" stood out in a very stimulating way.

We enjoyed the drinks and the food for a while.  So let me tell you that I, like most of the time, was dressed in a very provocative way, because I like to show off my legs and highlight my breasts. That time I wore a very spring dress, sleeveless, very short and without socks. Some slippers of "strips" or ribbons and high heel of 10 centimeters. I made up very natural and only highlighted my lips and fingernails feet and hands with a fire red very striking. For interiors I only wore a very small thong that barely covered my small attribute, and highlighted my sensual buttocks. My breasts were loose in the dress and as fortunately they are still firm, they do not require any support.

With the passing of time and the drinks, the atmosphere got warmer, the phrases were already openly daring and the boys, including Javier, had taken off their shirts.

If there's one thing that makes me a thousand, it's caressing a hairy man's torso, nibbling at his nipples and feeling the hairs that surround them on my lips. One of them was caressing my legs, another was caressing my breasts, another was masturbating and Javier was just looking, looking like a stage director.

I was already boiling, my anxious ass and my obscene mouth were already anxious to feel that throbbing piece of meat that gives me so much pleasure. Javier, who already knows me as to my reactions, knew that it was time to move on to more direct actions. He went ahead to the bedroom, spread condoms and lubricants, undressed and returned for us to the room.

Neither slow nor lazy, my new friends moved to the bedroom and were throwing their clothes on the road. When I entered I saw the most incredible spectacle that a nymphomaniac like me has ever seen: four splendid, completely erect cocks were waiting for me in bed, all at my disposal, all for my pleasure! Just seeing them almost gives me an orgasm.  I didn't know which to go to first because they were all true examples of virility.  Giving preference to the one I already knew, I approached Javier's and taking her in my hands, I began to kiss her. As when I made this movement my croup was lifted, one of the boys approached from behind and making one side of the thong strap, began to kiss and lick my ass, and sticking his tongue as far as he could. This, coupled with the blowjob I was giving Javier, over-stimulated me and I had my first orgasm. In the pause that I made to savor it, I stopped sucking Javier's cock, which he took advantage of to leave the place to another of the boys. While the guy who was licking my ass left the place to the other guy who was already wearing a condom and tried to stick his thick cock in me. As it was too thick, he took a tube of lubricant and with his fingers he applied it to the inside and to the edge of my anus. The cock of the boy who was sucking, I could hardly fit in my mouth, because it was also thicker than that of Javier, so I had to make an effort to be able to swallow even a small piece of his glans. Since at that moment I also loosened my sphincter, the cock of the boy I had on my buttocks, came in a little. No matter how accustomed one is to getting thick, big cocks up her ass. Always the first tuck of the day hurts. And that was no exception, at the moment of shouting, the cock of the boy who was trying to suckle was put almost halfway into my mouth. I felt like drowning. However, the catch that the other guy started to give me distracted that feeling and I applied myself to enjoy the onslaughts that were hitting me from behind. If anyone reading to me has been through this, they will know what kind of indescribable pleasure it feels like to have your sexual orifices (in my case mouth and ass) invaded by limbs that size. You feel that you are rising, that pleasure can be infinite, that you are in paradise. You don't want that to end.

For this, the other guy and Javier were kissing and caressing one side of us, which exacerbated the pleasure we felt.  Their cocks in fullness, were crossed by their hands, and in a given moment, they settled into the sixty-nine position and gave oral pleasure to each other.

My two gentlemen were already highly excited, the one who was giving me by the ass, went in and out and completely, diverting the aim sometimes and trying to make another hole in my perineum, the one who was sucking, groaned in a truly erotic way, which made me excite even more and suck more fruition the prodigious cock.

He could no longer bear the boy who was being sucked and came in a torrent of warm cream, flooding my mouth and throat. With work I swallowed its discharge and then I applied myself to give and receive pleasure from the garañón behind my back.

Putting to work my sphincter, I gave light squeezes to the cock that entered and left already decompasadamente. I synchronized them so that the squeeze went to the time of which I crossed out, to obtain greater sensation. Unfortunately, the boy couldn't stand this for long and by nailing his dick to the bottom, he discharged a tremendous amount of sperm.

Javier and the other were in complete ecstasy giving each other pleasure. It was highly erotic to watch their cocks disappear into each other's mouth. Not being able to contain myself, I threw myself like a real bacchante to lick and bite Javier's ass, sticking my tongue in his hole as much as I could.  As the mouth of the boy who was with him was close to this action, I kissed him and something of the flavor of Javier's ass happened to him. The boys who had caught me, were already recovering and continued drinking and eating. Javier and the boy who were in fellatio, had their orgasm and stayed a little while without moving, but following the example of the others, went to account for the drinks and snacks. I took the opportunity to clean up a little and retouch my makeup. Until that moment I realized that I was fully dressed, even the thong that had only been put aside.

