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At last my wish fulfilled, Sojo inside me.


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:37:49 PM
Happy New Year 2004. Thanks to all those who have wanted to contact me, thank you for your attention, kisses and affection.

Dear friends of TODORELATOS, I wanted to continue with the sequence of stories concerning my experiences, which I transcribe from my diary, that's why I can delve into details, share them with you. I vent, allowing me to put on the table of reality an aspect of the sexual world that people do not admit or see as taboo, these things are like homosexuality in its early days, and today the Internet gives me the opportunity to come out of my closet and express what I have lived, maybe violate the feelings of someone, especially that of conservative women, whom I respect, for which I apologize because I understand them, I am also a woman, but I tell you that in a macho world like Latin America, we have only boasted of female liberation and very few have made use of such an achievement. That is why I speak of my experiences with spontaneity, with detail, with freedom, seeking to reach the hearts of those who have had this experience, and those who have not, so that they know how it feels and open up to new magnitudes of the sexual world.

For me, every aspect of sex is beautiful, so I consider myself open to all the possibilities that this world offers and has, enjoying it without falling into any trend, for example; my husband and I are part of a swingers club, so I have exchanged partners, I have done sex with 5 boys at the same time, I have enjoyed lesbian sex, the magic of sex toys, sex in the rain, full of mud, on the beach, in groups of more than 10 couples, smeared ice cream all over my body or pastry cream, and of course what I dare to share with you today. in short, have been 10 years of marriage with a partner whom I love and loves me very integrally, I am fully pleased, many I say that if possible, what there is to go from sexual boredom after the first 3 years to the adventure of being free and enjoy life as a couple. I know that I will reach 50 and I will not regret not having had this or that experience, and I will not judge anyone for living it, for sure I will have very beautiful memories.

The experience of having sex with my pets have been intense, very indulgent and full of beauty, is very rich when a being of another species such as a dog, wants you, suffers for filling you with his seed, looks at you as the center of his pleasure, becomes an accomplice of your adventures, and only asks you in return to be part of your sexuality, that's magical.

That's how the expected day arrived when my husband told me that Sojo was healthy and clean (ALL PLACER IS BEAUTIFUL); TO ENJOY IT IS AN ASPECT OF HIM, TO TAKE THE PREVISIONS TO NOT HAVE TO BREATH CONSEQUENCES, IT IS THE OTHER ASPECT THAT COMPANIES YOU AND THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FORGET, my husband), that day arrived, I had a nervous pass, my hands were sweating, my eyes were glazed, my breathing as well as my heart were accelerated, I had a fixed image of Sojo's member, and that I would have it inside me, how would it be to feel it? That intrigued me. I was superhumid, not only imagining how I would do it, but the very factor that my husband would be the accomplice of my fantasy, both he and I felt excited, so I had already arranged the room with everything, incense, relaxing oils, sex toys, dilating creams, towels, pillows, lights and music, it would be a party dedicated to pleasure ... When my husband arrived from the city and entered, he was also carrying a small bag in his hands, I only looked him in the eyes, letting him know how excited he was, and I was anxious for the answer he brought, half a passionate kiss, touching with his tongue the sky of my palate, that shook me, because it indicated what I expected, he imprisoned me against his body feeling the mutual excitement, the one that was more evident in the middle of his legs and that I felt on my thighs and belly, so when he told me that everything was fine with Sojo, I kissed him again, which I use to strain his hands under my shirt and stimulate my naked sex because he had nothing underneath, in that he told me "love, today you will have your fantasies fulfilled and I will be happy, because you know I am when you are".I saw how Sojo was in the garden playing with his toys, jumping and running, since he spent a day away from home, he missed his things, but today it would be special for him, well, he would have a special gift, me.

We amapuchamos a little and went to change properly, I put on a suit made of black leather ribbons and straps, with a necklace and chain at the neck, this suit sprouts my breasts and buttocks, I made a tail of cavalo with my hair, I perfume and maquille very specially, I put on my black boots of tip and high heel, I also spread on my skin scented almond creams that makes the skin shine, I also added lubricating oils flavor in my sexual zones, my husband was bathing and I shout that I had brought something special that would greatly stimulate Sojo, I asked him what was it?  and he told me it would be a surprise.

