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Zoo Initiation


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:24:07 PM
This story is dedicated to my friend Carolina, my beautiful black inducer to the sweet pleasure of zoophilia.

That morning, as soon as I could, I took my car to go to my friend Carolina's house, I was very nervous at the prospect of going back to fuck with Caro and meet the unknown, I ran like crazy to get there as soon as possible and make the most of time in the possible... Caro received me with the same love of always, a hug and a kiss with delicious and endless tongue, she is a woman of 23 years, very dark brunette, with a hair that I have always envied her, light brown, long, wavy and that she combs very pretty, that enhances the contour of her pretty face, with straight nose, thick and sensual lips, clear eyes, her very firm body, her breasts always have seemed beautiful to me, her belly is flat and very hard; her thighs and legs, are a wonder, turned, thick without exaggeration and she likes to brag, well I think so because she always wears or shorts quite short, or spectacular mini-skirts, her buttocks as all prominent black and her vagina..........uhmmmmm her vagina totally depilated and of big lips that invite to the desire, but my objective of that visit did not appear anywhere. The dog, whose name is Esteban, did not come out to receive me as always when I am going to visit her. I didn't dare ask for it, but my ears and my eyes remained vigilant to detect it. We were in the routine comments, when my ears heard Esteban's cries somewhere in the house. It was my pretext for inquiring.

"What's wrong with Esteban?" I said, before the lament ended.

"It's just that the evil one runs away from me almost every day to a neighbor's house and I don't want to lose him.

"It would be a pity, with how well you say he fucks."

"Well that's what worries me, he goes to the neighbor, spends all day with her... Maybe I catch her, I don't know and the truth worries me a little.

I didn't want to insist. But I made the purpose of investigating the why of the leaks of the desired dog. Late in the afternoon, after eating, I told my Caro that I would lie down for a moment. Actually I was excited, I felt the humidity intensely. Perhaps I continued to think of my decision to meet the pleasure with the best companion of the man and, by the accounts, of the women; thinking, of course, had excited me. Minutes later, I thought of masturbating, but I said to myself that this would not alleviate my excitement, quite the opposite. I decided to see Esteban. Caro was in the kitchen preparing dinner and he said yes, it was better for me to leave her alone for a few moments; he told me laughing.

Of course, the idea was to go visit Esteban's poor man who wouldn't stop complaining from time to time. Before leaving the room, determined to "taste" Bruno, I took off my wet panties; I smelled them, and my excitement went to heaven.

I was moved to see him in chains. From the necklace hung a chain, as soon as he sniffed me, he began to moan happily, to stand on his hind legs as if wanting to pull the chain off.

I approached. The animal lowered its head like frightened, I caressed its head, and it licked my hand. I crouched down, squatting, and the dog licked my face. The tongues excited me on the spot, especially when the long, red tongue licked my lips as if it wanted to flatter me or thank me for my visit.

Being in that position, somewhat intentionally, my skirt ascended, and my thighs tasted the caress of the air, but they wanted the caress of the dog tongue so many and so many times dreamed... I continued scratching Esteban's head; the dog was licking my face; as I was squatting, I fell to the floor; my skirt exposed my wet shell and the animal tried to reach my face, but as the chain did not let it arrive, it had to lick what was within its reach, for the first time I felt its desired tongue in my crotch.

I was going to get up, but when I felt Esteban's tongue, I left my thighs in position. The licking touched my soul, and he didn't stop. I licked my thighs as if I were one of my lovers, from the knee to where the chain let its superb head go; the lick was so masterful, so progressive in its ascent, that I thought at that moment that it was something that the little dog had learned in some way with Caro, because I felt that I was melting.

Of course, I remained like this, receiving the caress and letting myself go in search of the unpublished sensations of zoophilia. Now I saw Esteban's effort trying to reach my conch which was already well flooded and quite smelly. It was enough for me to go around my body so that my tongue could reach where I wanted it to go without wasting time.

I moved my buttocks to walk in the desired direction, when I remembered my deduction about the possible learning of my cute dog; that's why, taking a look at the house to see if Caro continued in the kitchen, I sat down to take out my dress completely..., what a tremendous excitement to be totally naked before Esteban's attentive gaze, to hear the dog's panting and to see his tongue spitting saliva!

That's how I had my first orgasm before the look of the maddening dog. My idea, when I took off my dress, was to leave my tits uncovered and offer them to my desired to see what their behavior was going to be; my foresight was that they would devote themselves to licking my tits with their nipples so erect that they hurt me.