I went back to the estancia, where the boys were drinking and eating in abundance and I saw them a little more tipsy, but I didn't worry because I imagined they could do it without getting out of control. That was my mistake. As soon as I sat down to accompany them, they began to tell me about aggressive things alluding to my sexual preference. Things like: -Well Javier told us that you were a hot fuck, that you didn't fill up no matter how much cock they gave you. said one. -That you suck like a calf and that you swallow all the milk," commented another. -Well, I think you're older than a whore, because where's your dick? I haven't seen it," said the other boy. -Leave her alone," said Javier. You're either drunk, calm down, or I'll take all three of you out. -All right, Javier," said one of them; "we were only joking. But these words did not correspond to reality, because one of them jumped on me and tore my dress, leaving me alone with my thong and shoes. He started kissing my breasts, biting my nipples in an abrupt and painful way. I yelled at him to calm down and asked Javier to separate him from me.  But Javier was as if hypnotized seeing what the boy was doing to me and he didn't say a word. Another one of the boys settled behind me and I felt his cock trying to penetrate me. This was happening while the three of us (the two boys and I) were standing, so I was hurting myself with the pushes that the boy behind me was giving me. The guy who was sucking my tits realized that the other guy couldn't penetrate me, and taking my hair made me bend down to make things easier for the guy who was trying to penetrate me and to put his dick in my mouth.

Already in that position, my attacker's cock entered with relative ease, and the one that was sucking slipped through my mouth up to my throat, making it gag because it touched my glottis. My penistrator's attack was becoming violent, but because of the cock in my mouth, I couldn't ask to be left, or at least to do it less violently, so I had to put up with that rape.

For this, the other one of the boys that Javier had taken, passed his cock through my body, getting me pregnant with his pre-seminal liquid. And Javier?  Javier was in a semi-catatatonic state and didn't even understand what was happening. Later I learned that he had been drugged and that he too had been repeatedly raped.

The violent penetration that I was suffering, did not allow me to think of anything more than that the attackers got tired soon, so that they left me in peace. How wrong I was, because because they had inhaled cocaine, they were quite stimulated. They tried to make me inhale as well, which they did halfway, because I was able to stimulate the small amount I inhaled, and I began to respond to their attacks in a more participative way.

Actually, because of the drug, I didn't fully realize what was going on, because I just wanted to get the most pleasure. The boys alternated in my orifices, and we were already lying on the floor to make things easier. At one point, I felt two cocks penetrating my ass, but I couldn't tell if it was true or not, but the feeling was too powerful. The effect of the cocaine was wearing off and I realized what was happening. My mouth was hurt from so much oral work and my jaws hurt. I always had at least one dick stuck in it, but for the longest time there were two, that although not completely stuck, their glands were stuck in my mouth. My ass started to hurt and I realized that I was a bit of a baby food, and that I was bleeding profusely. This didn't matter to my rapists as they gave themselves their cocaine "passes" frequently. And they kept attacking me, one after the other, over and over again.

I don't know how much time passed during this rape, but there came a time when I no longer felt any pain, just a tiredness that invaded my whole body, that asked me to sleep, to sleep, to sleep. But the constant eruptions in my mouth did not allow me to fall into sleep, because they cut off my breathing. At the end of the party, I was forced to place myself on top of one of them, with his dick well nailed to my injured ass, while another one settled down between my buttocks and put his dick together with the one that was already well inserted, and the other one plunged me deeply into his limb in my mouth.

The pain I felt when the two cocks took possession of me was such that I shouted loudly. Javier at that moment kind of reacted and tried to get rid of my rapists, but one of them (the one in my mouth), knocked him down and started raping him. Because of the pain that I was going through because of the two limbs in my anus, I was able to fall into a fainting spell and not realize what they kept doing to me; but when I woke up I realized how battered I was. My mouth tasted like rancid semen, my face felt like starched so many times that I was ejaculated in it, my hair not to say: sticky and draining urine and semen. My body was lacerated and sore and full of bruises. One of my nipples bleeding and almost detached.

But the most damaged part was my ass. If it was one of the parts that gave me more pleasure, at that moment it was a center of pain, from there they started like rays of pain that went through all my body. My legs, besides the hematomas they had, hurt because of the muscular effort to which they were subjected; for they forced me to open them completely and ride them, as well as to straddle me doing spring effort. I saw Javier on the floor: from his ass came a mixture of semen, blood and shit, which gave off a rather unpleasant smell. He was upside down and when I turned him over, I realized that he too had been raped through the mouth, because a strand of semen was draining from his lips. From my ass came also a mixture of blood and semen that drained between my thighs. Normally, feeling semen dripping from my buttocks gives me a rich sensation, but at that moment I felt like I was burning when I left his trail. Almost dragging myself I arrived at the bathroom, because I could not hold myself upright. I opened the keys to the jacuzzi and let it fill with water, while I wiped with toilet paper the plates of semen and blood that covered much of my body. I picked up Javier and how I could I took him to the bathtub and I got in with him. The water massage revived us a little and I could ask him why he had taken these guys, telling me that he had met them in a bar a long time ago and that chatting is that they knew that Javier was the lover of a puto, or my lover, and that the putos take better than the women, so they convinced him to take them with me, which is what happened.

It took me about a week to recover from that rape, and I was again able to dedicate myself to my favorite pastime: BEING A PORT.


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