Finally we went down the chain like a pet, we went down the stairs, it was 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and my stomach seemed to have butterflies fluttering inside, my lips were dry and there was a loud buzz in my head, I poured myself a drink of Brandy, which apure, tried to control my heart rate, it seemed that I was in the waiting room of a doctor, my husband went for Sojo, I played Madona's music, I lit a fragrant stick of incense and went towards my red vinyl divan, I took one of the large black latex dildos, it was immense, I stimulated myself with caresses my nipples and my clitoris, with my fingers I opened my labia majora to try to insert that giant phallus but it was difficult, so I proceeded to lubricate it with special oils and to spread me dilating cream of muscles and skin, I fixed the phallus with its suction cup in a low and firm chair, so I used the force of my weight to give it power of introduction, this one flooded me little by little but it was so big that only fit much less than half, I could appreciate it in the mirrors,  In this I enter my husband with Sojo who was restless about what I brought in the bag, tied Sojo with the chain to a column, and came to me, leaving the bag on a table nearby, began to kiss all my cheeks, ears, neck, breasts, belly thighs, arms, hands, until I reach my sex which began to lick, when stimulating my nugget of pleasure which was sprouted by the fullness of that phallus, I felt chills and cramps, I could see that of pure pleasure I already had almost half of that beautiful plastic phallus, I had rosettes in my skin, my blood boiled, my cheeks were hot and red, I rested more my weight on that toy of pleasure, which now tortured me with pleasure, But I couldn't stand it anymore so I took it back and told my husband to bring Sojo, he was intrigued by the bag what intrigued me, he pulled out a cloth band from it, and told me that it was lubricated with the emanations of a dog that was in heat there in the veterinary clinic, as it did not matter to me, it was for what it served what interested me, I was still wet and wet, so he himself passed it to me for my sex, so that both lubrications were confused, that put me a thousand, then untied Sojo and brought him, I put myself in 4 to see me no longer as his mistress but as his dog, he came and began to sniff my sex, I felt his cold snout, but I jumped when he put his rough tongue inside my vagina, I already longed for that feeling again, I searched inside digging out my juices, he became like crazy, and that madness transmitted it to me, I only closed my eyes to enjoy such a wonderful pleasure, then I doubled to reach his bundle with my hand, I placed myself under him and began to massage his limb covered by the skin,  I was still inside, while doing this he kept licking my sex and my husband caressed me, I felt wanted by two males of different species, finally sprouted his sex, pointed, venous, emanating lubricating liquids, but was growing as I wanted, it seemed that I was in the moor of so much trembling, pleasure dominated me, so I took that live phallus, red, that jumped to the rhythm of the beats of Sojo, and I introduced him in my mouth, I tried to take him as deep as I could in my throat, I licked him as he did with my sex, I sucked him, I salivated him, caliber his texture, rigidity and firmness, but I already wanted him inside me, he was wide, long, big, alive and hot, I needed him inside me, I hugged Sojo, feeling his coat rough and smooth was very stimulating, again I put myself in 4, I laughed to be already penetrated by my Sojo, my husband put him behind me, helping him up, I had never been with a female of his species, but the instinct helped him, I felt his weight, his front legs held my waist and hips against him, and began to move like a machine, with its sway to what arched its column, I felt slipping its phallus on my sex, touching and grazing my nugget, but without hitting enter, I lowered my melt, to be able to observe from below such a spectacle, in that moment my husband directed the penis of Sojo to the true entrance, and it was violent the push with which it was introduced into a single blow filled me, touched the end of my vaginal walls, it hurt a little bit, but it was already accommodating, humm, rich already had it inside as I had dreamed and wished to have it, it moved inside me strongly and quickly, then I felt that something wanted to enter, so with pleasure I opened and entered its knot, it was tremendous to feel my vagina open to house such an immense ball, the vision I had in the mirrors was fantastic, I endured, humm was very rich, I shouted of pleasure moaning of how rich I felt, my eyes were in limbo, my legs felt them faint because I began to come I felt my inner muscles vibrate absorbing that great and alive phallus that burned me with pleasure, I felt attached to a being of another species, I shouted again and again because I came several orgasms, my vagina relaxed again and again, because I had multiple orgasms, now my G-spot was stimulated, and my husband from below licked my nugget, it seemed that I had a heart inside because that ball vibrated to the heartbeat of Sojo who felt his breath above me on my neck, I came again in multiple orgasms, it emptied, my belly grew, it seemed to have an open hose inside me, with such pressure jets escaped through the folds of my labia majora and fell down my thighs,

Calmed Sojo above me didn't realize that his human dog had another wave of intense orgasms, Sojo tried to go down, my husband helped him, and we were buttoned on our backs, a majestic spectacle that I now saw in the mirrors of the living room, I felt his penis vibrating inside of me unloading its seed, I was buzzing my head, I was like this for 45 minutes, until Sojo's ball was lowered and came out making a noise like when a bottle is uncorked, a whole puddle of semen came to the floor, I was exhausted from so much pleasure, I felt faint, but I stayed like this in 4, while my husband placed Sojo in a corner of the room, Then he came and penetrated me, I so much that I had my vagina dilated did not feel it, but his pleasure was to end up inside me, mixing his sperm with that of Sojo, in the distance I could see the size of the phallus that I had inside before, I could not believe it, to finish my husband, I lay down on the floor, my husband took me in his arms, and took me to the sofa bed, there, I slept until the other day, I left the product of those two males inside me, it was my reward, as a female, this was the first time that I did it with Sojo and I wrote with luxury of details not to forget her, details that now you know. Thank you.

Dedicated to my lover husband, whom I love very much, and to all those girls who dream inside with pleasure but do not dare to live it.


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