So it was, as I expected, the dog, which had only the upper half of my body within its reach, began to lick again, my face stopping for eternity in my mouth, and so much so that, excited and deprejudged as it was, I opened my mouth to see if Stephen's tongue got in and consummated an unimagined kiss. And yes, the tongue, after a slight jolt of it, got into my mouth... uhmmmmmmm, what a tremendous sensation!, the size of that tongue, the enormous amount of saliva that bathed it, its roughness, and having full consciousness that it was the tongue of a dog, and then putting my tongue to lick the other tongue and imprison it with my lips, made me burst into luminous and endless orgasms, I never imagined that this was possible to do.

For these moments, Esteban exhibited a tremendous erection.  As he was already super hot and orgasmic, I took his cock and felt it delicious...  What a cock!, I never thought I would have dared touch that huge piece of venous meat! I still had some sanity; I saw constantly for the kitchen to avoid being surprised, stop kissing him, I closed my mouth and with a hand apart gently the dog's head.

This was like a sign, like an indication that now something else had to be done... Esteban understood, because he immediately licked my neck with softness, acezante, moaning and then he began a journey as before in my thighs, from the neck to the armpits; I opened my arms so that the tongue could lick me all; the remarkable thing was that before licking when my armpits were free, the dog smelled and lifted his head as if to taste the smell?

How exciting to see my dog's attitude, but it didn't stop there; I lick for minutes, and then continue walking my skin in the direction of my tits that were already waiting anxiously for the wild tongue, at that moment I was convinced that Esteban had been receiving an exhaustive education, and also that the teacher could not be other than Carolina.

I never thought that the instructor, in fact, was my own friend, as I could see a little later. Well, for this, I couldn't contain my orgasm, and that which my sacred little crack didn't even remember my fingers. Well, Esteban, maybe because of the learned routine, began to reach my tits, to lick them to the full extent, both of them, but without touching the nipples: Wonderful and exciting, I thought dazzled, to the point of fainting by so many and so many orgasms?

Until... she touched the nipples... Mother of mine, what a tongue!, I had never felt such a pleasant sensation, I went to heaven! and at that moment I thought... There is no doubt, Carolina Cruz, my beloved friend, my inducer to this pleasure, I was absolutely right... this is wonderful! - the spaced admiration because I feel it - the orgasm was already becoming permanent.  And what I was still reserving my sacred raja for, why, at that moment I didn't know anything... I only felt the tongue, even the cock I had in my hand I forgot.

Of the lamidas, the marvellous, the divine Esteban, began to nibble my nipple! Everything was waiting except for that caress that craved a truly angelic human mamador and not a dog.

I don't know how long, maybe seconds, to resist those incredible nibbles, when I burst into millions of coloured lights, the dog was panting along with my intemperate groans.... and I felt that the cock in my hand was shaking and jets of dog milk washed my body, mainly the belly and my hair... until that moment I realized that I was masturbating Esteban with true masturbator fury, I love to masturbate the cocks but that dog cock...

It was the end of the session, because Caro, in the door of the house, shouted my unlucky name. I didn't think he had seen me, and yes, as he later explained to me, he didn't see me or hear my screams, but he did hear the groans of his Esteban.

I almost jumped up, put on my dress - fortunately I didn't put on the hateful bra and the horrible panties before coming to see my little dog - and I just ran towards the kitchen.... Esteban howled... of frustration, I think. When I came in, Caro put one hand to his mouth indicating extreme surprise: I remembered everything, less than two things; one, that I didn't comb my hair, which was a tremendous tangle, and second, that Esteban's milk stained my dress when I put it on. All in all, it was a disaster, then, to make matters worse, Caro burst into laughter that he couldn't contain by pointing his index finger precisely at the stains on my dress.

Carolina, without stopping laughing, walked to meet me, embraced me tenderly, kissed my lips, spanked me, and said:

- Oh, Kari... what do I do that you just met Esteban! - You can imagine my embarrassment, had been discovered in my horny and zoophilic proceed!, Caro, breathing agitated, without letting go, caressing my buttocks, continued:

- You know what, well... the truth is, I'm glad you met him. More, because that... allows me to confirm what a bitch you are, and also that you like cocks very much, no matter where they come from eh, he kissed my cheek again, but now he pulled out his tongue and licked it... I trembled, I began to tremble without rational explanation. My tremors increased, when Caro said:

- You have all the flavor of my adored Esteban... You know very rich little dog! - He licked the dog's saliva and some semen - - - I want to cleanse you all! - He said in a truly horny, exciting, almost terrifying tone. - I was so confused that I broke away, forcing my embrace. I saw her expressing my enormous bewilderment, but she, with a languid and tender look, kissed me on the mouth with her tongue in front of her lips... I had no choice but to receive this other tongue, which turned out to be, as always, another marvel.

The hands of my beloved Caro, were already raising my dress to take it off, which I facilitated by raising my arms... and she, with a voracity worse than that of Esteban, went straight to my nipples and sucked them, and then ecstatic collecting the remains of saliva and semen from the dog. For this, my hands were already on her buttocks, it was so hot, when I tried to open the saw to remove the pants, I tore the clothes and the garment fell to the feet of my beloved and now very desired, licking and breastfeeding friend.

She, with agility, lifted one ankle, then the other and got rid of the clothes hindering the pleasure. My hands were pleased with their buttocks, I caressed them at a thousand per hour, I put my fingers in the deep ravine that separates those two fabulous balloons that we women have, and as I say Caro is a fantastic specimen of nalgone, and brushed my ass as I know we love all girls who know pleasure without cover or limits.

My Caro already acezaba as Esteban in the moments of greater calentura. Then, in whispers, he said to me:

- Don't be bad Kari... Throw yourself on the ground... face up because I want... to clean Esteban's milk of your beautiful skin...

I let myself fall... and she surpassed Esteban in the lamidas she gave me.

She enjoyed the caresses of that wonderful language that has Caro, we started a war with our languages. We walked with them all over the surface, and the cavities we walked the most, of our bodies, in the game of what the front does, does the back. He put his fingers in my vagina, and I filled it with three of mine; I put a finger in his ass, and I fill it with two of his... it was death, we exploded in unison, like real bitches in heat.

I don't know how long we had the singular combat, the truth is that when I believed that everything would end, my horny and incredible friend said:

- Don't tell me, whore, the best is still to come... - when I saw her get up and head out of the kitchen. She left. I immediately thought I was going for Esteban: I trembled with emotion and desire. Obviously, I got as hot as when the dog licked my hands at the beginning of this extraordinary afternoon. Esteban was the first to arrive, as if when he was released, he ran in front of Caro, according to the teaching received, and pushing the door, he entered like a gale... and braked in a cool way: I didn't expect to see anyone there, I imagine. But then, immediately, without any transition, he took short, rhythmic steps, sticking out his tongue through agitation and desire, I think; he sniffed, raised his head, in a gesture that was extremely exciting for me, and then began to lick me like when we were alone: he started, as before, through my mouth, through my lips... Gee, I had well learned routines! Like the first time I felt his snout and his tongue in my mouth and with my tongue, I burst into a tremendous orgasm. His tongue was imprisoned when Caro arrived. She laughed, and shouted, yes, she really shouted as if attacked by hysteria:

- Kiss him, my child, kiss him. You will never be able to have other kisses like these so fascinating that Esteban my boy, my dear lover, gives. It was an order. I fulfilled the order with excellence because I continued sucking and biting the fantastic tongue, squeezing with my hands the superb head of Stephen...

With the corner of my eye, I saw that Caro was lying under the belly of the animal and began to suck Stephen's cock, and one of his hands went to pull my wet hairs by so much saliva and juices from my pucha. Esteban didn't take long to throw liters of milk, milk that bathed both of us. In that, my Caro, my incredible and wise friend, said:

- Lick my body... savor the tasty milk of my beloved... but not so, - - - - I put my head next to hers - - - - Start at the feet and let me start at the same place of your beautiful body that I've wanted for years, beloved putica.... - Well, we started licking in a singular 69 because we couldn't put one body on top of the other: it was in four; my aunt knew that was the right thing to do.... Esteban jumped on my buttocks and was completing my enormous desire, Esteban's cock was stinging my buttocks... I didn't reach in spite of his training, so, with my hand, I guided the cock so that it knocked on the door of my vagina, I oriented the cock... and filled me with cock with a single push! Mi Caro, turned, and shouted:

- Fuck her Esteban, fuck her, stick it up to her eggs, stick it up to her knot..., get rid of that little dog! - I couldn't hear or feel anything else but Esteban's delicious and hot cock, deep in my vagina, in my glorious vagina. I felt the very fast mete and take out of the dog, as something divine, never felt, never experienced... and I went to the glory! more, when the wise tongue of my adored Caro began to suck my clitoris at the same time that he raised his marvelous vagina lampiƱa offering it to me, asking for my tongue... Of course, I began to suck feeling that the cock got thicker... it was that the knot had invaded me, but I didn't even count, I enjoyed as never before, impaled in the cock of Esteban and Caro lit sucking my full clitoris.

My orgasm, initiated with Caro's tongue, increased by Esteban's uncontrollable squeeze and squeeze, lasted for eternity... it didn't go away, it diminished for seconds, and then made me explode with tremendous shouts and tremors, but I didn't stop sucking the rich shell of my Caro that also shouted like condemned, frenetic and with orgasm after orgasm, it held me when Esteban flooded my cave with his liters of milk and became "stuck".

He didn't let go of my Caro, he continued sucking my trout, until the dog let go. When this happened, I no longer shouted or shuddered, only emitted groans of unheard of pleasure, incredible, endless. And when the dog let go, Caro crawled under the muzzle of his permanent lover; he started the routines. When I saw the kiss already experienced by me, by Caro and Esteban, I had the last orgasm and the almost imperceptible shudder.  The first time in my life that I have felt incapable of continuing in combat; I devoted myself for a long time to being a voyeur.

I saw Caro's whole routine with her dog. She licked it after kissing it, then licked one of her dark nipples, returned to the kiss of snout against mouth and tongues in the air caressing each other. He licked the sweat, my saliva and his own milk, licked the crack, the ass, and returned to the kiss on Caro's mouth and this without stopping kissing him, he got into four. The dog surrounded her, sniffed her ass, and jumped: the tremendous cock I saw much bigger than when I contemplated it in the almost darkness of the courtyard.

She was pushed in with a single push without the guide of the hand... she was grabbed for endless minutes; the two were panting, panting, moaning like possessed; the dog's tongue was dripping with saliva and his eyes reflected the pleasure of sex... Surprisingly, he suspended the mete and pulled out, he pulled out the whole cock stylizing juices, but it was guessed that it was not ejaculation; he howled, howl that not only surprised me, but also caused me new excitement, so expressive it was, in the sexual sense of the expression... and pushed again.

If I hadn't been so close to the actions, I wouldn't have noticed that the big juicy cock... was getting into Caro's ass! She screamed, not out of pain, but out of extreme pleasure... and then she screamed in order:

- Kariiiiii... ahhhhhhhhhh... whoreaaaaaaaaaa... come, please, come..., mama my pucha, for whatever you want most, suck it... until Esteban explodes... and I go to glory. - I hastened; the wonderful vision I was having, in addition to the splendid, penetrating smells, the extraordinary lustful sounds of Caro and the howls of Esteban's own lust, gave me new strength, renewed excitement, and an enormous desire to suck and be sucked. I crawled until I was under the pussy scruff of my Caro, after depositing a lustful kiss on his horizontal lips, and then going to kiss the verticals.

Expensive, in the maximum attack of the dog, he felt my mamada, he shouted, but he saw my pucha, my thighs opened to the maximum and he began to suck as I wished. The screams were tremendous, endless, enormously pleasurable, as much as I felt all over my body, and I think my fuckers also felt what I did.

Caro was "knotted. As you say this is, besides dangerous, I say, that the knot is stuck in the ass, very painful, but Caro begged me to continue sucking his crack, that it was not bad, that although I told him that my tongue ... and my whole body, could not more, I made an extreme effort to continue pleasing her.

And I sucked and suckled until my Caro collapsed when Esteban's knot gave way. This time, it just stood. I saw that he saw us smiling - his tongue came out of his snout and the whole thing had that expression: he laughed - he shook, he licked my body, then the Caro, but with light tongues, as if with tenderness, and then he threw himself with his head between his proud breasts with his tongue out of his snout and still slipping.

It was almost daylight, when Caroa kissed me with great tenderness on the mouth. She caressed one of my breasts, then licked my nipple and all my chichi, she said:

"You are adorable. Fantastic that you do not... limits in the pleasure... even having as lover a being as wonderful as my Esteban...".

And he kissed me again. Then, stretching out, he said: 

Well, little dog of my charms. From now on... there will be two of us for Esteban and one for the other, is that all right with you? - I could only affirm by shaking my head.


Those who have read my stories know how much of a whore and whore I am, I love cocks whether they are male or dog, write to me and give me your comments.


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